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The Surgeon's Studio

Chapter 104: Delayed Onset Postoperative Hemorrhage A Month Later

Chapter 104: Delayed Onset Postoperative Hemorrhage A Month Later

Thus, the emergency care department progressively became busier as the days went by.

Within the span of a week, Zheng Ren managed to perform sixteen appendectomies and seven acute cholecystitis surgeries. On top of that, he also saved a patient from a knife wound that required a splenectomy.

Emergency care was like this every day: overwhelmingly busy.

Due to Old Chief Physician Pan’s hard work at the right time, manpower had increased in the department.

The entire first general surgery department was greatly reshuffled after Chief Surgeon Liu fully recovered and was discharged.

Cen Meng had resigned and taken a job in Harbin Medical University Affiliated Second Hospital. Zheng Ren’s friend Yang Lei, who had been his source of information within the first general surgery department, had taken the initiative to apply for a transfer over to the emergency care department.

However, with just one additional doctor, the entire nursing staff had inadvertently grown a lot livelier.

The entire nursing department seemed extremely chaotic of late.

There were ten or more applications to transfer to the emergency care department.

Zheng Ren knew this was all thanks to Su Yun. The man was like a walking, breathing citrus fruit... a mistake for any woman to consume.

However, this had successfully gotten the emergency care department back on track.

As a sad and bitter chief resident, Zheng Ren’s job only became more arduous as more patients were admitted.

Fortunately, every procedure was successful and completed perfectly. No postoperative side effects occurred or he would not have been able to even take a decent nap.

The weather was becoming gradually colder, but as cloudy as the sky was, it did not snow. This caused everyone to slightly be on edge.

However, it did not bother Zheng Ren as the dull and quiet System had been especially inactive lately, with no new assignments given to him. Hence, he simply relied on five of his mainline tasks, gaining fifty skill points and five thousand experience points in total.

His general surgery skill had increased from 3161 to 3185 points. His data storage skill had accumulated to a total of 1789 points, in addition to his total of 88626 experience points. In addition, he had gained three silver chests.

Zheng Ren felt that with his current progress, with enough surgery and plenty of reading, he would be able to improve his skill in general surgery to a Master rank in a month’s time.

Managing everything major and minor in the whole ward fell on Chang Yue and Yang Lei’s shoulders. It was thanks to the both of them that everything was in order.

All Zheng Ren had to do every day was perform surgery and read a few books. Doing so was enough to satisfy him. He enjoyed calming days like these; however, the only problem was Su Yun still shadowing his every step like a ghost. This had earned him plenty of hate-filled stares.

Still, he had gradually gotten used to it as Zheng Ren knew he was not gay and could not care less what others might think of him.

Today, Zheng Ren was busy reading the huge, thick Sciences of Hepatopancreatobiliary book; the moment he reached the very last page, the emergency care department received a phone call, requesting they assist in a consultation in the urology department.

Zheng Ren was unwilling to go the instant he heard what department it was.

His reluctance was not due to it being in urology, which involved the lower half of the human body, but rather his lack of experience in it, as his only brush with it had been during his internship for a whole month several years ago. He severely lacked the knowledge needed for that field.

There were two theory books available, but although these books were written by specialists, they would never exceed the standards of the chief surgeon of the urology department. Since he was never able to truly learn or gain any professional experience in the field, it was inconsequential if Zheng Ren decided to go or not.

However, since it was a medical or possibly even an emergency consultation, he would be required there in five minutes.

Left without a choice, Zheng Ren proceeded to close his book and rushed to the urology department.

“So what kind of patient do you think it’ll be?” As usual, Su Yun followed closely beside Zheng Ren, gleefully chuckling as he spoke.

“I’m not God.” Zheng Ren’s replies to Su Yun had become simple and brutally blunt. Not even Zheng Ren himself had realized the sudden change in attitude.

“Way to insult my IQ now.” Su Yun sighed as he continued, “You’re not even well-versed in the field of urology; the only reason they sought you out for consultation and gave you full liberty to carry out the surgery is nothing more than your credibility in interventional embolization.”

That alone was obvious to Zheng Ren; however, he was unable to bear looking at Su Yun’s superbly handsome, smug face. There was an eighty percent chance of him turning back while this man walked alongside him. He would undoubtedly be the hideous wingman if any group of girls were with them.

