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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 2954 Little cheeky ghost

Chapter 2954 Little cheeky ghost

“You mean there’s no point in me living like this?” Zheng Ren asked.

“Something like that. Don’t you have any entertainment?” Little Rock laughed and said breathlessly.

“Yes, performing surgeries every day is entertainment. “It’s just like how you guys play games, but I’m treating the progress of the surgery as you guys killing monsters to level up. From a person’s point of view, the lifespan of a game is only about 10 years. “

“Don’t talk nonsense. The World of Warcraft is a God of longevity. ” Su Yun immediately retorted.

“It’s not like I can live in the virtual world. I have to return to reality. ” Zheng Ren said nonchalantly,”I feel that I’m fighting monsters to level up in the real world. It’s more advanced than you guys playing games.”

“That’s because you’re talented. ” “It’s not that easy,” Su Yun said.”In the real world, everyone is just a small monster. They can’t even be considered elite monsters. They are used to gain experience for people. If the real world wasn’t so cruel, who do you think would be stupid enough to level up in the game?”

“Hehe.” Zheng Ren felt that Su Yun was right. Back in the days when he was in Sea city, he was just a small monster that he used to accumulate experience.

“Speaking of which, I don’t feel very tired. At least, I’m fine now.” Zheng Ren said.

“As long as you think it’s good. Remember to be full of energy when you perform the surgery for me.” Little Rock chuckled.

“Yes.” Zheng Ren said,”don’t worry, I’m good at treating illnesses. I’m the most professional when it comes to adjusting one’s condition during surgery.”

“Shi TOU, did you see that? a person like your brother is still talking about curing illnesses and saving lives.” Su Yun said.

“You’re definitely right. ” Zheng Ren laughed.”I read so many books just to find a way to be a human and do things in the future. If I can’t be brave enough to believe in it in the end, what’s the point of being a human?” i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

“Eh? Boss, you’re quite stubborn with your words. ” Su Yun looked at Zheng Ren in shock.

“I was thinking about it a while ago. Later, I don’t know where I saw this sentence, but I felt that it was right.” Zheng Ren said,”did Wang Sheng say that knowledge and action should be one? we already knew this principle when we just started school. The more complicated one is to recite the hippocratee oath, and the simpler one is to cure and save people. “

“It’s just that society is complicated. On one hand, we have to support our families, and on the other hand, we have to face open and hidden arrows. There had been countless medical disputes in the past few years, so the truth had been vague at the beginning. The director said to be cautious from the beginning. He said to be cautious, and my understanding of it is very useful. “

“After I finish the surgery, I won’t need to take the anti-immunity medicine, right?” Little Rock asked.

Zheng Ren glanced at Su Yun, who was an expert in this area.

“No need. The transplanted organs are cultivated from your own stem cells.” Su Yun said with certainty,”it’s like a skin transplant after a burn. There’s no reason for you to reject yourself.”

There were some loopholes in this sentence, but Zheng Ren did not want to diss Su Yun on this, so he just smiled and let it go.

After making arrangements for little stone’s surgery the next day and watching the surgery before the operation, he felt more confident.

After leaving the ward, Su Yun asked,”boss, have you been to tin-free?”

“No, I didn ‘t,” Zheng Ren told the truth.

“If you’ve never been to Wuxi, who did you learn your lung transplant from? Self-taught?”

“A lung transplant isn’t difficult.” Zheng Ren said matter-of-factly.

“Tsk!” Su Yun said disdainfully,”organ transplant, this is an organ transplant! Can you do it? if you can ‘t, let me be the chief surgeon. If not, we can ask teacher Chen to do it. Autologous stem cell cloning and 3d printed lungs, I think teacher Chen will be very interested in it. “

“I don’t think so.” Zheng Ren smiled and said,”there’s really no need.”

“Then I’ll test you.” Su Yun said,”female, sudden epilepsy seven days after the lung transplant. The symptoms are full-body telomia. The electroencephalogram indicates that some of the neurons in the cerebral hemisphere are first activated.”

“Oh, you’re saying what we should do if we encounter this kind of situation after the surgery, right?” Zheng Ren asked.

“Yes, do you know how this situation came about?” Su Yun said,”I’m in Wuxi and have been waiting for half a year. Teacher Chen’s team there did a very good job. Aside from the surgery, the post-surgery intensive care unit is also very good at taking care of patients. “

Su Yun’s problem was the diagnosis and treatment of the postoperative complications. Subconsciously, he also felt that his boss’s surgery could not be criticized.

“I think the situation you’re talking about is caused by oral consumption of the tachmos capsule FK506 after the operation.” Zheng Ren looked at Su Yun and laughed.”This is a very common side effect of anti-rejection drugs, and you’re using this to test me?”

“Takamos’s purpose is obviously to use it to combine with cellular proteins and accumulate it in the cells to produce an effect. The FKPP12-relaxers compound specifically combines with and suppresses calcinurin. It suppresses the effect of the calcium-based message transmission pathway produced by T cells, thus preventing the noncontinuous lymphatic factor gene from being transcribed. “

Seeing that Su Yun did not say anything, Zheng Ren continued to explain.

“First of all, Little Rock won’t be willing to accept Amos after the surgery. Secondly, if other patients have the same condition, we just have to adjust the oral dosage of his commos while treating the right symptoms. “

“Other things, it doesn’t seem like much.”

Zheng Ren’s reply was extremely smooth, as if he had not thought about it.

“By the way, generally speaking, there won’t be only one case of epilepsy after consuming tachmos. Be careful and tell the nurses and icu doctors to take close care of it. I’ve seen reports that there are patients who still have epilepsy one to two months after surgery. “

Su Yun furrowed her brows. Did the shop owner deduce all this? Or did he see it from a book?

Reading books and practicing were two different things. As the saying went, reading ten thousand books was not as good as traveling a thousand miles. The ancient people had used simple words to explain the relationship between the two.

“This fellow is really a little cheeky.” Su Yun sighed.

He didn’t even ask about the process of the surgery, because he knew how good his boss’s surgery was. Even though she had never seen her boss perform a lung transplant, Su Yun believed that her boss would have no problems with the surgery.

Therefore, he only tested on postoperative complications, and it was a relatively remote and extremely rare kind.

How awesome. Even this couldn’t test him. Su Yun was at a loss.

“Let’s go. I’m going to see Yiren and then go home. ” Zheng Ren did not care about what Su Yun was thinking. He went home to eat and sleep. The most important thing was to practice his lung transplant surgery in the system’s operating theater.

Under the constant healing, Little Rock’s condition was getting better. He hoped that nothing bad would happen after the lung transplant. He hoped that everything would be smooth and that he could be discharged and go home. He even hoped that he could go back to school. That would be the best.

The days were still ordinary, but Zheng Ren was happy to live with it.

He looked at patients, performed surgery, and passed his days at a steady pace.

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