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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2957 Thick eyebrows and big eyes

Chapter 2957 Thick eyebrows and big eyes

Lin Jiaojiao frowned and asked,”you want to see boss Zheng?”

“It should be old Liu who said it.” Su Yun did not seem to mind. He said casually,”old Liu told me about a child this morning. I think it’s Dr. Zhao’s child.”

Even though she was a little unhappy, Lin Jiaojiao couldn’t say anything about old Liu in front of boss Zheng. Besides, they were doctors from their own hospital. If they said too much, it would affect their unity.

Zheng Ren stood up.”Let’s take a look at the patient first.”

As he spoke, he pressed the walkie-talkie,”old Liu, Dr. Zhao is here. I’ll go and take a look. You can do it first.”

“Okay, boss Zheng.” Liu xuzhi replied.

Zheng Ren turned around and walked out. He saw a young doctor Who was not even thirty years old standing at the door of the operating room. He looked nervous and uneasy. When she saw Zheng Ren walk out, she immediately said,”teacher Zheng, I’m sorry to disturb you. Associate Hospital director Liu said that you might come over today and asked me to wait here. “

“I’m fine. Where’s the child?”

“In the doctor’s on-call room.”

“Let’s go take a look first. ” Zheng Ren grabbed a sterile coat and put it on before walking out of the operating room with her.

“How’s the child?”

“It’s a typical case of radial obesity. I suspect that he used hormones. However, I’ve checked the food that they usually eat and use a few times, but I didn’t see anything that contained hormones. ” Dr. Zhao said helplessly,”she has a full moon face, thick eyebrows, and puffy cheeks. Her development is also affected.”

No matter how he analyzed it, this was a typical after-effect of using glucose. Although Dr. Zhao was young, she was still a doctor. She suspected that it was the side effect of hormones, but she couldn’t find the problem. It was hard to imagine.

“It’s really strange,” Zheng Ren muttered to himself and began to ponder what was going on.

This matter did not make sense at all. He did not know what the problem was. Zheng Ren pondered as he followed Dr. Zhao to the on-call room.

The child was sleeping on the hospital bed, and all he could see was two thick eyebrows. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

Thick eyebrows and big eyes were supposed to be a compliment, but a two-year-old child’s eyebrows were as thick as an adult ‘S. No matter how you looked at it, it felt strange.

The system panel was very red, and the three diagnoses of Level 1 femur bone necrosis, rheumatism, and diabetes were clearly written on it.

Uh ... This was not a small problem. A two-year-old child’s femur bone had necrosis! How long did she use her hormones for?

He was only two years old and had diabetes.

Zheng Ren frowned as he looked at the sleeping child. His face was very fat, and his mouth seemed to be filled with nuts, protruding outwards. She looked quite cute, but with her two thick eyebrows, she looked especially strange.

“What kind of medicine do you usually take?” Su Yun asked.

“I don’t dare to give him medicine. The milk powder and supplementary food at home have also been carefully selected. There are no problems.” Dr. Zhao said.

“You just turned it into mist?”

“Yes, I’ve been having some problems with my immune system lately, and I’ve been catching a cold all the time. I didn’t dare to add rice to the mist agent, so I gave you myzyme and a small amount of penicillin.”

The child woke up when he heard someone talking. He reached out his hand and cried, wanting Dr. Zhao to hold him.

The child was very fat, but his arms were very thin, so thin that they were like hemp poles, waving randomly in the air.

The diagnosis should be very clear. It should be a Zheng Ren thought for a while, and based on the confirmation from the system’s interface, he had his own rough guess.

“Dr. Zhao, what’s wrong with the child?” Zheng Ren asked.

“Wet the bed ...” Dr. Zhao said.

“This doesn’t count. Peeing will be fine after a while. What about the others?”

“Because I often wet the bed, I have a bit of rash. I’ve seen a doctor, but he’s been unwilling to get better. “

“What medicine did you use to treat the rash? Does it recover after taking the medicine and act up after a period of time?” Zheng Ren immediately asked.

“Yes.” Dr. Zhao said,”I used lancao ointment. The effect is quite good.”

“Uh ... Orchid ointment, did you bring the medicine?”

“No, I didn ‘t,” Dr. Zhao said doubtfully,”Dr. Zheng, I’ve read the manual of the lancao cream. The medicinal ingredients are all Chinese medicine and there is no glucose. At first, I also suspected it, but after looking at it many times and consulting the doctor Who prescribed it, they all said that the medicine did not contain any hormones. “

“I’ll take a look at the medicine. ” Zheng Ren said firmly.

“Boss, do you suspect that there’s a problem?” Su Yun asked.

“Well, we can only start from the diet, environment, and medicine. Dr. Zhao had changed her diet many times, so she didn’t consider it for the time being. That is to use medicine ...”

As he spoke, Zheng Ren pointed at the child’s neck.

His back had spread to his neck, and he could clearly see the rash.

“It’s very clear that it’s because of the rash. We’re highly suspecting that it’s caused by the medicine used to treat it.” Zheng Ren said.

Su Yun picked up her phone and started to search.

Then, he passed the phone to Zheng Ren.”Boss, please read the instruction manual.”

The description clearly stated the name of Xuanji lancao cream, a Chinese medicine. It’s an ointment that has the effect of dissolving rot and regrowing muscles, detoxifying and relieving pain. It was mainly used to treat ulcers caused by heat toxins. The symptoms were painful on the surface, fresh skin, and pus decay.

The adverse reactions and drug taboos were still unclear.

The ingredients of the medicine were: armadillo Violetgrass, Angelica, radix sileris, foxglove, Angelica dahurica, ground of rehinomata, ground of rehinomata, Milky Way, and aniseed.

Dr. Zhao finished his call and asked his family to send the lancao cream over. Seeing that Zheng Ren was reading the instruction manual of the lancao ointment, she said,”teacher Zheng, it’s true. This is the instruction manual in the medicine box.” It’s all Chinese medicine, no Western medicine, and no hormones. “

“Is the effect good after using it?”

“Okay, 24 hours of rash will do.” Dr. Zhao said.

“This ... Is this medicine? I don’t see the word ‘medicine’ in it. ” Zheng Ren asked after reading the instruction manual.

“Teacher Zheng, lancao cream is a skin care product that I bought online. A friend’s child said that the effect was good after using it, so I used it. It was very expensive, but the effect was good. “

Skin care products ... Zheng Ren had never come into contact with this before. However, when he saw the Chinese herbs in the ingredients, he did not know what to say.

“A few days ago, didn’t you tell me about the” blood purifying “and” red pill “?” “Boss, what are you thinking about?” Su Yun asked, puzzled.

“I approve of Traditional Chinese Medicine skincare. There are also relevant historical records that during the Sui Dynasty, there was a book called ‘vanity guide’, which recorded the formulas of various Traditional Chinese Medicine cosmetics.” Zheng Ren said,”it’s definitely fine if it’s just Chinese herbs, but it’s taking effect so quickly. I’m just worried that the unscrupulous manufacturers would add hormones to it without permission.”

“...” Dr. Zhao suddenly stopped talking.

Adding hormones without permission ... As soon as he said this, his heart sank.

“Some of the so-called divine doctors who treat rheumatism and bone pain use hormones. “There are plenty of them in skincare products, but this ...” Su Yun stopped talking. The effect was so good after using it, and it was still willing to relapse. This was probably caused by hormones.

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