Unfortunately for him, Su Yun was like stubborn caramel candy. No matter how hard he tried, he could not get rid of him.

Thus, their entire walk toward the urology department continued in silence.

The assistant director of admission, known as Chen, was standing by the hallway. He was anxiously glancing at the clock on his phone while staring at the door.

As Zheng Ren’s silhouette appeared, his expression turned to relief.

“Chief Zheng, there is a patient that requires your attention,” Assistant Director Chen frantically called out.

“Which patient?”

“A male patient in his youth with a confirmed diagnosis of a left renal carcinoma. He had undergone a surgery to remove the tumor from his kidney twenty-nine days ago in Imperial City General Hospital. The patient had his upper pole renal segment removed from his left kidney. Hematuria has persisted for five hours since this morning. Hemostatic drugs have proven ineffective. It was speculated that his upper pole renal segment is currently bleeding.” Assistant Director Chen explained the patient”s medical history in great detail.

His explanation of the patient’s history was clear as day with no contradictions.

Due to the patient’s young age, his left kidney could still be preserved.

However, human kidneys were known to be quite fragile anatomically. Any sutures or ligation made could not guarantee that the kidney would not bleed post-surgery.

If such tools were used on any other organ, full recovery was common within twenty-nine days. However, the human kidney...was different. This sudden, severe bleeding could be caused by a rupture in any of its blood vessels.

“The patient’s family has provided us with the surgeon’s contact number, and two different methods for this patient were proposed: an interventional embolization that could stop the bleeding, or surgery without interventional embolization, which only means completely removing the patient’s left kidney.” Assistant Director Chen let out a huge sigh after the long explanation.

Zheng Ren gauged that stopping the bleed with interventional embolization was not too difficult. 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

“Can you do it, Chief Zheng? You are also aware of the current state of our hospital, and I heard that you had performed two emergency procedures to stop bleeding before, which is why I wanted to try asking for you,” the assistant director frantically pleaded after noticing Zheng Ren contemplating something in silence for a brief moment.

His words were tinged with extreme caution.

However, since this involved a patient’s kidney, one could not blame him for being extremely frantic and on edge.

“I’ll take a look at the patient.” Zheng Ren never made promises hastily. He simply offered to check on the patient for a better assessment.

When they arrived at the intensive care unit, the System’s diagnosis was simple. The patient was losing blood solely due to the removal of a segment from the patient’s left kidney; based on this, all this patient seemed to need was an interventional embolization to stop the bleeding.

“Has the patient had enough time to fast?” Zheng Ren asked.

“Ye, he has,” Assistant Director Chen answered confidently.

“Have the patient’s family come to me for a preoperative briefing. You can wheel the patient into the intensive care interventional operating theatre. Prep 10 U of blood and some plasma from the blood bank.”

A spark of hope was lit in the extremely anxious hearts of the patient’s family, who had been standing on the sidelines, listening in on the conversation.

“I’ll have the family members directly related to the patient sign here,” Zheng Ren said casually.

A young woman in her twenties, presumably the patient’s girlfriend, along with two older people who were not yet in their sixties followed Zheng Ren to the ICU.

Zheng Ren proceeded to explain the situation to the patient’s family in a straightforward and concise manner, since they had already been forewarned about possible post-surgery complications before the operation in Imperial City General Hospital, especially regarding postoperative hemorrhaging, which was serious enough to warrant repetition.

On that, they were nearly as informed as doctors were, with even some understanding of the development of the disease and no further need for a more detailed explanation.

When they had decided on removing a segment of the kidney, they had prepared themselves mentally for postoperative hemorrhaging.

However, they had not expected it to take so long to occur.

After his short explanation, he handed everything over to Chang Yue. It was now her turn to give a pre-surgery briefing, especially regarding the possibility of necrosis due to ectopic embolization which would require the complete removal of the patient’s kidney.

While the briefing was being carried out, Zheng Ren and Su Yun changed into the proper attire in the surgery room.

After that, Zheng Ren prepared to gather all the tools he would require for the surgery.

At that moment, he heard Su Yun’s voice go, “All instruments have been prepared. Chief Zheng, you may begin surgery immediately.”


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