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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics

Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Late at night.

Chen Feng finished all three sets of materials before he went to rest.

With this, he could be considered to have a basic way of protecting himself. In fact, using these kinds of consumable items was how a large majority of gene producers protected themselves.

However, this was far from enough.

Early the next day, Chen Feng registered for a course he never touched before—genetic ability training.

The price was 10,000 yuan.

Genetic ability was an ability one obtained after fusing a gene with their body. To improve one’s genetic ability, one needed to constantly train it.

This aspect was something Chen Feng had never touched upon before.

There were a lot of teachers available for genetic ability training. Chen Feng chose a teacher that was free and immediately began the one-on-one training course.

"What is your ability?" the teacher asked.

"Wind Blade," Chen Feng announced.

Teacher: "..."

"Quite a rare ability."

The teacher paused. "However, there is still some information available for this ability. Please wait."

After a long time.

The teacher returned and explained to Chen Feng, "There are three aspects of the Wind Blade one can improve through hard work."

"First aspect, Wind Blade’s power!"

"After gene fusion, the ability is already in your body. However, you need to constantly use it for it to become stronger, for you to truly unleash its true power! As long as you constantly use it, the Wind Blade’s power will become stronger, all the way until it reaches its upper limit."

Chen Feng nodded slightly.

This was the same as the lumberbear gene. Initially, it increased strength by 10 points. At the maximum, it would increase strength by 100 points.

"Second aspect, Wind Blade’s activation speed!"

"This is a skill you need to practice by yourself. By understanding and getting familiarized with Wind Blade, you will be able to greatly reduce its activation time. For example, you need 0.3 seconds to condense a Wind Blade initially. However, after being familiar with it, you might be able to release a Wind Blade within 0.1 seconds."

"Third aspect, Wind Blade’s control."

"This is the most important aspect. Through spiritual energy’s control and practice, you might be able to increase the Wind Blade’s movement speed, or you can even cause the Wind Blade to curve while moving through the air!"

"For example—"

The teacher opened a virtual video for Chen Feng.

Within the video, an expert appeared. He lightly waved and a Wind Blade was immediately unleashed from his hand. There was only one Wind Blade, however, in the air, this very Wind Blade was actually moving in a curved line... This was impressive enough. However, after making a turn in the air, this Wind Blade actually returned.

Returning blade!

Chen Feng was shocked.

So many variations could come out of a simple Wind Blade?

Too powerful!

Chen Feng subconsciously looked at this senior’s appearance so he could admire him, and then...

He saw a tile of mosaic.

Chen Feng’s face darkened. This was not porn, so why the heck did they need to censor it!


Even the teacher felt somewhat awkward. "This was what this senior requested when this video was recorded back then. Due to him trying to save cost, he actually learnt a cheap ability like Wind Blade. Hence, he felt like he had lost his face... After all, among similar types of genetic abilities, Wind Blade’s quality-to-price ratio and power are at the lower end."


Chen Feng nodded slightly. He was aware of this point.

"How about the probability?"

Chen Feng had suddenly thought of something.

The strongest point of this Wind Blade was having the probability to trigger the continuous appearance of Wind Blades. The teacher actually had not mentioned this at all.


The teacher pondered for a short while. "If you want to improve in this aspect, it can only be done through metaphysics."

Chen Feng was astonished. Metaphysics?


The teacher nodded. "Washing your hands diligently, washing your face diligently, when necessary you can pray in your heart."

Chen Feng: "..."

Metaphysics indeed.

In the remaining time, the teacher explained in detail to Chen Feng on ways to train, to advance his genetic ability faster, to control using his spiritual energy, etc.

Chen Feng benefited greatly.

After the course ended, Chen Feng rented a training room and started training. Controlling the Wind Blade was not considered hard. It mainly depended on one’s skill in spiritual energy usage. After training for half day, Chen Feng’s Wind Blade was already able to arc slightly. The speed of Wind Blade had also slightly increased.

"No wonder everyone says that a gene producer’s fighting strength is weak."

Chen Feng shook his head.

This was not only due to gene choice. It was also due how one harnessed a genetic ability! Even for the same gene, the difference between an initial gene and a peak gene was as different as sky and earth! All gene producers were wishing they had 25 hours per day to use. Who would have extra time to practice combat skills?


A Wind Blade shot out, moving in a slight arc through the air.


The difficulty level of returning blade was too high!

Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy control skill was far from enough.

"Take my time."

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

For his Wind Blade to curve through the air, it was already a huge advancement.


Next, he would need to practice on Wind Blade’s power?

This was unrelated to one’s skills. One only needed to increase the power through continuous practice. Only through a large amount of usage would he be able to unleash the gene his body had fused with.


Chen Feng shot out a Wind Blade, but he did not feel any changes.

"Is it because I’m in the virtual community?"

Chen Feng pondered before he shook his head.

The training district of the virtual community would be connected to his spiritual energy before proceeding with adjustment and balancing. In short, it would not be too different than practicing in reality.

"Then it must be due to the number of uses being too low."

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something.

He had been practicing spiritual control the whole day. However, the number Wind Blades that he had actually released was not more than 10. This was something that was out of his control. He did not have enough spiritual energy to release more Wind Blades. i𝙣𝒏r𝚎𝑎𝙙. 𝒄૦m

"The more Wind Blades one releases, the more probable it is for the genetic ability to be roused?"

Chen Feng contemplated.

‘If it is like this...’

Chen Feng suddenly activated his Luck Aura and started releasing Wind Blades.


A string of Wind Blades were unleashed from his hands.

It was lucky that Wind Blade’s activation was through the guided-method[1]; hence, spiritual energy would only be used once. The rest of the Wind Blades would absorb the energy from the surroundings to form. Otherwise, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was totally not enough. Subconsciously, Chen Feng started controlling these Wind Blades, making them arc in the air so that none of the released Wind Blades were wasted.

10 Wind Blades in one second!

In the training room, 10 Wind Blades were flying about in a disorderly fashion under Chen Feng’s control, akin to a group of demons dancing disorderly.

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng shook his head.

He originally thought that unleashing 10 Wind Blades at once would be equivalent to practicing 10 times. Apparently, he had thought too much. If he only used his spiritual energy once, the gene within his blood would only be roused one time as well. However, the advantage of training this way was that the speed of his spiritual energy control training would increase a lot.

Chen Feng spent the whole day practicing Wind Blade.

Within the whole training room, Chen Feng’s Wind Blades could be seen flying everywhere. Controlling 10 Wind Blades each time caused Chen Feng’s speed of improvement to be 10 times faster than others!



Wind Blades rotated around without stop.

By the time it reached late night, Chen Feng was already able to control his Wind Blades to move in the shape of a perfect circle! At the very least, it was no longer the same as the previous times, where the Wind Blade would fly away without him noticing.

Chen Feng’s fighting strength had increased greatly!

Was this enough?

Of course not!

Finally, Chen Feng used a huge amount of money and bought 10 small bottles of ‘spirit increasing reagent – arouse one’s potential: for 10 seconds, increase spiritual energy by 20 points.’ This item was actually not quite useful. However, coupled with Chen Feng’s Wind Blade and Luck Aura, it could totally unleash a large power.

Only now was Chen Feng done with his preparations.

This was his first exploration. Even if he was going with the identity of a producer, he still needed to be thoroughly prepared.


1. Spiritual energy will be consumed once to ‘guide’ the activation of Wind Blade. Once the probability is triggered, the Wind Blade will absorb the energy from its surroundings to form the additional Wind Blades.

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