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The Sovereign's Ascension

Chapter 1639 - Fighting Qin Tian

Chapter 1639 - Fighting Qin Tian

Knowing Lin Yun couldn’t move, Qin Tian swiftly dashed forth for the time being. But a person suddenly appeared before him and took his attack head-on.

Two dragon roars echoed when the two palms collided, with a white dragon and a golden dragon flying out, unleashing a powerful dragon aura. An Liuyan stepped out to take Qin Tian’s attack head-on.

“How impudent.” Qin Tian’s pupils flashed with rage, seeing his attack being blocked. He poured his dragon origin into his palm and clashed with An Liuyan head-on. The difference between the two was shown in the next second because the white dragon behind An Liuyan lasted for a brief moment before faint cracks began appearing on it.

This made An Liuyan’s face change, and she took a step back, retrieving the Profound Moon Fan. But Qin Tian’s attack didn’t stop there. When his palm collided with the fan, blood dripped down An Liuyan’s lip from the impact. But before Qin Tian could do anything else, petals appeared within An Liuyan’s pupils. When the petals overlapped, they made her pupils look like the insides of a kaleidoscope.

Seeing that An Liuyan was using this on him again, killing intent flashed within his pupils. He had already fallen for this once, so wouldn’t fall for it again.

“Divine Dragon Eyes!” As glory spirits bloomed within his pupils, his pupils turned into the golden dragon pupils that instantly destroyed the white dragon behind An Liuyan.

In the critical moment, Lin Yun opened his eyes and caught An Liuyan, “Divine Dragon Eyes!”

Lin Yun executed the Divine Dragon Eyes by combining the Golden Dragon Seal, Blue Dragon Seal, and Silver Dragon Seal. As a moon and a sun appeared within his pupils, the Glorysun and Glorymoon Spirits were shrouded with the three dragon seals.

When the two Divine Dragon Eyes clashed together, Qin Tian groaned and took ten-odd steps back with shock within his pupils. They were using the Divine Dragon Eyes, but he immediately lost when Lin Yun empowered his Divine Dragon Eyes with three dragon seals.

“The Divine Dragon Eyes?! That’s impossible! How do you also know this secret technique of the Dragon Clan?!” Qin Tian exclaimed.

“There are many things that you don’t know about.” Lin Yun swiftly retreated with An Liuyan in his embrace. He retreated to Ye Ziling’s side before placing An Liuyan down. The dragon spirit guarding the mountain had disappeared, and this meant that there was no longer any danger. Thus, Lin Yun could deal with Qin Tian now.

“Hmph. I naturally have ways to make you talk!” Qin Tian sneered. As the Heavenly Moon and Heavenly Sun revolved behind him, the surrounding space distorted with his dragon origin being swiftly drained.

Without hesitation, Lin Yun summoned the Flower Burial Sword from his sword box. When he grabbed onto the sword, he gently swung it backward. His attack blocked Qin Tian’s palm, which had manifested into a Golden Dragon’s claw. When the sword and claw collided, sparks flew with ripples spreading out.

This surprised Qin Tian and he wondered if Lin Yun had a pair of eyes growing from the back of his head. This was because Lin Yun reacted too quickly. Qin Tian’s movement technique was called the Sun-Moon Wheel. With it, he could move silently, and it could even hide his killing intent.𝘪𝗻n𝑟e𝑎𝒅. 𝘤𝒐m

Many seventh-pulse Dragon Pulse Realm experts suffered in his hands because of this movement technique. But he knew he didn’t have the luxury to figure it out now with his other hand reaching for Lin Yun’s neck.

“Watch out!” An Liuyan and Ye Ziling exclaimed because Qin Tian’s attack was too quick. In their eyes, Qin Tian unleashed two attacks at the same time.

Logically speaking, it should be impossible for Lin Yun to fend off this attack after blocking Qin Tian’s previous attack. But Lin Yun reacted as if he had already predicted this attack and slightly tilted his head to avoid Qin Tian’s hand. In the end, Qin Tian’s attack only cut off several strands of his hair.

