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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 16: Soft Knife

Chapter 16: Soft Knife

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

After ending the call, Chen Feng started his lumberbear gene research.

To be honest, Professor Tao’s thesis had really helped him greatly. After learning the theory behind it, Chen Feng was able to avoid a lot of mistakes and save a lot of luck values.

"Let’s start!"

Chen Feng started the gene production skillfully, as smooth as flowing water and moving clouds.


Gene production completed.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng felt a fantastic warm current flowing within his body. His somewhat exhausted state of mind was actually recovered in a short while.


Chen Feng scanned himself with the gene detector and was immediately amazed.

Spirit increased!

After that warm current, his originally pathetic 30 points of spirit actually became 31 points. It was forcefully increased by one point through countless gene productions.

"This actually increased!"

"Gene production can also be considered as a type of spirit tempering method?"

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

Gene production was originally something that could only be performed by someone with a spirit-type gene. From this, it was apparent that, after continuous days of bitter training, it was normal for his spirit to be increased.

"There’s only one point, but it’s still an unexpected profit after all."

Chen Feng was gratified.

However, he did not know that, if he were to speak these words to others, he would be beaten to death by others! Even though it was only one point of spiritual energy, was spiritual energy something easily increased? Even the original owner of this body was only able to increase it to 30 points from birth till now!

After all—

Who could be successful every time?

Who could get peak attribute every time?

Who could easily produce mutated genes?

Only Chen Feng!


Gene scan!

Familiar data appeared before him.


Mutated Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.



"What should I do next?"

Chen Feng muttered in a low voice.

To expose Professor Tao directly? How pointless was that. The previous profit of 90,000 was very enticing for him, ah.

At this thought, Chen Feng smiled playfully.


Next day.

Professor Tao woke up from a beautiful dream.

After a few decades, he had finally welcomed the second spring of his career! The Professor Tao of today was no longer that outdated gene producer that was earning his keep through a piece of guide. Instead, he was someone who tempered hard for several decades before finally succeeding in his production! Mhm... he liked this title.


With the experience from the previous day, Professor Tao was somewhat careful and let his assistant continuously watch the business district attentively.

It couldn’t be denied that he did the right thing.

After only a few minutes of excitement, his assistant’s message was hastily transmitted to him. At that place called Wind Pavilion, a mutated gene had actually appeared again!


Professor Tao’s expression changed greatly.

Another one appeared? Damn it. Wasn’t the probability rate 1 in 100 million? That fellow’s moral standing was actually this good[1]? If this was exposed...


Professor Tao clenched his teeth.

Nearly 100,000 yuan was quietly gone just like that.

Due to the speed of Professor Tao’s actions, almost no one noticed this. What gave Professor Tao a sense of relief was that this mutated gene did not continue appearing at the business district.


Professor Tao went through one whole day trembling in fear and with his heart in a constant alarmed state.


Just as he woke up the next day, the assistant’s message arrived hastily. That mutated gene had appeared again!

Wind Pavilion again!

"How was this possible?"

Professor Tao’s whole body felt ice-cold. Wasn’t it a 1 in 100 million chance?

Wasn’t it something that only had a very small probability of appearing? Even if a grandmaster gene producer were to produce lumberbear genes all day long, the probability for a mutated gene to appear would still be very low. To have even one appearing would be considered quite good already, how was it possible for someone to continuously produce it two days in a row? Furthermore, it was the extremely rare third mutation?

Hence, he was now faced with a question.

To buy or not to buy?


The assistant asked cautiously.


Professor Tao sprawled on the ground powerlessly with a malevolent expression on his face. "Buy. I refuse to believe that he can really keep producing it! I refuse to believe that he can still produce it tomorrow!"

"Professor..." the assistant said in a low voice.

"Didn’t you hear me telling you to buy it?"

Professor Tao had a malevolent look on his face.

"But the money is not enough," the assistant said, feeling wronged.


