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The Royal's Cute Little Wife

Chapter 27 - The Family

Chapter 27 - The Family

Knowing that the Second Master was to return, the Duke Dingguo’s household had already made preparations.

At this moment, the Old Granny and the Old Master were leading the eldest branch, the third branch and fourth branch to the main house, all waiting there. The servants would report where the Second Master had been every quarter of an hour. At noon, they finally heard the servant say, “they’re here, they’re at the door!”

The Old Master couldn’t sit still any longer. Leaning on his crutches, he was about to head to the door to welcome them when the Old Granny coughed softly. “Then let’s hurry up and invite them in.”

Hearing this, the servant hurriedly went to the door to welcome him.

A few moments later, a voice came from the courtyard. Everyone looked towards the back of the screen wall which was painted with crane, deer and spring.

Xie Liqing and Madam Leng led the way, followed by Xie Rong, and then Xie Zhen and Xie Xun, the two little girls. After so many years, Xie Liqing had become more and more mature after being tempered by the culture of the Qingzhou Province. He had become much darker and stronger than he was nine years ago, but he now looked more like a man who could support the heavens and the earth. Madam Leng, who was beside him, did not change at all. This was the best gift to a woman. A woman in her thirties still looked like a twenty-something year old girl. She had white lips and teeth, her skin as white as snow. She didn’t know how to take care of herself normally, so it was no wonder that Xie Liqing loved her so much.

The whole family had grown up well, and the parents were all in good shape. Naturally, their children were also very pleasing to the eye.

And the most eye-catching, must be the last one, Xie Zhen, wearing a white embroidered peony fox fur cape. A slight smile hung on her lips as she absent-mindedly looked forward. Her goose egg face was like a beautiful jade in the sunlight. Xie Xun, who was beside her, said something to her. She lowered her head and smiled. At that moment, there seemed to be the sound of flowers blooming around her.

She had a sweet smile since she was young. No matter how angry you were, the moment you saw her smile, you would lose any temper.

This kind of beauty was an innate wealth. Others could not imitate it and could only envy it.

Actullly Xie Xun didn’t say anything funny, she just asked, “Where is this?”

When she left the capital at the age of three, she didn’t have much of an impression of this place, much less remember it. That place was too unfamiliar to her. Although it was luxurious and magnificent, it was still not comparable to the small residence in the Qinghou Province. Although the family in the Qingzhou Province was small, it was more like a family.

Xie Zhen looked at her and pinched her soft cheek. “Ah Xun, this is the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion.”

Xie Xun did not know what the Duke Dingguo’s Mansion was. She had heard from Leng that they also had a family in the capital, with grandparents and aunts and uncles. When she looked up, she saw that there were a lot of people sitting in the main hall, and all eyes were on them. She was a timid girl, so she quietly hid behind Xie Zhen.

“Don’t be afraid, they don’t eat people,” Xie Zhen held her hands, and told her.

Xie Xun is still young and doesn’t understand the meaning of this sentence, but Xie Zhen knows clearly.

She was five years old when she left, and the ordinary child had long since forgotten it. It was probably because she had been so impressed at that time that she could not forget it now even if she wanted to.

Just as she was thinking, they arrived at the main hall.

Everyone stood up to welcome them, and the Duke Dingguo sighed with emotion, “You’ve finally returned. How have you been these past few years in the Qingzhou?”

Xie Liqing respectfully bowed and greeted the two. “Everything is well, thanks for father’s careness.”

Duke Dingguo then asked about the situation in the Qingzhou before giving up.

He looked at his grandson. He had to raise his head to see Xie Rong. “He’s already so tall.”

Xie Rong saluted his grandfather and grandmother.

Looking at the two granddaughters, one was smiling while the other was timid and innocent. They were both first-rate beauties. For a moment his eyes stayed fixed on his face, and he was shocked. She couldn’t see it when she was young, but now that she had grown up, she looked more and more like the old Madam Tan.

Grand Concubine Tan was Xie Liqing’s birth mother. She was originally the daughter of a small workshop. She was as beautiful as a flower, devastatingly beautiful. One day, when the Duke Dingguo walked across the street and saw her coming out of the door, he immediately fell in love and would not forget her ever again. Later, the duke brought her into the palace and made her his concubine. It was a pity that her life was so light. She had given birth to Xie Liqing only a few years before she died. Even today, the Duke Dingguo still felt guilty for her. He would often think about her and reminisce about her for a while.

He had never thought that his little granddaughter was so similar to her.

The Old Master thought back to the past. Countless thoughts flooded his mind, and he spoke very slowly. “Good, good …” “This is Ah Zhen and Ah Xun, right? I haven’t seen them since many years ago. Do you remember your grandfather?”

“Grandpa!” Xie Zhen’s watery eyes curved, crisply said: “Grandfather!”

The Old Master replied happily.

“Of course I remember,” she said. “I broke my grandfather’s flowers, and you taught me a great lesson.”

She may not remember when you were nice to her, but she will remember every time you teach her a lesson. The Old Master loved Xie Zhen the most. This little girl could enrage you, but she could also coax you to beaming at you in the next moment. This was a skill that made people love and hate her.

Duke Dingguo laughed and doted on her, “You little girl, you’re still complaining about your grandfather?” “That’s Yao Huang Wei Zi for the empress dowager. If you break it, how will Grandfather explain it to the palace?”

She stuck out her tongue. “I knew I was wrong.”

The grandfather and granddaughter were still the same as many years ago, nagging nonstop. If it wasn’t for the old granny, they probably would have continued their nagging as if no one else had spoken.