After Lin Yun avoided Qin Tian’s attack, he loosened his right hand and turned around. When he grabbed onto his sword once more, his sword was swiftly thrusted forth. When he thrusted with the Flower Burial Sword, he circulated his Blue Dragon Bone, and his aura exploded.

This made Qin Tian panic, and he quickly retreated while using his hands to clamp onto Lin Yun’s sword. But Lin Yun loosened his hands, allowing Qin Tian to clamp onto his sword before executing the Divine Sunchasing Art and leaving multiple afterimages behind him. In Qin Tian’s eyes, Lin Yun had divided into six while charging at him with boundless sword aura.

“Let me see how you will compete with me without your sword!” Qin Tian sneered and threw the Flower Burial Sword away. As golden radiance exploded from him, dragon-shaped auras flew toward the six afterimages.

He was confident that Lin Yun’s afterimages couldn’t injure him when his cultivation was two stages higher than Lin Yun's. But Lin Yun suddenly let out a roar and all of his afterimages overlapped before pushing his palm forth. When their palms collided, Lin Yun roared, “Come back!”

The Flower Burial Sword flew over, sweeping like a divine dragon sweeping its tail. This surprised Qin Tian, but it was already too late for him. A small gash then appeared on his cheek. Lin Yun then reached out and grabbed onto the Flower Burial Sword.

“Senior Brother, let us help you!” The Profound Sky Sect’s disciples finally arrived. Liu Xu and Zhang Yuan didn’t hesitate to charge forth and dashed towards Lin Yun.

“Dream on!” An Liuyan’s face changed. She quickly dashed out to stop the two of them. But since she was facing two enemies, she swiftly landed in a disadvantageous position, which distracted Lin Yun.

“You dare to be distracted when fighting me?” Qin Tian immediately grabbed onto this opportunity and gave Lin Yun two palms. His eyes lit up, and he smiled, “So your sword soul is damaged!”

Ye Ziling, seated down to treat her injuries, waved her hand when she saw this scene. Along with a sword vibration, her White Dragon Saint Sword flew out.

“A Glory Saint Sword!” An Liuyan was surprised when she grabbed onto the sword. She then turned to look at Ye Ziling, “Thanks.”

With the White Dragon Saint Sword in her hand, a terrifyingly explosive aura erupted from her while activating her White Dragon Bone. Compared to Ye Ziling, the White Dragon Saint Sword was much more powerful in An Liuyan’s hands.

“Junior Brother, we’ll help you!” Gu Ruochen and the other Sword Sect’s disciples rushed over and clashed with the Profound Sky Sect’s disciples. Just like that, a war soon took place.

“Retreat first!” Lin Yun yelled before they started to retreat towards the hidden door that Gu Ruochen had previously found. The Profound Sky Sect’s morale was stronger than the Sword Sect's. If it weren’t for An Liuyan and the White Dragon Saint Sword in her hand, they would’ve long lost.

Regardless of Zhang Yuan or Liu Xu, they were stronger than the Sword Sect, especially Zhang Yuan, who came from the Ming Cult. So he was naturally stronger than Liu Xu.

“Haha. Lin Yun, do you still think that you can live? I’ve only used 60% of my strength so far. If I didn’t guess that your Blue Dragon Bone might be able to lead the way for me, I would’ve long taken your life!” Qin Tian said as the sun and moon expanded behind him; he executed the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon together.

When Zhang Yuan and the others came toward Qin Tian’s side, their eyes blazed with flames while looking at the paintings on the wall and smiled, “Qin Tian, the Wind God Order must be inside. This mountain is the true inheritance ground, and the dragon head palace is just a façade.”

“We’re really lucky this time!” The Profound Sky Sect’s disciples were excited and emotional. In the past, when the other saint palaces appeared, no one could find the actual inheritance ground, and they only managed to find incomplete books, saint artifacts, paintings, and secret treasures. They might be precious, but they were nothing compared to the actual inheritance.

