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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 4 Leaving For The Meeting

Chapter 4 Leaving For The Meeting

Kiba didn’t immediately remove his dick from Eva’s pussy. He was still rock hard and didn’t wish to stop.

"Don’t worry I will make it up for you later. But now you need to leave so that we can have our official meeting," Eva knew about the horny nature of Kiba better than anyone in this world.

"Aah. You better allow me to access your backdoor next time," Kiba said as he gave a final kiss to Eva. The taste of her mouth was sweeter than honey.

"You are really a shameless fellow. You want a yard after getting an inch. "

"What can I say. Your body brings out the beast inside me."

A white light surrounded Kiba, and he disappeared from the shower room.

"Fuck. He came inside me again," Eva cursed as she cleaned her pussy.

In the current age of mutants, the fertility of both the genders has increased exponentially.

More then half the population on Earth are mutants which has lead to a significant increase in Earth’s population. The contraceptive and other forms of birth control don’t work well with the mutant population as their body structures are different from ordinary humans.

Each mutant has a unique body system which makes it harder to form a universal birth control pill. The pills which can effectively provide birth control for mutants are very costly.

"I am afraid the birth control pills would stop working on me if Kiba continues with his habit of cumming inside," Eva mumbled. She wiped her body with a towel and headed outside.

Richard saw her with a towel covering her assets. He couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty of Eva. He wanted to fuck her, but he knew she was shy and reserved. She never accepted his sexual advances by saying she wanted to reserve these moments for the marriage.

"This bitch and her wealth is mine. She might be smart in business, but she is an idiot when it comes to the psychology of people. It is only a matter of few months before I make her my slave. I will make proper use of her body and mind," Richard thought. He was confident in his abilities to control Eva.

"Honey, please turn away. You are making me uncomfortable," Eva’s entire face was red.

"I have already seen you in a bikini few times but yet you remain as shy as ever," Richard was amused.

"Honey, please don’t say such words! I will complain to dad!" Eva’s face was getting more red. She was on brink of crying.

"Babe, I am joking. You don’t need to cry. I will turn my face away," Richard turned back. He enjoyed teasing a reserved girl like Eva.

’After marriage, I will turn her into a whore who would always beg me to fuck her,’ Richard lost himself in his thoughts. Eva moved to the dressing room.

A few minutes later, Eva came out of dressing room. She was wearing a lace blouse with black front-slit and a matching jean. The clothes only complimented the Caucasian beauty.

"Babe, you are looking amazing," Richard complimented her.

"Thank you," Eva shyly said.

"Let’s go."

Richard and Eva left the penthouse. The elevator was waiting for them.

[[Welcome. Which floor you would like to go?]] The mechanical voice of AI asked.

"83rd floor."

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