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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 9 All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Chapter 9 All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

"Kiba, just you wait. I will make you learn that no matter how powerful you are, it is useless in front of an entire Corporation! I will make you regret being born," Jack swore inside his heart.

He turned his face towards Kiba who was talking with Eva and Richard. He noticed how Kiba was trying to make Eva agrees on his ’proposal’ with a smiling face.

Jack didn’t know what the proposal was but from the unsightly expression of Richard, he knew the proposal was anything but decent.

"Eva, what type of fiancee would you be if you can’t help your fiance? Let go of your ego and help me, so I can help your fiance," Kiba patiently explained.

"Kiba, don’t go too far!" Richard said.

How could he stand when Kiba was going after his fiancee in front of her?

The most annoying part was Kiba wanted to make love with his fiancee by using him as an excuse!

Kiba wanted to fuck Richard’s future wife so that he can help him learn he is a human!

Fucking bastard!

"Richard, why are you getting so emotional? Oh, you both are feeling emotional seeing me sacrificing so much for you?" Kiba said with a thoughtful expression.

"Y-you!" Richard didn’t even know what to say to such a thick-skinned guy!

"Eva and Richard, please feel free at ease. I don’t mind sacrificing if it helps you. A great person once said ’Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else’. Same is the current situation. I’m not losing anything but passing my love to Eva," Kiba said with an expression denoting he didn’t mind the ’sacrifice’.

Richard vomited another mouthful of blood due to anger!

Shameless! Extremely shameless!

He has never seen such a shameful guy in his entire life!

"Sir Kiba, please stop," Carole interfered.

She knew she has to stop Kiba otherwise Richard might lose control. If that happens then Richard would be slapped as well just like Jack. It would only increase the mess she has to clean if that happens.

The head guard who has distributed the medical unit into two gave a disappointed sigh after seeing Carole stepping in. He felt sad his good intentions were wasted. For the first time in the history, the guards were split into two for providing medical aid to a possible ’slapping’ situation, but now it seemed there would be no slapping. The subordinate guards were speechless seeing the dejected look on head guard’s face.

"Head guard, you should be delighted our work has reduced! Why are you feeling sad instead?" the guards thought. 𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

Richard was delighted to see Carole giving him the helping hand. He could at least save some of his dignity now in front of Eva.

"Carole, don’t say ’please’ to me. A fine lady like you doesn’t have to beg for anything," Kiba told her while giving her a wink denoting the hidden meaning of his words.

Carole was used to the shameless behavior of Kiba, so she didn’t feel offended. Sometimes she thought his flirty nature was a good trait compared to those who pass offensive remarks behind her back. He might be shameless, but he never tried to force himself on her. A rare trait in today’s age.

"Sir Kiba, let’s go to the lounge where Chairman Hank is expecting you," Carole said. She has taken the suitcase from Kiba’s hands earlier. The suitcase contained the minerals Kiba has stolen from mutants of Sky Fiend Group. This was the original purpose of Kiba’s arrival.

"Carole, haven’t you heard of the proverb ’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’?" Kiba said with his meaning of ’play’ self evident.

Kiba didn’t know the meaning of defeat. He wanted to make love with a fine lady like her.

She looked gorgeous in her red bell-sleeve top & printed skirt. The dress only complimented her beauty especially the stunning top with long bell sleeves pairs. Her blonde hairs was another welcoming sight on this gorgeous beauty.

"I have heard of the proverb, but I am sure the proverb doesn’t mean what you are trying to imply," Carole said with a smile. She rarely smiled but when she did it was absolutely beautiful.

"How about going on a date so that we can discuss the meaning of proverb?" Kiba asked.

He believed a true man should never give up no matter how many times he is defeated. The struggle and defeats make the ultimate win more exciting.

"Would it be really a date or something more?" Carole asked.

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