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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene

Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh


Chen Feng was excited; it really was peak attribute!

How hard was it to increase one attribute point? Countless people worked extremely hard for a long time and were only able to have a one point increase. This was especially true for commoners. As such, that one point of strength and one point of physique increased the original price of the lumberbear gene from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

"Sure enough..."

"Attribute is what’s increased after the activation of Luck Aura during the gene search stage!"

Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised.

These days, Chen Feng had not been using the Luck Aura, so there were quite lot of leftover luck points. As such, Chen Feng spent six points of luck value to easily produce full-attribute lumberbear genes from the remaining six sets of materials.

Chen Feng calculated. "Selling all of these, combined with those sold yesterday, will net me roughly 10,000."

The following day.

Chen Feng reached the virtual community on time.

The eight gene reagents he had assigned yesterday had already sold. He arrived in front of the virtual shop, planning to assign genes for sale. Unexpectedly, a warning window popped up instead.

"You have been blacklisted by this gene shop. You are prohibited from assigning sales here."

A floating, half-illusory window appeared. Chen Feng was stunned. At the same time, King Kong, who had received a notification, changed into a shiny silhouette and appeared once again. As he saw this scene, he laughed heartily.


"Weren’t you very unbridled yesterday? I, your grandfather, bought the restriction order service today! From now on, rookies such as you can forget about leeching traffic here!"

King Kong was joyfully satisfied.

He had almost been infuriated to the point of death by Chen Feng yesterday. After making up his mind, he activated the value-added service that very night and had waited a whole day just to vent this frustration of his!

"A weak rookie gene producer like you is as trashy as that Wind Pavilion across the street!"

"Wanted to leech on my traffic?"

"Ridiculous!" King Kong said disdainfully.

"Oh," Chen Feng said apathetically and then turned around and walked away.


King Kong opened his eyes wide. It ended with only an "oh"?

Shouldn’t this guy be bursting with rage? He had waited for a whole day and even purposely opened a value-added service that caused him to ache. He actually said "oh" and left just like that?

No, this was wrong!

"This bastard is definitely putting on an act. He must be very angry after getting fixed, but he did not want to show his anger in front of me, so he pretended to be very calm and collected. Mm, this must be the truth," King Kong thought.

At that time, Chen Feng returned.

"Returning again?"

King Kong immediately felt proud. "How is it? Still feeling extremely angry, right? Haha. I, your father, likes your current expression of being very angry at me yet unable to do anything."

"No, I simply want to ask something," Chen Feng said indifferently. "Where is the Wind Pavilion you mentioned earlier?"

"That trashy Wind Pavilion?"

King Kong sneered. "Nuo, the one opposite. The boss there is very suitable for you. Both of you are trashes with corrupt moral standings! Apart from acting cool, there is nothing else you both know!"


Chen Feng nodded his head, turned around, and left.

Another "oh"?

King Kong opened his eyes wide and an obscure flame emerged in his heart.


He had obviously fixed this bastard. Why was there no anger at all, not even a fart? And to even specifically ask where the Wind Pavilion was? This bastard couldn’t really be planning to go to the Wind Pavilion, right?

He wouldn’t be so senseless, right? 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

But then, if he really went over and brought disaster upon a competitor...


Watching as Chen Feng reached the opposite side, King Kong decided to go take a look.

Wind Pavilion, a small gene shop.

As King Kong entered, he saw Chen Feng tap on empty air with his finger a few times before leaving. He subconsciously glanced at his surroundings. The small, empty gene shop filled rapidly. Within the empty glass shelves, bottle after bottle of brand-new gene reagents appeared.

"This bastard is really stupid."

King Kong was sure.

To actually listen to his words and bring disaster to his rival?

King Kong clicked his tongue...

He could be considered to have recovered his losses with this.


"That trash Windchanter, let me see how can he continue acting cool after this."

King Kong was immediately feeling refreshed.

However, before leaving, he subconsciously tapped at a lumberbear gene to take a look. He was immediately stunned. Peak attribute? Starting price 10,000? He rubbed his eyes with all his strength. He was sure that he had not seen it wrong. It was really peak attribute with a starting price of 10,000!

How was this possible?

King Kong was stupefied.



He rapidly checked all the recently assigned lumberbear genes here. It was actually a straight flush of peak-attribute genes! And the only person here earlier was Chen Feng!

"Peak... peak attribute?"

King Kong was stupefied.

All of them?

How was this possible!

Even for a grandmaster producer, there would be circumstances where two points of physique and three points of strength or two points of strength and three points of physique appeared. They would not all be three points of attributes like what was happening currently! Furthermore, he was very clear that, during the past few days, all that fellow had produced were ordinary genes.

Could it be...

King Kong suddenly inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This was a young master of a rich family. He was just getting started in learning gene producing, so he progressed forcefully using money and rushed to peak level in a few days time?

If it was like this...

King Kong’s heart suddenly ached. He had actually forcefully chased a big-spender gene producer away! Furthermore, King Kong was the one who caused him to go over to his rival’s place?


Coincidence, this must have been a coincidence.

"How could that bastard be capable of producing this kind of high-attribute gene?"

King Kong comforted himself.

Subsequently, in the next two days, King Kong saw that every time Chen Feng went over, a few peak attribute lumberbear genes would appear in the shop—every single time! What grieved his heart the most was that he had secretly removed the restriction he had set on Chen Feng. And yet, Chen Feng never returned!

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

King Kong was bursting with rage. Yet this was something he had made happen! If he had known earlier that this fellow had this kind of talent...

"So angry!"

King Kong ferociously hammered his chest, feeling incomparable grief.

It was at this moment that the inner door of the shop opened suddenly. A youngster appeared in Wind Pavilion. "Weird, these two days I was a bit busy with personal matters in real life and had no time to manage the shop, so why has the performance increased instead?"

He was the very owner of this shop, Windchanter.


"Yo, King Kong is here as well. Haha, you can’t be the one bringing traffic to my shop, right?"

Windchanter sneered.


He felt bitter within.

"Oh, right, there’s still seven days left for our practice period, right? One month’s business volume, let’s see who will ultimately get first place! I originally thought there was no chance to surpass you. Unexpectedly, these two days, my performance has increased and caught up to you in such a short time. Seems like my luck is not bad."

Windchanter laughed heartily.

"..." King Kong’s heart ached.


King Kong sneered and left.

Windchanter was confused. Weird, this King Kong bastard was normally unbridled to the skies. Even after losing, he would not own up to it. Why was he so timid today? Obviously, Windchanter did not know that those words of his earlier had shot right into King Kong’s sore spot. His increased performance was really related to King Kong.

At the same time.

King Kong returned to his own shop, and finally, his breathing smoothed out.

Too heart-aching!

Every single word that bastard had said was smashing upon his heart. Every single needle pierced straight through, causing blood to flow. Damn it, if he had known earlier that damnable gene producer had this ability...

Fine, he wouldn’t be bothered with him anymore.

King Kong clenched his teeth. He could only ask for his elder sister’s help. If she were to only anonymously assign sales here, it should not be considered as cheating.

‘Damnable Wind Pavilion, I will let you be unbridled for two days,’ King Kong thought hatefully.

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