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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 25 Holy Mission In Action!

Chapter 25 Holy Mission In Action!

The year 1900 is known as the start of a new era due to the arrival of strange meteorites filled with Divine Particles. Divine Particles reacted with Earth’s atmosphere and lead to a large scale mutation of every known species on Earth. An era of evolution started where people were born with supernatural abilities.

Around 60% of the human population in the present year 2024 are mutants with those supernatural abilities. Some abilities are strong and some weak. Few abilities existed which worked contrary to the laws of the world.

In fact, some abilities were artificially planted through the means of human modification experiments. The rise of mutants also lead to a rise in technology. World Government, Corporate, mafia, and few mysterious heritages have spent trillions of dollars in study related to the abilities of mutants. For this, not only money but millions of lives were sacrificed as guinea pigs.

This study and research have made it possible for a person who was born ordinary can be turned into a mutant! The same research has also made it possible for a mutant to have additional abilities!

Generally speaking, a natural born mutant would have one ability. In some rare cases, a mutant with two natural given abilities can exist. But the current advancement in technology made it possible for more abilities!


Lisa Rey is a natural born mutant who have received additional abilities through modification experiments.

She was born with a rare psych ability: hypnosis. It is different from mind control as hypnosis need a medium to control one’s opponent.

Her ability to turn the energy into a shield and using it even for an attack is something she gained through experiments.

She uses sound as a medium for hypnosis. For best results, she tries to make the opponent’s guards down by trying to entice them through their desires whether it is greed or fame. The effect of her ability depends on her opponent’s will.

It was her aim to use Kiba for her experiments as he was a valuable specimen given his powers. Most likely he would suffer a fate worse than death, but she didn’t care!

Lisa believed she could hypnotize Kiba by enticing him of world fame. She tried to make him believe he can be a hero whose sacrifice would be recorded in the history if he agrees to help her by giving her DNA.

Lisa wanted him to agree for experiments but now...

"You don’t have to feel guilty of my sacrifice," Kiba said in a heavy but passionate voice, "For the betterment of the world I don’t mind sleeping with you. For helping the world I don’t mind the cost."

He was in the middle of removing his pants! But his expression wasn’t of lust but of a man with a holy mission! A man who was ready to sacrifice his body for helping humanity.

"Y-YOU!" Lisa was angry. In her thirty years of lifespan, she has never met such a man!

He was justifying his lewd actions by acting as if it was a holy mission!

Kiba arrived next to her in nothing but underwear. Without any warning, he placed his hands on her breasts while his lips touched her lips.

"Stop!" Lisa said as she tried to free her breasts from his hands.

’Did my hypnosis have a wrong effect him? Can it be true that my hypnosis awakened his dark thoughts which he mistook as helping the world...It can’t be!’

"Why are you acting so strange?" Kiba asked for he couldn’t understand her actions.

"YOU ARE ACTING STRANGE!" Lisa shouted but the next moment Kiba’s face was on her again. His lips were on hers and his hands started fondling her breasts.

Within a few seconds, Kiba’s one hand was rubbing her clit while his other hand was undressed her. His fingers entered her pussy to stimulate her while his other hand fondled with her tits.

Kiba’s lips were greedily sucking up on Lisa’s lips like a tasty fruit. She started releasing light moans unconsciously as the foreplay made her pussy wet. His fingers were wet from the pussy juice but this only increased his desires. He started going rougher on her which only increased her pleasure.

’No! I can’t enjoy this!’ Lisa thought but her actions were different. She stopped struggling and instead of taking initiative on her own!

Perhaps it was due to her inactive sexual life which made her easily horny or Kiba was as godly as the legends claimed.

’ I am just making him weak for Plan B!’ She told herself. In a minute, he has made her wet.

Lisa started kissing Kiba on her own. Her kiss was crude but he didn’t mind. They kissed deeply as if they were the most passionate lovers out there. He unhooked her bra and removed her panty as they continued to kiss.

She was on top of him as they kissed on the sofa. Her hand moved inside his underwear and started stroking his cock.

"I need you down," Kiba said. She obeyed his words and knelt on the floor. She removed his underwear and caught sight of his erect dick.

"Amazing!" Lisa said in a shocked voice. Kiba slapped his dick on her face which she enjoyed.

He stood up from the sofa and caught Lisa by her hairs. She opened his mouth as he slammed his dick right to the end of her throat.

He pushed to and fro inside her throat while clutching her hairs tightly. Lisa was feeling both pleasure and pain. For the first time she felt, pain and pleasure can coexist.

He sat back again on the sofa and pulled Lisa towards him in such a way that her breasts were on his cock. She understood his meaning and took Kiba’s dick in her hand.

Lisa slapped her breasts with his hard dick. She spat on her cleavage and rubbed the spit with Kiba’s dick.

His dick was between her breasts like a sandwich. She rubbed his dick in her breasts as she moved them to and fro.

She then licked his dick’s top with her tongue while still surrounding the dick with her breasts.

Kiba caught her chin by his hands and pushed her on the sofa.

"Ahh!" Lisa released a loud moan as she found Kiba’s dick entered inside her from the back.

"Nothing like the doggy position for a bitch like you," Kiba pushed his dick inside her while his right hand smacked on her ass tightly.

She was releasing moans unknown if it was from pain or pleasure. Her ass was full of red prints as Kiba continued to smack her as his dick slammed inside her hard.

"Smack me more!" Lisa begged. Kiba agreed to her request while his dick reached her the end of her pussy. Her pussy juice was flowing like they never have.

"Don’s stop!" She was screaming but there was pleasure in her voice. Soon she reached her orgasm but Kiba didn’t stop.

"I am sensitive...aah..." Lisa moaned more and more as she suffered the onslaught of Kiba’s dick even after orgasm.

"AAAHHHH!" She loudly screamed in more pleasure.

"Get on your knees!" Kiba commanded as he took out his dick from her pussy.

Lisa stepped down from the sofa and knelt. She stroked his cock hard through her hands as she knew he was about to cum.

Soon, her face and breasts were full of sperms.


Kiba and Lisa were lying on a sofa exhausted. Lisa was feeling numb in her legs due to the pleasure.

"Ah! I failed in my holy mission!" Kiba suddenly said.


"I didn’t cum inside you! We have to start once again!"

"N-no! I’m feeling very sensitive---" 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

Once again the room was filled with noises of pain and pleasure while the two men in black outside the room were oblivious.

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