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The Sinful Life of The Emperor

Chapter 15 Feeling Sad For What You Never Had

Chapter 15 Feeling Sad For What You Never Had

Agatha was a raven-haired beauty with a small ass and perfect natural tits. She has a height of 5’7" with beautiful black eyes. She was wearing a black embroidered bodycon midi dress which only increased her beauty.

Kiba hugged Agatha for a long time but when she saw he has no intention to leave her, she has to give a small cough to remind him.

"I’m sorry, Agatha," Kiba said as he freed her from his hug.

"You don’t appear sorry," Agatha said with a smile. She knew what type of man exactly he was.

"It has been such a long time, so I couldn’t help control myself," Kiba said with an apologetic expression.

Agatha didn’t say anything but stare at him. She remembered the night of party when he seduced her.

She thought of the passionate love they made that night in the party itself in the female washroom.

"It seems you thrashed my husband today," Agatha said after some time.

"It was a mistake. I didn’t control my strength," Kiba said with an awkward expression.

"You didn’t control your mouth as well seeing how you told him to be grateful for my pregnancy," Agatha said with her voice containing a faint hint of displeasure.

"I thought I was the father so...I mean you became pregnant around the time we made love."

"Really? You forgot you used a condom?"

"I used a condom? I forgot..I mean contraceptives do not guarantee..." Kiba said with an embarrassed expression.

"And I remember you saying you never forget any details of the moments you spend with a woman. It seems you were bragging," Agatha said with a teasing expression.

"Haha... I am sorry," Kiba said while trying to think of ways to divert the conversation.

"I know why you used me to anger Jack. You want him to make a move against you in anger, which would affect the schemes White Angel Corporation has made against you," Agatha said with the teasing expression on her face disappearing. She has a serious expression on her face with a tinge of anger.


"It is not like I don’t understand but I hate when people use me. I am sure you are same in that regard," Agatha said sounding clearly displeased.

Kiba stopped thinking of trying to divert the conversation. He knew he has hurt her even though she has done no harm against him.

Agatha assumed Kiba has insulted Jack so that the latter makes some wrong move in anger. White Angel Corporation would have some schemes in secret against Kiba. She assumed Kiba wanted to ruin those schemes by making Jack to irreconcilable damage in anger. Even Hank assumed the same when Kiba was insulting him an hour ago.

What Agatha didn’t know was that Kiba didn’t really care for the schemes of Hank or Jack or anyone. He did it because he enjoyed insulting people at the top!

"Agatha, I apologize. As a sign of apology, I give you a promise to help you one time," Kiba said with a sincere expression. He didn’t clear her misunderstanding about his actions.

Kiba was no saint who would risk his life for a beauty but neither he was a demon who took pleasure in harming innocents. If he can get a benefit, he wouldn’t harm killing others, but otherwise, he doesn’t enjoy harming those who haven’t offended him.

He has known Agatha from a long time and knew her well enough to know her true nature. She was pure-hearted with no nefarious thoughts unlike the others of the society which is why he didn’t mind giving her the promise of help.

Agatha was rather surprised by the promise Kiba has given. She knew the promise was a great benefit for her even though it also meant she can not use it in situations which would harm Kiba.

"Wow. You actually have a heart," Agatha said with a smile. She could no longer get angry now that he has given her such a benefit.

Kiba turned his face towards the western direction of the city with his vision back at the slum area.

"A few minutes ago you said that you wouldn’t mind telling me your past," Agatha said reminding Kiba of his earlier words.

"What is it you want to know?" Kiba asked.

"I know my limits, so I won’t ask what I shouldn’t ask... I just want to know why you always gaze in that direction with a sad expression," Agatha said.

Agatha has always thought Kiba was a strange man. She has seen him enjoying the beauties and the rich lifestyle. But afterward, he would have a sad expression as if he felt empty, especially during the parties like the current one. A strange behavior as far as she was concerned.

"I used to live in the western slums when I was a kid..." Kiba said with a heavy voice.

Agatha was surprised. She never expected him to origin from the slums. How could she not know the conditions in the slum? As a part of PR management, the people of high society including her would host a yearly charity event for the slum residents.

She knew living in slum area was no easy feat especially with people murdering each other even for a piece of bread.

Could his parents have been...?

"I am sorry for your loss," Agatha said. She assumed his family has died which was why he felt sad when he gazed at that direction.

"Loss?" Kiba was surprised.

"Your family... I shouldn’t have asked you," Agatha said with a guilty expression.

Kiba was silent for a minute after which he started laughing as if he has heard the most ridiculous thing in the world.

"Family? Parents? I never had them so why would I feel sad for something I never had," Kiba said with an expression containing both sadness and anger.

"I..." Agatha was shocked in silence.

"My parents discarded me after I was born so why would I feel sad for losing them?"

Agatha could feel a loneliness she has never felt from Kiba. For the first time, she felt Kiba was more than what he let the world think of.

She hugged him from behind as if telling him that he was no longer lonely...

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