The old lady asked the family of five to sit down and chat. Xie Liqing sat next to the head of the household, Xie Lisong, while Madam Leng sat opposite him. On the left and right of them were First Wife Xu and Third Wife Wu.

Madam Xu wore an apricot silk jacket, a turmeric skirt, and emerald pearls. Her faces were whitewashed with hairpin powder, but they immediately paled in comparison to the Madam Leng. She smiled at Madam Leng, called her sister-in-law, and said nothing more.

On the other hand, Madam Wu, who was on the right side, was much more cordial. She asked Madam Leng about the local customs and customs of the Qingzhou Province, then explained the changes that had occurred over the years in the Dingguo’s Estate. Third Master Xie had just joined the Ministry of Rites two years ago and his career was going smoothly. Her words were filled with a sense of pride.

When Madam Leng heard this, her reaction was extremely calm. “Congratulations, third sister-in-law.”

Madam Wu touched a soft nail and embarrassedly shut her mouth, no longer responding.

Xie Zhen and Xie Xun stood behind Leng, looking left and right, orderly no longer move.

Xie Zhen always felt that there was a line of sight looking at her, following her gaze, just happened to meet the gaze of his third sister, Xie Ying.

Xie Ying was the daughter of the Madam Xu, the wife of the eldest branch. She was sixteen years old and was also a beauty. However, she had inherited the Madam Xu’s high cheekbones, and her eyes and tail were slightly raised. At first glance, she seemed somewhat mean and unfriendly. Xie Zhen was impressed with her and smiled meaningfully. “Third elder sister.”

Xie Ying replied with a smile, “It’s been many years since we last met. Fifth younger sister is even more beautiful.”

Although it was a compliment, there was no hint of praise in her tone if you listened carefully, and it sounded rather sour.

Xie Zhen knew it, and replied politely, “third sister, too. I almost don’t recognize you.”

As soon as she said that, Xie Ying’s expression changed.

她最近脸上长了几颗小斑,不大明显,但她却非常介意。 平常根本不让人说,如今谢蓁虽然没有明示,但她总觉得是在暗指什么,是以心中有些不快。

There had been a few small spots on her face lately, not very noticeable, but she minded it very much. Ordinarily, no one should say, but now, although she did not express it, she always felt like Xie Zhen was implying something, so she was a little unhappy.

Xie Zhen had an innocent look on her face as she asked her what was wrong with her face. She also gave her a few nonsensical suggestions. 𝙞𝒏𝒏𝑟e𝗮𝘥. c𝒐m

She had a belly full of rage and had nowhere to vent it.

After the family had their lunch in the main hall, Xie Liqing and Leng sent off the Old Granny and the Old Master before returning to Jade Hall with their children.

Before they left the capital, they lived in the courtyard of the Jade Hall. Now, this place had been deserted for many years. There was a sense of desolation everywhere, and it was devoid of human spirits. However, Duke Dingguo had the courtyard cleaned up in advance. The room was neatly furnished, and the tables and chairs and shelves were wiped clean.

Xie Zhen and Xie Xun had grown up, and they had separate rooms to sleep in. So Madam Leng let them sleep in two rooms in the west, while Xie Rong lived in the east.

The serving maids carried all the items into the room and arranged them according to the instructions of the Madam Leng. If anything went wrong, the Madam Leng would have their women take care of things once more. After everything had been tidied up, it was already sunset.

Xie Zhen let the Shuang Yu heat up the hot water and pour it into the bath barrel, intending to wash herself properly.

It had been a long time since she had a comfortable bath. She sighed lazily as she took off her dress and sat in the hot water.

The temperature was just right, and she was drowsy from the washing.

Her felt her chest heavy, and when she touched it, it still hurt a little. They were as tender as two pieces of tofu. Not only had she grown a little more, but she couldn’t even measure it with one hand. She didn’t know how long it would take for it to grow.

“Oh, it hurts.”

Mother said that when it grew better, it would no longer hurt, but how could it be considered as growing better?

She stood up, grabbed a towel from the screen, dried herself off, put on a cherry such-and-peony wad and a horse-faced dress, and walked out of the room. Xie Xun was in the yard, watching the servants working. When she saw her come out, she handed her the stove in her sleeve. “Sister, you’re wearing too little.”

It was warm in the house, and it was cold outside. She asked, “What are you looking at?”

Xie Xun pointed to the main room. “The eldest auntie just arrived. She’s talking to Mother.”

Xie Zhen was confused. The first madam has never been close to them. What is she doing here?

Madam Xu had come for the Old Granny’s birthday.

The day after tomorrow was the birthday feast. Everyone in the mansion had already been arranged. Madam Leng had just returned to the capital, and she did not need to care about these matters. Madam Xu had only come to inform her.

“You have just returned from Qingzhou and shouldn’t have said these things to you. However, this is no small matter. You must not lose the face of the entire Duke Dingguo’s Mansion because of your family.” Originally, Madam Xu did not think much of the Second Madam. Now that they had stayed in Qingzhou for a few years, she thought they were frumpier.

Madam Leng raised her eyes and asked lightly, “What does eldest sister-in-law mean?”

Madam Xu didn’t even glance at the tea on the table. “This is the old lady’s birthday. The crown prince has been entrusted by the empress to come visit the house with the Sixth Prince. You’ve just returned. If there’s nothing else, you don’t have to go to the front.”

Madam Xu family had already made up her minds that if the two daughters of the second branch went there, they would definitely take away the glory of others. If they didn’t go, their daughter would have met the crown prince or the Sixth Prince once and perhaps it would have been a marriage engagement.

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