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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2974 Old captain

Chapter 2974 Old captain

“No need for now, just wait a moment.” Zheng Ren had already cut off the right lung and placed it in the pathology basin. At this time, old he held the report in his hand and reported,”the blood sample ten minutes ago, total whistle is 876 μ mol/L, blood Qi ...”

He only mentioned the problematic projects and didn’t touch on other projects. It was simple and clear.

Why is his liver function so damaged? Dr. Charles was stunned.

The liver function was seriously damaged, but the kidney function was still good. If Dr. Charles was standing on the operating table by himself, he would definitely have to perform liver dialysis. As for the machines, Maio’s clinic didn’t have anything. Why would they have to put together a mottled dialysis machine?

Looking at the machine, the parts from at least four manufacturers were pieced together, making it look like a beggar.

But professor Charles didn’t mock or mock him. He was more surprised.

Dr. Zheng was like an experienced captain who had been at sea for decades. He could tell that a storm was coming based on the clues.

Before that, he had already taken his assistants to drive the broken ship away from the place where the wind and waves were the strongest.

“It’s really unimaginable.” Dr. Charles thought about it again but could only sigh. If he were the one on the operating table, he would not have predicted in advance that the liver would show signs of acute liver failure.

The previous unreasonable treatment had also become clear, although Dr. Charles still couldn’t understand how Zheng “predicted” that the patient would have acute liver failure.

Was it because of the impact of the interventional surgery? Dr. Charles was looking for a possibility in his heart.

“40mg of heparin plus 5000mL of saline, preflush tube and blood Bruster. Blood flow speed: 75mL/min. Liquid exchange speed: 25mL/min.” Zheng Ren ordered in a deep voice.

The Icu doctors started to operate the machine to absorb the patients “bile.

At the same time, Zheng Ren removed the whole piece of cardiac tissue in a half-inflated lung state and placed it in the pathological basin. He took the preserved Perferdex solution that Xie Yiren handed him and printed the lung tissue 3d. Then, he began to take an ice bath.

Then, he placed the 3d printed right lower lobe of the lung into the thoracic cavity and performed anastomosis according to the order of windpipe, spinal artery, and heart sleeve.

“Fluid replacement, 500 ml of saline.” “Dopamine, you can give it to me now,” Zheng Ren said.

Old he immediately turned on the micro pump that he had prepared earlier, and the medicine immediately entered his body through his blood vessels.

“Adjust the ECMO flow. Make sure that the average pulmonary artery pressure is lower than 40 mmHg.”

“Liver dialysis blood flow speed increased, 100 mL/min.”

“Impact with 500mg of nylon nail.”

The medical advice was given one after another, and the assistant doctors kept adjusting the values of the ECMO, the liver dialysis instrument, the micro pump, and the ventilator.

At the same time, Zheng Ren placed the lower lobe of the right donor lung in the right chest, used 4-inch absorbable monofilament to continuously suture the bronchymembrane, and used 4-inch Vicryl thread to perform a interrupted suture on the cartilage.

The suturing was done under the microscope, and it was simple and straightforward. It was as if the command and the operation were running in his brain at the same time, and they did not interfere with each other.

Even if professor Charles was once at the peak of surgery, that was only in terms of technique. He would never pay attention to the entire process of the surgery and every detail of everyone.

It was not that the details were useless, but that he ... Could not do it.

Zheng Ren performed the anastomosis under a microscope. No matter how exquisite his technique was, professor Charles would not be surprised. He would only lament over the passage of time, taking away the vitality of youth and stability and meticulous care at the same time. He would definitely not be able to do what he had been able to do before.

However, to be able to control all the details on the operating table, including the ventilator, the micro pump, the ECMO, and liver dialysis, while performing the surgery, was simply not something that could be achieved by humans.

While professor Charles was still in shock, Zheng Ren clamped the right pulmonary artery close to the heart and adjusted the blood vessels accordingly to match the diameter of the pulmonary artery. He then used the 5-x0 Prolene thread to continuously suture the pulmonary artery.

His hands were steady and steady.

After that, he used a pair of hemostatic forceps to clamp on the left atrium near the pulmonary vein. He removed the ligation thread on the severed end of the pulmonary vein and connected the upper and lower pulmonary vein openings to form a left atrium sleeve of an appropriate size. He then used a 4-x0 Prolene thread to suture the left atrium sleeve above the right pulmonary vein of the 3D lung donor.

After the anastomosis was done, Zheng Ren used the 3D printed omentum to cover all the anastomosed areas one by one, and he performed the anastomosis patiently and carefully.

This ... The lung transplant on one side was done!

Professor Charles looked at the time in surprise. Right lung cold lack of blood was 58 minutes!

He didn’t think much of it when he was watching the surgery, but the moment the cold numbers appeared in his mind, Dr. Charles knew the difference.

Among all the lung transplant surgeries he had ever seen, this was the fastest one. Not to mention how fast the surgery was performed, the key was that the surgeon was not fully immersed in the surgery. He was still the whole soul, controlling all medical activities, including the surgery.

Was this the level of power after the peak? It was beyond his comprehension. He controlled the entire scene without missing a single detail.

This was the true king of the operating theater!

“Shh ...” Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief. She looked at the monitor and the various values of ECMO.

“Boss, there doesn’t seem to be any problem.” Su Yun asked,”was the operation a success?”

“It’s only half. Focus. ” Zheng Ren glanced at the various values and began to give medical advice.

“Adjust the ECMO flow. Increase the average pulmonary artery pressure by 5 mmhcg.”

“Liver dialysis blood flow speed increased, 110mL/min.”

“Impact with 500mg of nylon nail.”

“The speed of dopamine and metiamine is decreasing ...”

Zheng Ren’s voice became more cheerful as he gave medical advice.

“Right lung ventilation, manual lung expansion,” Zheng Ren said softly.

Old he responded and began to adjust the position of the tracheal tube, changing it to a single lung mode with right lung ventilation. As he began to pinch the ball, air entered his fresh lungs, which swelled up like a balloon, and a faint beeping sound could be heard.

It was not noise, but The Song of Life!

“Done, next.” Su Yun said with excitement.

“Don’t worry, warm salt water. ” Zheng Ren said.

The patient’s chest was filled with warm saline. Old he held the rubber ball to control the expansion of the lung tissue. Finally, Zheng Ren strengthened the omentum at the anastomosed area of the main windpipe. Only then did the unilateral surgery complete.

After that, Zheng Ren withdrew the Swan Ganz catheter to the common pulmonary artery and placed it in the right pulmonary artery. He then began the left lung transplant.

For Dr. Charles, the surgery was already done.

There was a difference in the process of surgery for the left lung and the right lung, but for a surgeon who had a right lung with a cold lack of blood for fifty-eight minutes, there was no doubt that he could complete the surgery.

In the operating theater, under Lucky’s background music, the soft sounds of various machines operating rang out, as if they were accompanying lucky.

It was bright and clean.

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