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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 20 Felicity Weisz Part 2

Chapter 20 Felicity Weisz Part 2

Kiba wiped his mouth after completing his dinner. He was extremely tired today after today’s two great ’battles’. The first battle was of three ’rounds’ against Eva. The second battle was of two ’rounds’ against two famous actresses.

"I am getting old otherwise I would have the strength to have one more battle tonight... a battle against Meghan," Kiba said with a sigh. Meghan Adley and other models were surprised by the sudden remark.

"Battle? Surely..." Meghan’s face was red when she thought of the meaning.

"Meghan, rest assured we would verify the details someday later," Kiba told Meghan.

Meghan was about to speak, but then she noticed Hank Webley arriving near their table. He was the host of the party! She stood up to greet him but Hank ignored her. Hank came in front of Kiba’s seat.

"Kiba, it seems the refreshments I gave you have done wonders on you," Hank Webley said.

"They were good, but I am exhausted," Kiba said.

"Haha. My friend, there is a lady I would like you to meet," Hank said.

"A lady?" All signs of exhaustion disappeared from Kiba’s face.

"A true man can never be afraid for new battles no matter how exhausted he is!" Kiba said.

Meghan: "...."

Kiba stood up to see the ’lady’ Hank was talking about.

He saw a young female in her early twenties coming towards him. She was extremely beautiful but when Kiba saw her face he started trembling.

"Please God... don’t tell me it is Felicity!" Kiba’s back was drenched in sweat.

In this world, there were very few things he feared but if someone asks him what he fears the most, his answer would definitely be a young girl with the name of Felicity!

"I shouldn’t be afraid. She is not aware of my identity as Kiba," Kiba tried to put a brave front but yet he couldn’t control his nervousness.

Felicity followed by Carole and two young men arrived in front of Kiba. Felicity has an excited face when she saw the legend named Kiba in front of her.

"Hello!" Felicity excitedly greeted Kiba. She has a fearless personality and she liked fearless people. From what she knew, Kiba was a fearless man, so for her, he was someone she definitely has to meet.

She wasn’t interested in having romance or one night stand with him. All she wants to do was meet a man who didn’t fear danger.

She believed Kiba qualified seeing how he had affair with the wives and daughters of the strong corporate officers!

Without any warning, she hugged Kiba.

"Why is your back wet?" Felicity said as she came out of the hug.

Hank and Carole were strong mutants, so they noticed Kiba’s trembling.

"Sir Kiba, are you alright?" Carole asked.

"It is just too hot in here," Kiba said while trying to control his nervousness.

"What do you mean it is hot in here?" Felicity asked. The entire party room was air-conditioned with optimal temperature. How can someone sweat over here?

"I-I mean you are too hot," Kiba said while wiping the sweat from his face.

"Wow, you are really bold as the legends say!" Felicity said.

"Thank you," Kiba tried to sound normal.

" Ah! I forgot to introduce myself!" Felicity said.

"I already know y--," Kiba stopped in middle. He couldn’t let her know he knows her.

"You know me?" Felicity excitedly asked.

"A fine lady like you need no introduction," Kiba said.

"*cough* Kiba, let me introduce you this fine lady," Hank stepped in. He thought Kiba was behaving strangely.

"She is Felicity Weisz. The top student of the best academy in our city ’Royal Heart Academy’. She has won multiple awards in the mutant competition conducted by both the World Government and corporate," Hank gave a detailed introduction," She is the only person to step on top of BSE79 meteoroid alone without any external help! I am sure you are aware that not even the strongest mutant dare to climb on top alone!"

When the Evolution Comet arrived in the year 1900, giant meteorites have fallen on earth’s surface. These meteorites contained strange minerals which are responsible for the large-scale mutation on Earth. The BSE79 meteoroid is one of those meteorites. Climbing on top of it without any help is courting death!

"I know it better than anyone as I am in the same class as her! She is a psycho who would do anything for the thrill of danger!" Kiba thought.

She was his friend in the academy but he feared her the most. They didn’t have any romantic or sexual relationship but normal friendship. He appreciated the friendship but she believed in the saying ’friends should share dangers’.

"It is amazing to meet you," Kiba said while extending his right hand for handshaking.

"Man, why are you such a pussy? I hugged you so you should hug me as well instead of this hand shakeup. I only do handshake when I am meeting kids. Fearless people like us only hug," Felicity said with a deep sigh.

Carole, Hank, Meghan, the two young men, and the models nearby were shocked to hear the words spoken by a ’lady’.

Kiba, on the other hand, was sweating.

"If I hugged you now but you realize my identity later on... you will thrash me for being bold!" Kiba thought.

Before he thought, today was a great day for him after his encounter with Eva and two actresses. He was even more delighted after getting a promise of a date from Carole. Then the cherry to this lovely cake was an invitation to judge Miss Delta along with Meghan’s number. But now he met an acquaintance from his other persona! The acquaintance was someone who lived for the thrill!

"Have I used all my luck today? Or is this a retribution by the Gods?"

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