“All of you will have to die!” Qin Tian laughed. Under the pressure of the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon, the faces of the Sword Sect’s disciples were distorted with pain. As they retreated, they staggered and stood behind Lin Yun with one knee on the ground, gritting their teeth to holding on with incredible difficulty.

“Sun-Moon Wheel Slash!” Qin Tian was like a deity as the sun and moon flew towards the Sword Sect’s disciples.

“Profound Sword Form!” Lin Yun executed the Profound Sword Form with the Flower Burial Sword, swinging nine swords. When the nine swords intertwined and formed into a ‘Profound’ word, the power unleashed from it was multiplied ninefold.

Throwing out a mouthful of blood, Lin Yun slammed against the wall before falling. But he ultimately managed to rebound Qin Tian’s attack, sending Qin Tian’s attack back at him.

“What the hell?!” Qin Tian cursed when he saw this scene. This also left all the Profound Sky Sect’s disciples dumbfounded, and they nearly fell to the ground. Even Zhang Yuan and Liu Xu were astonished when they saw this scene.

This gave Qin Tian no choice. He soared to the sky and formed a seal with one hand while reaching out at the Sun-Moon Wheel Slash with another. When the Golden Dragon overlapped with him, his hand turned into a dragon claw, but he could barely hold onto the Sun-Moon Wheel Slash.

On the other hand, Lin Yun circulated the Blue Dragon Bone and slammed his palm against the wall. As the paintings on the wall came to life, an ancient door appeared. Pushing the door apart, Lin Yun yelled, “Quick, go in!”

“You’re courting death!” Qin Tian flew into a rage as he supported the Sun-Moon Wheel Slash with both hands. His hair fluttered in the wind, and he roared while slamming the Sun-Moon Wheel Slash back into Lin Yun’s direction. But when his attack landed, Lin Yun had already disappeared behind the door.

When the Sun-Moon Wheel Slash collided with the wall, it caused a massive collision that raised a cloud of dust. When the cloud of dust settled down, Qin Tian pounced towards the wall, but the paintings and door had disappeared, with the Sword Sect’s party nowhere to be seen.

“Damn it!” Qin Tian threw a tantrum and punched the wall, but the rebound force sent him flying back.

“What the hell?” Qin Tian’s face turned black, and he nearly lost his mind. He was clearly stronger than Lin Yun, regardless of his cultivation, foundation, or secret techniques. He was only one step away from the inheritance, but he could only watch as it slipped away from him.

“What should we do now? Without the Blue Dragon Bone, we won’t be able to go in.” Zhang Yuan calmly emphasized. He was the one who came up with the idea of tailing behind Lin Yun. This was because he was highly interested in the Wind God Order, and an extremely secretive legend revolved around it that was told to him by the Ming Cult’s Grand Elder.

“Hmph. So what if we managed to go in? Are they going to be trapped inside for the rest of our lives? We’ll guard the Ancient Barren Battlefield’s altar. I don’t believe that he won’t leave the Ancient Barren Battlefield. Go back to the dragon head palace!” Qin Tian swiftly made his decision.

Since he couldn’t obtain the inheritance, he would sweep through the dragon head palace. The altar was the only way out of the Ancient Barren Battlefield, and he just had to wait there for Lin Yun to come to him.

“I’m afraid it’ll be troublesome to deal with Lin Yun after he makes a breakthrough in his strength.” Zhang Yuan whispered.

But Qin Tian coldly glared at Zhang Yuan, making the latter feel his scalp tingling. He snorted, “So what? If I take another step further in fusing the Heavenly Sun and Heavenly Moon, I can easily suppress him, even if he makes a breakthrough. I, Qin Tian, am invincible in the Ancient Barren Battlefield. Since my master is invincible in the Ancient Barren Domain, the Radiant Sword Saint’s disciple will die in my hands!”

His master was Tian Xuanzi, and he was confident that he was stronger than Radiant Sword Saint’s disciple, and he had never doubted it. After all, the Profound Sky Saint Sovereign was invincible in the Ancient Barren!

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