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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2962 Experience gained in purgatory

Chapter 2962 Experience gained in purgatory

A problem that could have been solved by a phone call had to be tormented by Lin Ge. Zheng Ren was a little embarrassed. However, he was also amazed by the hard work and awesomeness of the hospital administration Department. How did director Lin know about such a strange thing?

The hospital administration Department was really tough, especially the dispute Department. Although it was called hell, they had to face countless arguments, fights, and insults every day.

Lin Chu’s blood pressure was probably above 180 every day when he was at the dispute Department. If he could survive that and drink tea from a teacup like Lin Ge, leisurely solving problems, he would be a talent.

There was no lack of people like Lin Ge in the Guild. Sometimes, experience-based “common sense” could help to avoid getting one’s shoes wet.

Seeing Zheng Ren in a daze, Su Yun asked,”boss, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking if the doctors in our group should go to the dispute Department for training for half a year in the future. ” Zheng Ren said.


Everyone was shocked by boss Zheng’s bold and imaginative idea. Su Yun laughed and patted Zheng Ren on the shoulder.”Boss, you have to take the lead. You have to shout to follow me and not to fight for me.”

“I’m just thinking about it, I’m not prepared to do it. ” Zheng Ren changed his mind very quickly without any hesitation.”With chief Lin’s protection, we don’t need it.”

Lin Ge smiled in his heart. It seemed that even a man like boss Zheng, who was as tall as a mountain, had a headache over the dispute Department.

However, there was no need for that. Clinical medicine could only be treated properly and performed surgery. The hospital administration Department was responsible for dealing with disputes and doing their own work well. Everyone was a team, so there was no need to be comprehensive.

“Su Yun, please talk to Dr. Zhao.” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun had already expected that she would have to communicate with him. He really did not know how much patience his boss had to put in to communicate with the patient when he was a clinician in Haicheng City first People’s Hospital.

Lin Ge wasn’t in a hurry. His main focus had already been shifted to boss Zheng’s medical team. Since he happened to be here today, he would take a look.

Two hours later, Liu xuzhi’s surgery was completed.

As expected, Zheng Ren did not immediately start training on the robotic arm. Instead, he pulled Liu xuzhi along and watched the video of his surgery one by one at 2x the normal speed.

Every time he saw a problem, Zheng Ren would stop and explain in detail what should be done here and where Liu xuzhi’s approach was wrong. Even though some of the problems were extremely minor, Zheng Ren was still nitpicking on them like he was nitpicking on bones in an egg. He was extremely demanding.

But Liu xuzhi didn’t show any expression. Instead, he took out a notebook and insisted on writing down every word boss Zheng said.

In his words, a good memory was not as good as a bad pen. He was old and his memory was not good, so it was better to write in a book. So that he could go home and read it again and again, and understand it again and again.

After three and a half hours, Zheng Ren finally finished explaining the main points and shortcomings of all the surgeries today. Liu xuzhi’s small notebook was filled with 10 pages of notes. It was densely packed, like a student’s notes in class.

The lecture was so long that even Lin Jiaojiao wondered if boss Zheng was going on a long trip. Why did he tell Liu xuzhi all this in one go?

After rejecting Lin Jiaojiao’s invitation to stay for dinner, Zheng Ren and Su Yun rushed home.

Two days later, Su Yun told Zheng Ren that the 3d printed lungs were ready and the surgery could be carried out at any time.

However, he was not in a hurry. There were still many things to be checked before the surgery, such as a heart catheter examination, a coronary artery, a radioactive nucleolide, tissue type, virus cultivation, and a right ventrum respiratory tract infusion scan.

Although Zheng Ren made it sound simple, lung transplantation was one of the more difficult organ transplants, and it was necessary to perfect all kinds of examinations before the operation.

Moreover, little stone still had to perform a stage two liver tumor interventional embolism surgery, and the order of the surgery could not be different.

Zheng Ren was a little worried that little stone would not be able to withstand the continuous and intensive attacks from the surgery. After all, even though interventional surgeries were minimally invasive surgeries, they were still a blow to the human body. After the operation, there would be a continuous fever, nausea, vomiting, and the inability to eat. These were all problems.

However, little stone’s breathing was becoming more and more difficult, and his blood oxygen saturation level was also slowly but steadily decreasing. He had no choice but to perform the surgery.

“Let’s go to the community Hospital to practice first. ” Zheng Ren finally decided on this.

The cost of training in the system’s operating theater was very high. He had to buy a donor from the system store to do it once. Therefore, Zheng Ren gave up training in the system operating theater after the success rate of his two surgeries reached 90%. He focused on waiting for the 3D printed lung tissue.

“Assistant, are you looking for Zhao Yunlong, Fang Lin, or Lin Yuan?” Su Yun asked.

Zheng Ren hesitated for a moment before he said,”surgery requires a lot of practice. It will take at least a week of rest time. It’s not suitable to look for old Zhao and Fang Lin. Xiao ran ... Xiao ran will be the main surgeon in the future. Lin Yuan, do you have time?”

“There are!” Lin Yuan put down the work in his hands and said cleanly.

“Boss Zheng, if it’s possible, I want to go too.” Gu Xiaoran said with a little grievance,”I work in the field of dry surgery at home. If I don’t know how to do the surgery, I can do the retractor.”

Zheng Ren glanced at Chang Yue and Gao Shaojie, still feeling a little troubled.

“I’ll take some time to do the work in the Department, so I’ll definitely ...”

Gao Shaojie’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak. He wanted to say that he could do it himself in the Department. At most, he would just sleep in the hospital for a few days. However, he couldn’t figure out what boss Zheng meant, so he swallowed his words back.

“Old Gao, can you hold on?” Zheng Ren asked.

“No problem. I’ll bring some toiletries and a change of clothes. He’ll be in the hospital for a few days.” Gao Shaojie smiled and said,”ran, if you want to learn, you can go with me. I have no problem with it.”

“That’s fine,” Zheng Ren was not pretentious.”Let’s go.”

In the community Hospital, dozens of 3D printed simulations had been made, and they were well prepared. He had already thought of everything he could think of for this surgery. As for those that he could not think of, he would only encounter them when he started performing surgery.

Zheng Ren was not particularly nervous. He would just solve any problem he encountered. There was no need to be conflicted.

He called old he over. Zheng Ren had already contacted director Xu of the operating theater and asked for a team of people who could perform cardiopulmonary bypass.

With his back against the ambulance, Zheng Ren felt at ease.

They had all kinds of technical personnel, and even if they were not the best in the country, they were still first-class experts. Their clinical experience was also rich to the point of bursting.

Zheng Ren knew that he couldn’t have done so many things just by cheating with his cheats. The 912’s mass and technology were like a mountain supporting him silently. It was silent and silent, but it always played a great role in helping him when he needed it.

912 was good. Zheng Ren was very pleased.

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