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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 17: Assassination

Chapter 17: Assassination

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

Gold City.

Chen Feng, who was preparing to produce gene reagents, paused as he looked at the information appearing on his wristband screen. The gene reagent that he had assigned a short while ago was actually sold again!

Fourth time!

"Already got 400,000 from the sales."

Chen Feng muttered to himself. Seemed like he had still underestimated Professor Tao’s financial capability.


He could earn enough money for the second formula through this?

Chen Feng felt absurd. Combat gene formulas were extremely expensive. He had been making preparations to purchase a combat gene formula, yet he did not expect to earn 400,000 through this method!

Professor Tao, how long could you last?

Chen Feng was curious.

After a busy day, Chen Feng went to the neighborhood for his meal as usual.

His lifestyle was really very simple and had remained the same these few days. Apart from leaving his house for his three meals per day at the neighborhood, he would usually spend his time in his rented house and researching gene production.

"Little Chen, morning."

Early in the morning, Uncle Zhang’s shop was already open for business.

"Morning, Uncle Zhang."

Chen Feng smiled.

"I heard that you were not invited to that little girl Su Jin’s coming of age ceremony yesterday?" Uncle Zhang asked suddenly.

Su Jin?

Who was that?

Chen Feng blanked momentarily before he suddenly recalled. Oh, Su Jin, a female student from their class. Like everyone else, during high school, a goddess that captivated everyone and caused everyone’s hormone to excessively secrete would exist. And this person was evidently the one that the original owner was secretly in love with.

However, the original owner knew himself very well. Knowing his status, he had always maintained a normal friendship with her.

"You always mentioned that girl to Uncle Zhang in the past."

Uncle Zhang suddenly sighed. "I originally thought that she would invite you. Unexpectedly, after you failed the examinations, this girl... sigh."

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

He received a vast majority of the news regarding his schoolmates from Uncle Zhang. As for their attitude towards him...

Mhm, he was extremely satisfied.


It would be truly inconvenient if these students were to maintain contact with him every day. It was sufficient for him to occasionally get some news from Uncle Zhang, fulfilling his obligation as a fellow schoolmate.

"It’s fine."

Chen Feng smiled. "Uncle Zhang, I’m going to have my meal first. Talk later."


Uncle Zhang was still feeling regretful.

Chen Feng walked toward a nearby restaurant. Although there was only some simple fast food that tasted normal, it suited Chen Feng, since he did not want to waste his time. Chen Feng finished his meal in a few minutes and walked home with the gene materials. He did not want to waste too much time.

Returning to the neighborhood, Chen Feng walked past a well-shaded alley, a place he was familiar with. Reaching the place where Wang Yue had appeared last time, Chen Feng’s steps paused and he stopped walking.

His consciousness that had been on high alert for 20 years was giving him a bad feeling.

The air was somewhat cold.

Although it was well-shaded here, it was the summer after all.

This type of feeling...

"Weird, who’s sending me messages again." 𝘪𝓃n𝐫e𝗮d. co𝗺

Chen Feng muttered and casually played with his wristband. At this, he felt the chilly aura somewhat recede. Inwardly, he already had an idea.

One step, two steps...

Chen Feng played with his wristband as he walked slowly. He appeared to be checking the messages seriously while the chilly aura in his surroundings quietly enveloped him.

Three steps, four steps...



A dreadful shadow dashed out of the tree shade.

Tree shade!

Indeed! The tree shade!

That dreadful shadow was actually concealed within the tree shade. If one did not have high vigilance, it would not be noticed at all! Even if it was noticed, one would still not know which angle the attack would be coming from! This was a mystical genetic ability that allowed one to blend into the shadows.

It was extremely scary!

At this moment, killing intent blossomed.

And at this moment, Chen Feng was looking at his wristband with his head lowered. He seemed to have not noticed the movement behind him at all. The sudden incoming attack had chosen an extremely tricky angle.


An air-piercing sound could be heard. Accompanied by a whistling sound, that sharp chilly glint came down with a speed so fast one couldn’t catch up with it. However, just as the shadow was on the brink of killing Chen Feng, he accidentally saw what was on Chen Feng’s wristband. A familiar-looking silhouette was shown on the screen. That silhouette was actually him!

That wristband was actually recording?

When had it started?

Immediately, the shadow had an ominous feeling. A surging power burst out from the body of this person whom he did not care about at all.


Blue light flickered.

That was a blue colored light blade. Under the sunshine, it glittered.

"Wind Blade?"

The shadow was immediately relieved.

It was actually this kind of trashy genetic ability? Although this kind of Wind Blade was still a spiritual attack, the attack power, on the other hand, was pitifully weak. At least to him...


Another Wind Blade followed closely behind.

"The probability was triggered?" the shadow thought.

If it was only two Wind Blades, he wasn’t really bothered. However, at that moment, another blue light flickered, followed by one after another...


The shadow opened his eyes wide.




When a series of blue light burst out in front of him, he was scared stupid! What the heck was this? Wasn’t the probability 5%?

"Block! Block! Block!"

The shadow managed to block the first few attacks, but he was pierced through by the latter light flashes.

He was too near!

Due to his absolute confidence in his strength, he had not noticed the terrifying hidden power of his opponent!



The light blade pierced through.

Blood splattered about.

Over 10 light blades pierced through the shadow’s body. His eyes were wide open. Even now, he did not understand what damnable genetic ability those continuous light blades were.


The shadow fell on the ground.

"Still not dead?"

Chen Feng felt a lingering fear as he thought of it.

Under support of Luck Aura, the limit of 10 Wind Blades per second was unleashed. The continuous 30 Wind Blades was actually unable to kill this shadow. How strong was this fellow exactly? He had always been worried of this world’s dangers hence he never left home easily. Yet he was still sought out by others.

"Who sent you here?" Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

Suffering extreme pain, the shadow struggled.

However, if he could see his eyes, Chen Feng would notice the flickering cold glint within. Within the shadow’s mouth, a silver needle quietly appeared. After performing so many missions, as a professional assassin, he certainly had ways to handle all sort of circumstances. This included—counter kill!

As long as Chen Feng wished for him to stand up and answer the question, he would be able to release the silver needle from his mouth.

To kill with one attack!

"Actually, I..."

The shadow opened his mouth as a silvery light blossomed.


A dreadful cold glint was emitted.


The shadow’s killing intent blossomed.


A bizarre blue-colored light blade appeared suddenly and hit the silver needle, skewing its direction. The shadow opened his eyes wide. He was actually prepared? How was this possible!

Wasn’t this a normal student?

His methods...


Endless light blades blossomed.

There were no longer any movements on the body of the shadow that was sprawled on the ground.


Only now did Chen Feng relax.

His unlucky previous life had given him a habit of always being on high alert. When the shadow had collapsed earlier, the aura emitting from his body caused Chen Feng to feel an incomparable sense of danger. Hence, he prepared in advance.

Although this was his first time killing someone, the expected after-effects of killing someone where one vomited and felt dizzy did not appear. Seemed like everyone’s physique differed to some extent. Chen Feng was incomparably calm instead. This was probably because he had already accepted the rules of this world.

However, who was it that wanted him dead?

Wang Yue?


Chen Feng shook his head.

Those words of his back then were to plant a thorn in Wang Yue’s heart, so that he would want to prevail over Chen Feng fair and square! Based on his understanding of Wang Yue, that fellow would definitely personally come to kill Chen Feng after becoming strong. It would be even better if he could step on him in the public eye. This was more fitting with Wang Yue’s nature.

To do it now? Unlikely.

Who could it be, then?

Chen Feng muttered to himself when he suddenly thought of something. Could it be...

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