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The Strongest Gene

Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger

Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger

Translator: Limostn Editor: Tennesh

"You are?"

Chen Feng raised his head doubtfully.

"I am King Kong, the manager of this virtual shop," the tall and stout silhouette stated coldly.

"Oh, hello."

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

"Hehe, hello my ass!" King Kong raged, "I, your father, haven’t been here for two days, yet the sales volume has dropped by 50%! Who gave you the guts to sell genes at my place? Merely a rookie. Even your products are those trashy lumberbear genes. Do you know how much loss I, your father, made in the past two days?!"

"A normal lumberbear gene can only be sold at 5,000 yuan. A peak-attribute outstanding lumberbear gene is worth no less than 10,000 yuan!"

"The genes you put up were the trashiest ones that are hard to sell. The high attribute genes put up by others will be sold in a few hours. The assigned spot would thus be cleared and be available for business again. Do you know how much of my business you have blocked?"

King Kong was raging.


Chen Feng was feeling doubtful. "Why don’t you set up a restriction order?"

Restriction order.

It was the value-added service provided by the trusteeship system. The virtual community needed to make money, after all. Hence, the trusteeship of the gene shops only had a simple rule. Only after buying the restriction order could one set up rules as they wished. For example—restricting the gene categories, gene types, and gene attributes, and even a blacklist could be added.

With a fee of 10,000 per month, it was a necessity for shops with a certain level of traffic.

King Kong’s expression froze.

"Seems like you didn’t buy it."

Chen Feng understood.

This fellow did not want to spend this 10,000 yuan, yet he also did not want rookie gene producers to sell at his place. However, under normal circumstances, when people would sell, they would simply sell wherever available. Who knew what kind of conditions you had? This was a perfect example of a dishonest person. Since you didn’t set up restrictions, how would someone know what conditions you had? By guessing?

"Do I, your father, need you to control my sale?" King Kong flew into a rage out of humiliation and bellowed, "Scram! My, your father’s, place does not welcome rookies."


Chen Feng lightly nodded and left.

Only after this did King Kong feel satisfied. Hmph, to spend 10,000 yuan to set up a rule? It was not necessary at all. These rookies, one only needed to give them a good scolding and they wouldn’t dare to come.


As he turned around, his face froze.

One after another, lumberbear gene reagents appeared on the originally empty glass shelves. All eight empty spaces were suddenly filled!

And these genes...


"Damnable bastard!"

King Kong was shuddering due to extreme anger. The fellow just now actually assigned all his genes for sale before leaving? And to do it in front of his face?

How could he be so thick-faced to such extent!

King Kong was bursting with rage.

At this moment, Chen Feng returned to reality in a relaxed manner.

King Kong’s threat?

He totally didn’t care. Since you didn’t have a restriction order, that meant he was totally entitled to sell there. It was reasonable and fair!

Wanted to restrict him?

Just obediently go and buy a value-added service.

However, Chen Feng had finally understood the circumstances and hardships of a normal gene producer.

They already needed to invest a large amount of resources during the initial period, but even when selling gene reagents, they would be discriminated against. No wonder so many people preferred to sell directly to the shops. They would rather lose some profit then to be grieved in this way.

"Seems like if I want to make a profit, I still need an outstanding lumberbear gene."

Chen Feng contemplated.

After focusing all his energy on gene fusion during this period of time, he had completely mastered the formula. Now, he could start attacking the higher levels!

For example—

High-attribute outstanding genes!

There were three types of high-attribute lumberbear genes. Three points of strength, three points of physique, or both.

There were three steps in gene production, with the third step being the crucial point concerning the success of the fusion. On the other hand, the first step, gene search, was the crucial point for producing a high attribute gene.

The reason was simple: materials.

The gene fragments found during the first step were the fusion materials during the subsequent reaction and fusion stages! Only the best gene materials could produce the best attributes!

"The best gene..."

Chen Feng contemplated.

Wrapping up the lumberbear blood essence with his spiritual energy, brilliant light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes as he entered the digitized world.

Countless genes were swirling about.

Chen Feng was able to easily find the required gene materials for the lumberbear gene. However, all of these were common genes.

"Outstanding genes, eh?"

Chen Feng decided to wait a while.

However, after waiting for a full two minutes, only one gene strain that seemed to be onefold larger than the other genes appeared. Evidently, these genes were low in quantity.

"This won’t do."

Chen Feng frowned.

Only one gene strain was found in two minutes. How much time would he require to replace all 13 strains of genes with these bigger genes?

"Speed up!"

Chen Feng urged his spiritual energy on and sped up the operation speed of the whole digitized world.

The originally slow moving genes started to accelerate. Chen Feng looked at every gene that flashed through in front of him and retained those that were comparatively larger.

However, just as he caught the sixth gene strain, the world before his eyes started flickering.


The digitized world collapsed!

The world before him returned to normal and the lumberbear blood essence turned into a clump of blood-colored mist.


Chen Feng shook his head.

Spiritual energy fully exhausted!

This was his first failure at the gene search stage!

His current maximum spiritual energy was 30 points. However, even after exhausting all his spiritual energy, he could not collect even half of the required outstanding genes. He didn’t even get to start thinking about producing the high-attribute genes!

Furthermore, with the degree of spiritual energy exhaustion, even if he managed to produce it, what use would it be?

The gains totally couldn’t make up for the losses!

Chen Feng required at least 60 points of spiritual energy to produce one outstanding lumberbear gene! And this did not even take into consideration the situations involving black face and bad luck!

Exchanging 60 points of spiritual energy for one outstanding lumberbear gene?

He would not do it at all.

"Not worth it," Chen Feng muttered to himself.

The reason he had tried to produce outstanding lumberbear genes was due to a shortage of money. However, in order to make money, if he were to use this way of production to produce an outstanding lumberbear gene, he would instead lose a lot of money!

"Let’s check online and learn some gene search skills as well," Chen Feng contemplated. If he were to practice more, the exhausted spiritual energy might drop to around 40 points; however, that was already the limit!

As for the others, it would be dependent on luck.

This was precisely why those rookie gene producers were mostly focused on producing ordinary genes only as a form of practice. As long as the income and costs were balanced and they were not making many losses, it would be sufficient. High-attribute outstanding genes?

Those were the production of gene-producer grandmasters!

A gene-producer grandmaster did not lack spiritual energy at all. They could create large quantities of peak-attribute genes any time. The rate at which their spiritual energy was exhausted might even be slower than their spiritual energy recovery.

"Seems like I can only produce it in the future?"

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Right at this moment, however, he suddenly remembered one thing—gene search was dependent on luck! What if he were to use Luck Aura?

"It’s worth a try."

Chen Feng was suddenly excited.

After preparing the materials, Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


His spiritual energy slowly wrapped around the lumberbear gene, and he instantly entered the digitized world.


Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng opened his eyes and was immediately alarmed.

A countless number of genes swam around before him. The speed was not fast; however, the genes that appeared were all the strongest genes! The strongest genes amounting to several tens of thousands actually appeared in the first batch!



Chen Feng captured these strongest genes.

First step completed. One point of luck value used.

Chen Feng deactivated the Luck Aura and went through the subsequent production phase normally. Nowadays, he could already guarantee success during his gene fusion step, so he did not need to worry about failing.

Shortly after, the gene reagent became an azure color.

Production completed.


Gene assessment completed and the data of the gene appeared on the screen.


Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s wrath, Increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.


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