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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 9: Deliveryman

Chapter 9: Deliveryman

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"Spiderman’s ability!"

Chen Feng was astonished.

Without a doubt, this genetic ability was a remarkable one, even in this world. However, that scary price was sufficient to make the majority of people shy away. Chen Feng also looked at other genes. There were a myriad of combat genes. Even the cheapest one would require 10,000 yuan.

As for the more expensive ones, the price reached a staggering amount of a few hundred thousands of yuan, and those were the truly popular ones.

Chen Feng was dazzled from his stroll, yet he quickly steadied his state of mind as he looked at the virtual community’s transaction rules.

There were four ways to sell gene reagents.

The first way was to look for a buyer yourself through private chat.

The second way was to directly sell them to the gene shops that were purchasing them.

A lot of these small gene shops entrusted the process to a robot. For example, a lumberbear gene would be purchased at 4,500 yuan and sold at 5,000 yuan. They made their profit in this manner, through the difference in price. This was a very suitable way for normal gene producers, especially for those who lacked time. To transact automatically, simple and fast!

The third way was to entrust the selling process to a shop in the virtual community. The service charge was 5% per day, and you could set your own price. However, regardless of whether or not the item was sold, the service charge would not be refunded.

The fourth way was to open one’s own shop.

"The first way is too troublesome. It wastes a lot of time, yet the price is low. The second way is too much of a loss. The capital required to open a shop is too high for the fourth way. Furthermore, during the early period when the traffic is still low, I basically won’t be able to sell any stuff."

"I can only choose the third way, then."

Chen Feng decided to entrust the sales to other shops.

However, even doing this was under the premise of him purchasing a transaction conveyer.

Transaction conveyer—a new age technological product. It was said that the legendary founder of the virtual community’s business section was an expert possessing a mystical space ability! He imitated what the wristband company’s founder did and compressed his ability into a particular tool to create the transaction conveyer.

As long as one purchased one of these tools, one could directly perform small-scale teleportation of products. Those who couldn’t afford to buy a conveyer could only depend on express delivery services.

The conveyer was priced at 100,000 yuan.

Chen Feng immediately bought it. He did not have the time to receive and send products every day. Since he would be transacting many times, the conveyer was a necessity. Chen Feng directly bought the transaction conveyer from the virtual community’s management and entrusted the express delivery to deliver his product. As for others, it would be more convenient to directly purchase them after he received the conveyer.


"Let’s rest a bit."

Time spent waiting for the express delivery was just nice for Chen Feng to replenish his lack of sleep.

He was too tired!

He had been busy without rest since yesterday. Hence, Chen Feng easily fell into a deep sleep. However, right as he woke up from the deep sleep, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.


Years spent always on alert helped Chen Feng become wide awake in a split second.


In his body, a Wind Blade subconsciously condensed while Chen Feng got up with a leap. He looked toward the source of the crisis and noticed that a dreadful mutated beast had appeared at the window.

Piercing and sharp claws and a thunder-like pair of eyes, it had a dreadful appearance.


Cold light gleamed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Wind Blade prepared!

Luck Aura prepared!

Even though the fellow in front of him was very big, Chen Feng did not feel the slightest bit of fear. The instantaneous unleash of Wind Blade could let him display a power far exceeding his current strength!

Just as he was about to erupt, a silhouette appeared on the big bird.

Those familiar clothes ...

That familiar symbol ...

That person smiled honestly, took out a suitcase, and passed it through the window. "Boss, your express delivery."


Damn, this was actually the express deliveryman!

"Can you not walk through the main entrance?"

Chen Feng sighed. Chen Feng couldn’t be blamed for the thought of this being the deliveryman not crossing his mind. Even in the memories of the original owner, the deliverymen had always walked through the main entrance. None would come to the window and give people a scare!

"I yelled for half a day, yet nobody answered." The deliveryman was somewhat awkward. "After that, I saw that the window was open, so I came to take a look."

Chen Feng signed his acceptance.


The big bird soared.

Riding on the big bird, the express deliveryman flew away.

"Cloudsoar bird."

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

That was an F-class genetic ability of the cloudsoar bird gene, granting someone a natural sense of rapport with a cloudsoar bird. You could capture a cloudsoar bird, which had ordinary battle strength yet possessed high speed, to become your companion. A lot of express deliveryman would fuse with this kind of gene. This was a standard labor-type gene.

"What a mystical world."

Chen Feng had high expectations of this amazing world.


He opened the bundle and a shiny transaction conveyer appeared.

The poor relied on express delivery, while the rich relied on conveyers. In this age, even shopping online would deeply injure the hearts of the poor.

