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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2958 Otakus waste time

Chapter 2958 Otakus waste time

Was it the side effect of the lancao cream? Zheng Ren was still a little suspicious. However, the instruction manual was right there, and he couldn’t say that it was fake.

According to the standard of hormone use, it was possible for him to become geocentric obese, but how did the femur necrosis come about? A large amount of hormonal shock treatment may lead to hip bone necrosis.

In Haicheng, there were also cases of rural people taking “small white pills” after finishing work, which eventually led to problems in their femurs.

However, this strange situation only occurred because it was an external application and used the lancao cream to bathe every day. After all, Yingying was only a 2-year-old child.

“Dr. Zhao, what kind of health care products do you usually give your child?” Zheng Ren muttered to himself for a long time before asking.

“It’s all very common. Even my friend’s children eat it. It’s a medicine that can supplement calcium and vitamins. ” As Dr. Zhao spoke, his eyes turned red and tears began to flow.

“Who usually takes care of the child?”

“I’ll take care of her after work, but we have a shift every three days, so we basically spend more than half of our time in the hospital. I brought my mom here from home. I was afraid that she would be tired, so I had no choice but to hire a nanny. “

Zheng Ren nodded. After some thought, he asked,”when will the medicine be delivered?”

“Very soon.”

“Then I won’t disturb the child’s sleep. I’ll wait in the office.”

After leaving the guardroom, Lin Jiaojiao asked,”boss Zheng, the child does look like she has overdosed on hormones.”

“Yes, we’ll see what medicine he usually takes. Lancao ointment ... There’s a high possibility of hormones in it, but we can’t rule out other drugs that contain hormones. “

“Do you know that there’s a miracle doctor in Laizhou County, which is next to Haicheng?” Su Yun suddenly asked.

“I don’t know. What’s wrong?”

“It’s said that it’s very good at treating lumbar disc herniation. It’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine passed down from generation to generation, and it’s effective after one day of external application.” Su Yun said,”my mom insisted on buying it for my dad. I said a few words and got a scolding.”

“...” Zheng Ren really could not understand Su Yun’s family situation.

However, if it were him, he would probably be in a similar situation. An “ancestral” secret recipe that takes effect in one day was especially effective in fooling the elderly. The old people of his generation especially believed in this, and could even be said to follow blindly.

In fact, from a doctor’s point of view, what was in such a useful secret recipe? It must be hormones!

It took effect quickly and had no side effects in the short term. It added a bit of mystery and reputation to those miracle doctors in Jianghu. However, what Zheng Ren did not understand was why the person who bought the ointment would not tell anyone about the intermittent episodes after that, and the condition did not seem to get better at all.

“That’s the realm of psychology.” Zheng Ren shook his head and asked with a smile,”you didn’t fight with your mother, did you?”

“They’re quarreling so fiercely!” Su Yun blew on it, and her black hair fluttered in the wind.”My mother said that I’m unfilial and only know how to have fun outside. I don’t care, and I don’t even let her care. If she had known that I would be like this, she would have strangled me to death. “

“What Auntie said makes sense.” Zheng Ren was a little bitter.

“My ass!” Su Yun said,”the teacher I contacted at Peking Union Medical College Hospital said that my father’s symptoms are serious, but his actual condition is not that serious. If he wanted to treat it, he could do it directly through surgery. However, when it came to the aftereffects of the surgery, they would not accept it. Peking Union Medical College Hospital, that’s Peking Union Medical College Hospital!”

“What happened after that?” Zheng Ren asked.

“External application of the miracle medicine. My mom said to wrap the miracle medicine properly.” Su Yun was a little angry.

No one could do anything when they encountered such a situation. Otherwise, those scammers who did free science in the community every day and gave eggs as long as they went to class would disappear.

“Don’t you think we’ll be like this when we’re old?” Su Yun asked.

“I don’t know. I’ve thought about it, but I can’t think of what the situation would be like at that time.” Zheng Ren said,”who knows what kind of world-changing things will happen in the next few years? perhaps there’ll be a great disaster that will cause them to hoard toilet paper.”

“Boss, I praise your imagination.”

Lin Jiaojiao covered her mouth and laughed secretly.

Hoarding toilet paper ... If there was a great disaster, shouldn’t they be hoarding daily necessities like rice, flour oil, drinking water, and so on? toilet paper ... What the hell was that?

It seemed that boss Zheng was really an otaku. He would think of toilet paper at the thought of it.

“Think about it, if you were isolated from the world for a month and came out to find that the streets were empty, with no people or cars. The whole world was like this, everyone was squatting in their houses and staring into space out of boredom.”

“Impossible! Don’t talk nonsense. ” “What are you thinking about?” Su Yun said in disdain.

Zheng Ren smiled.

“Boss Zheng, your imagination is amazing. Do you watch disaster movies often?” Lin Jiaojiao said with a smile.

“No, I read some novels occasionally. Some apocalypse-style novels are written in this way.”

“The author even wrote about hoarding toilet paper? Nonsense. Usually, at this time, there would be special abilities, genetic modification, and then killing monsters to level up. For example, if you’re bitten by a zombie, I’ll wait for the last second before killing you after you mutate. ” Su Yun said in disdain.

As they were chatting, Dr. Zhao walked in with a bag in his hand.

“Teacher Zheng, teacher su, this is the medicine that the child usually takes.” Dr. Zhao said,”these are the things that are often used.”

As she spoke, she took out the medicine box of the lancao cream and two other boxes.

Zheng Ren took a glance and saw an old man in his fifties or sixties standing at the door with a gloomy expression.

She should be the child’s grandmother. She was usually the one who took care of the child. For a family of three, the husband and wife were both working. It was not easy to support the family and raise a child in the capital.

At this thought, Zheng Ren picked up the ointment and took a look. There was nothing unusual. The instructions in the manual were exactly the same as what he had found on the internet. If he followed the instructions, there would definitely be no problem, but Zheng Ren did not believe it.

“Su Yun, would it take a long time to pay for the inspection?” Zheng Ren asked.

“Normally, it’ll take one or two weeks. We’ll just have to line up.” Su Yun said,”if you’re in a hurry, go to director Lin and tell him that it’s a public health issue.”

Zheng Ren glared at Su Yun.

A public health issue. This was a direct blow to the matter and pushed it to the top.

“What’s with that expression? do you know how much this little thing is sold in a year?” Su Yun said,”I don’t know how many people use it every day. If there are hormones, this would be a public health issue.”

Zheng Ren felt that Su Yun’s sophistry made sense.

“Then give director Lin a call. Don’t talk about the public health issue, just tell him to hurry up and test if there are any hormones in a medicine.” Zheng Ren said as he picked up another medicine.

The main component of the medicine was lymin, an alkaline essential amino acid.



[Note: I recommend Pighead Seven’s glory of The Godfather].

“I didn’t think that there would be a grandstand named after me. They hid it from me, but I’m very proud of it. “

[Reporter: you have extraordinary personal charm.]

Fang Jue: “no, no, no. I don’t see it that way. I’m just an ordinary coach.”

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