Professor Tao’s face darkened. He inhaled deeply and took out the remaining balance in his bank account. Even the funding rewarded by the Gene Production Association when he released the third mutation research two days ago was taken out.


Once again, 100,000 yuan disappeared quietly just like that.

Professor Tao stared in front of him looking bewildered. The students passing by were all looking at him with respect and admiration in their eyes. His heart, however, was incomparably ice-cold.

Was that gene truly finished?

How long could he continue maintaining his honor? He was even somewhat scared of going to sleep. He was scared that the moment he woke up, he would receive that damnable message from his assistant again!

After taking the wrong first step, all subsequent steps were wrong. He couldn’t even turn around!

At this moment.

Student Chen Feng suddenly received Mu Yuan’s news.

"Chen Feng, where’s your gene?"

Mu Yuan was somewhat doubtful.

He had heard Chen Feng mention it so easily, so he thought that it would come out quickly. He didn’t expect that after two days, he had not even seen a fur appear. He thought Chen Feng had agreed to make one more?

"It’s sold," Chen Feng stated faintly.


Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression on his face. "Sold? To who?"

"No idea. I assigned all of them at the shop," Chen Feng said faintly.


Mu Yuan was stunned. "Shit! Don’t scare me bro. This is your proof to reverse the situation and face slap Professor Tao! How can you sell it just like that? Wait, all? How many did you assign for sale?"

"Two. One per day."

Chen Feng smiled.

"One per day?"

Mu Yuan suddenly thought of something. "What price did you set it at?"

"99,999," Chen Feng stated calmly.


Mu Yuan inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

Shit! So ruthless!

He had always thought that Chen Feng’s character was too soft. He did not expect this fellow’s action to be much crueler than his. Annoying this kind of soft knife[2] was even scarier. Professor Tao was probably feeling that living was comparable to death for the past few days, right? Furthermore, Chen Feng had also quietly fished out a large amount of money from this. This level of being outwardly kind but inwardly evil was something he couldn’t compare with!

"I admire you!"

Mu Yuan exclaimed in admiration, "No wonder everyone says that those who are outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside are the scariest."


Was this a compliment?

"How long do you plan to drag it out?"

Mu Yuan asked.

"That depends on how long our old professor’s finances can hold out for."

Chen Feng smiled.

100,000 to buy one day’s honor?

It was worth it.

Night passed quietly.

The next day, Professor Tao saw that alarming message right after he woke up.

That gene was on the shelf again!

Exhaustion plastered all over Professor Tao’s face with huge dark circles under his eyes.

He hadn’t rested for a few days. Every day, he was living in fear, afraid of being exposed, of all the praises turning into curses. He had lived his life trembling in fear these days.

"If I had known earlier that this would happen..."

Professor Tao was feeling endless regret.

He did not dare to buy any more. He was now incomparably sure that the damnable fellow had grasped the technique to produce this kind of special mutation! Yet if he didn’t buy it, he might lose all his honor. He was tortured by this kind of suffering, worrying about personal gains and losses to the point where he almost collapsed.

"Father, I’m back."

Professor Tao’s son Tao Lijun returned early in the morning.

"Little Jun, ah, help your father," Professor Tao said in a panic, grabbing his son’s hand. He knew that, based on his son’s position and identity, he might be able to settle this matter for him. At this point, he couldn’t be bothered with his dignity in front of his son.

"Don’t worry, no problem."

Tao Lijun smiled.

"Then it’s good."

Professor Tao was ashamed. He didn’t expect himself to need to trouble his son in the end.

"It’s a trifle."

Tao Lijun smiled and said, "Father, have your meal first. I’ll go and settle this."

Outside the door.

Tao Lijun’s expression became cold and detached. In this incident, his father was in the wrong. However, so what? Even if he was in the wrong, this was still his father! A mere salted fish would not be able to cause any waves.

"Little Mu."

Tao Lijun called, "Deal with something for me."


1. Implying that Chen Feng was a character with good moral standing, hence the good luck of his.

2. Soft knife – a way of harming people imperceptibly

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