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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 758: Biggest Supporter

Chapter 758: Biggest Supporter

The rare metal known as Cosmic Armageddon was formed from the destruction of the Celestial Elysian Plane. Most of it was lost in the deep space of the cosmos, but a small amount followed the World Fragments destined for Earth.

And now, the sword made from Cosmic Armageddon rested inside Kiba's chest, channeling its unique destructive properties. Intangible black currents gushed from it and washed through his golden blood like poison.

The resulting pain was brutal and catastrophic, but Kiba suppressed it and stared at the Phantom Clone.

He now knew the one responsible for him possessing the Cosmic Spark didn't really die in his hands.

If it was any other situation, he would have been furious as his hatred for him knew no bounds, but now he was happy.

"Oh, God! You are here to rescue the clone of someone you despise the most! Hahaha! This slum insect!"

Kiba found this genuinely amusing.

Hundreds of miles away, inside the most secured laboratory on the planet, the damaged brain of Castor Damon twitched violently.

The mention of the term 'slum insect' revived the traumatic memories he had forcefully suppressed.

"If only I hadn't underestimated him in BSE-79!"

Castor Damon was always full of regret whenever he thought of his expedition in that World Fragment.

And while he might be the most outstanding scientist the world had ever seen, even he couldn't make medicine for regret.

His current state was the living proof of that.

Far away, Kiba couldn't know in what condition Castor Damon was, but from what little experience he had in BSE-79, he could somewhat guess.

"You must be in a very story state to scheme like this against an insect!"

The Phantom Clone moved the sword down, causing Kiba's stomach to rip open.

"Haha! Why did you stop!?" Kiba demanded. "You definitely want to see me dead but now lack guts?!"

Kiba spat out blood and moved his body diagonally down, shocking the Phantom Clone. He quickly stopped Kiba because if Kiba moved any further, the sword would pierce into his heart and bring him into a near death-state...

That would give the monster inside him the chance to escape!

"I guess it's not only me who fears Extermination!"

Kiba couldn't help but laugh at the irony.

He might be the main persona, but Extermination was the scariest part of him. It wasn't just because of the sinister abilities of Genesis, but also the fact that Extermination could wield the Cosmic Spark.

This fear ironically made Castor Damon risk exposure and help him… Obviously, to save The Defender.

"So, what's now?" Kiba asked.

The Phantom Clone didn't answer. He was just buying some time for The Defender to recover and escape this place. All because Castor Damon's plans for Kiba depended on The Defender.

"Well, if you are in no mood to do anything further," Kiba whispered, his lips curving up. "Please allow my family to do so."

"?!" The Phantom Clone was baffled, but only for a moment.


A rosy beam neared him like a sly snake suddenly pouncing on its prey.

The Phantom Clone darted to the side, but the beam curved to follow him, to his surprise.

"This is not a beam?!"

After seeing the beam, he realized it wasn't a rose-colored beam but a whip.

Not an ordinary whip, but one protruding with sharp thorns, releasing an aura that was no less than the might of a peak Level VII Alpha!

The Phantom Clone was in a dilemma. He couldn't let go of the sword stabbing Kiba, but the whip would hit him and land damage if he didn't.

His thoughts were faster than lightning, and he leaped back to avoid the whip.

But just then, the whip in front of him disappeared, like it was never there.

The Phantom Clone snorted and shifted his body in mid-air. In the place he was an instant before, the whip appeared as if through teleportation.

It hit the air, and the air exploded as if it was a volatile liquid.

At the same time, a loli landed beside Kiba, wielding the whip's handle.

"You need to work on your speed," Kiba remarked.

[[Someone who focuses more on tits than attacks of the opponent shouldn't guide others, sir.]]

Claudia retorted politely.

"...….." Kiba stared at her.

Claudia didn't have time to retort further as the Phantom Clone charged at her. At such close length, the full potential of the whip couldn't be exploited. He was counting on that.

But to his surprise, Claudia was at ease.


The Phantom Clone realized why. The thorns from the whip erupted and shot at him just as he reached Claudia.

At such close length, it was impossible to dodge the thorns… and that was the correct assessment. The damage they would land was unimaginable.

"No choice."

The robe of the Phantom Clone suddenly twisted, and shockingly along with it, the time around him distorted. The past and future switched places, forcing the present to lose its meaning.

"What!?" Claudia was startled.

The thorns stabbed into the Phantom, but there was no damage. It was like he wasn't even there.

Before she could think why, the sleeve of the Phantom Clone hit her in the chest, causing her to smash into the tree a few km away.

"You sure have enforced your Phantom Clone with nice skills!"

Kiba gave him a thumbs-up.

"I guess you learned from your last debacle! I'm so proud of you!"

The Phantom Clone ignored his words and proceeded to grab the sword. He was safe from his powers as long as it was inside Kiba's chest and releasing its poison.


Just as he grabbed the sword handle, far away, Ashlyn appeared and launched her discs. They expanded and shot forward like the grim reaper's scythe, cutting everything in their path.

The Phantom Clone might not have any face or body, at least not in conventional senses, but it would turn ugly if he had a face.

All because the discs weren't rushing at him!

If they were, he could easily crush him.

But no, they had to target The Defender, who was in no state to avoid them. The discs might not be able to kill him, but they will definitely bring him close to death.

"Well, seems like you are in a dilemma again," Kiba observed. "My clone or me."

The Phantom Clone didn't want to choose. He grabbed Kiba and shot in the direction of the Defender.


He was mid-way through when he stopped and looked at his hand.

It was empty!

Kiba wasn't there!!

"Hi, are you looking for me?"

Kiba's voice came from a km away. He was standing by leaning on a woman… Agatha!


The Phantom Clone was shocked, but then rationalization followed.

Spatial Shift.

"That insect's whore!!"

Far away, the brain of Castor Damon twitched nonstop. He had researched that woman's abilities and realized the attacks by Claudia and others were a diversion for Agatha to release her abilities without arousing suspicion.

{{Warning: Emotional imbalance is leading to an increase in toxic secretions}}

The laboratory sensors beeped with warning.



Kiba let out a sigh of relief as Agatha helped him pull the sword out. The poison was still inside him, so he couldn't recover from his injuries quickly, but that didn't matter.

He ran a hand on the sword and then joined his hands in pray sign.

"I'm sorry Castor Damon for misunderstanding you! You are not my enemy, but my biggest support system!"

Kiba bowed in utmost gratitude.

"First you gifted me with the Cosmic Spark and now this rare sword! Thank you!"

Kiba wiped a tear of gratitude and exclaimed.

"Dear Creator, please bless him with happiness!"

In the laboratory, the warnings increased....𝐢𝘯𝑛𝑟𝘦𝙖𝘥. ᴄ𝚘m

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