The transaction conveyer was not big and was able to handle a majority of small-scale goods.

With the arrival of the conveyer, the purchase of all sorts of materials could be settled in one go. Selling gene reagents would also become unprecedentedly convenient. Student Chen Feng’s life as a gene producer had officially begun.

Once again arriving at the virtual community.

Chen Feng picked a gene shop with somewhat good traffic. There, he put his lumberbear gene up for sale, purchased large quantities of lumberbear gene materials, and once again entered a crazy pace of gene production.

With Luck Aura working at full capacity, Chen Feng started producing genes like crazy.

During this period of time, apart from the time spent waiting for the luck value to recover, the only thing he did was learn!

Learning constantly!

For him, the original owner’s memories were like a movie. Even though he knew them, he did not have a profound understanding of them. Furthermore, with the shallow outlook of the original owner, the things he knew wouldn’t be too many anyway. Hence, Chen Feng needed to personally understand this world. To truly look at this world through all kinds of virtual lecture courses!

"Virtual reality’s recordings—Helping you to understand the planet’s pulse"

"Virtual reality’s recordings—Era of genes"

"Virtual reality’s recordings—What you don’t know about the digital wristband"

"Virtual reality’s recordings—five years of review and eight years of hunting, the way of survival of a mutated beast"



Chen Feng went through almost all the well-known recordings and guides. Under the aid of the virtual reality services, he immersed himself. After seven days, the current Chen Feng knew more about this world than the original owner! During these seven days, he had also truly blended into this world.

His gene production had also progressed rapidly.

Luck value?

Only 24 recovery points per day, it was far from enough.

Luck value used up?

Buy the materials and immediately go into production!

This formula was originally a stranger to Chen Feng. However, under countless successes and failures, he constantly familiarized himself and increased his mastery over this formula! For someone that had not succeeded before, this was a barrier! However, as long as one succeed a single time and experienced that kind of sensation, the subsequent success rate would increase.

It was a type of sensation, yet it was also something that could be comprehended.

In tandem with the usage of luck value, Chen Feng’s comprehension of gene fusion became more refined. His comprehension of the so-called "evenness" became deeper. After every successful fusion, Chen Feng could feel his improvement. Even through failures he learned something. His success rate was constantly increasing.

After seven days of time, Chen Feng finally mastered it!

Within his gene detector’s data, his beginner gene-production level finally changed from 0 stars to 1 star!

"I can finally be considered to have officially entered the profession," Chen Feng lamented deeply.

At this point, Chen Feng ended his first seclusion.

And the price paid...

Chen Feng felt a ball-breaking pain as he looked at that big zero on his bank account.

In order to fully understand the lumberbear gene, he had used up all 40,000 yuan. This was even after supporting himself through the sold lumberbear reagents produced. Otherwise, a mere 40,000 yuan was totally not enough. The money-burning level of gene production far exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination.

If it was like this even for someone possessing Luck Aura like him, how about others?

Becoming a qualified gene producer was really hard.

This was also the reason why the original owner had wanted to enter the university no matter what. In the university, all sorts of experimental materials would be provided for free. You could progress constantly even if you were penniless!

"It’s a pity."

Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

However, he was not discouraged. Since failing the entrance examinations was already a fixed fact, there was no use worrying too much. What was important now was for him to calculate the time spent mastering the lumberbear gene. However, after calculating the sacrifice and costs during this period of time, Chen Feng had a bad feeling.

"In other words."

"With a period of seven days, plus all the initial funds, I only mastered a 1-star formula?"

Chen Feng felt a ball-breaking pain.

He still lacked 19 stars from the 20-star sign-up requirement!

It was far from enough!

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng frowned.

The profits of a 1-star formula was too low!

If he continued with these kinds of basic 1-star genes, such as the lumberbear gene, even if he were to be given unlimited funds to burn, he would not be able to reach 20 stars.

"My next formula must be a combat formula."

Chen Feng was determined.

The lowest difficulty of a combat gene was 2 stars. The outstanding ones could even reach the 3-star difficulty level! Chen Feng was currently relying on the Luck Aura to sprint upward! Hence, as far as he was concerned, the harder the formula was, the better it was! He had to choose his second formula properly.

"Let’s collect some money first and buy a high-rating combat gene," Chen Feng thought.

Currently, his only funds were these freshly produced lumberbear gene reagents.

"I should sell these first."

Chen Feng arrived at the virtual community as usual. As he reached the gene shop he frequented and prepared to assign his sale, a fierce-looking silhouette with an ominous glint in his eyes appeared before him, blocking him.

"Kid, who gave you the guts to sell at my place?"

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