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Chapter 131

“Is … Is this true?” Madam Leng asked in shock.

The servant nodded his head cautiously and spoke without hesitation: “General Zhong is extremely sorrowful. He visited all the famous doctors in capital to treat his son’s injured leg. It is said that his injuries is so serious that the doctors is at their wits’ end. He probably won’t be able to walk this path for the rest of my life. ”

The porcelain bowl fell to the ground with a thud, shattering into pieces.

Xie Xun’s face turned pale white, she anxiously stood up and walked out: “I, I want to go and see him.”

In order to save her, big brother Zhong Shang had even crippled his leg! Can’t walk for the rest of his life? He was the son that General Zhong was most proud of. He was valiant enough to kill his enemies. If he lost a leg, how would he be able to keep his head up in the future? Thinking about all these, Xie Xun felt extremely guilty, she could not sit still, she just wanted to see how Zhong Shang was doing.

Madam Leng called out to her: “Ah Xun!”

Although she was worried about Zhong Shang’s situation, it wasn’t appropriate for her to rashly rush over. She paced back and forth on the spot. After making up her mind, she let the servant bring the gifts she had prepared earlier and majestically left in the direction of the General of Agile Cavalry Palace.

Before she could even get close, she saw one doctor after another walking out of the manor’s entrance. All of them had bitter expressions on their faces, and their heads were sunken in disarray as they shook their heads as they walked. When Xie Xun and Madam Leng saw this, their hearts sank.

When the servant heard the purpose of their visit, he welcomed them into the central room to wait, then turned around to invite General Zhong and the General’s wife over.

Zhong Kai and his wife rushed over. Madame Liu seemed to have just cried; her eyes were red and her face was filled with grief. They had heard what had happened from Zhong Shang’s mouth. His son had been injured because he wanted to save a girl, and now that he had ended up like this, he was willing to do so. Thinking about it, Mrs. Zhong could not help but take another glance at Xie Xun. She was indeed an exquisite little girl, such an appearance was rare even in the capital, no wonder her son liked her so much.

Madame Zhong withdrew her thoughts and forced herself to smile as she greeted Madam Leng, “Shang’er has just had an accident, my entire mind is on him, I have neglected Madame Xie, I hope that you do not take offense to it.”

As she said that, she followed Zhong Chang to the armchair, and invited Madam Leng and Xie Xun to take a seat.

“Madam Leng hurriedly said that he didn’t, and ordered the servant maid behind him to present his thanks. One of the boxes contained ginseng, deer antlers and other supplements to nourish Zhong Shang’s body.” Since Madame Zhong is so serious, how can I blame you? If not for the fact that Young Master Zhong had risked his life to save his daughter, it was most likely Ah Xun who was lying on the bed right now. We, the Xie Clan, shall remember this kindness in our hearts. Although it is only a small gift, not enough to repay Young Master Zhong for saving his life, please accept you and General Zhong. ”

Madame Zhong rejected it two or three times. Seeing that the Madam Leng was insistent, she ordered the servant to keep it. There was no smile on her face. She seemed to have thought of something sad. She lowered her head and used the handkerchief to touch the corner of her eyes. She seemed to be on the verge of tears again.

General Zhong, who was standing at the side, heaved a long sigh, as if he had aged ten years in one night. “Useless, useless …”

Xie Xun suddenly raised her head and looked at him in grief. 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Madam Leng’s heart skipped a beat. She thought for a moment and asked:” I wonder how is Young Master Zhong’s injuries?”

The news was hearsay after all, and there might be a possibility of exaggeration, but she held on to a glimmer of hope that what came out of Zhong’s mouth was another situation. Zhong Shang was only injured, but his leg was still fine. She was disappointed. “I’ve seen so many doctors, and they say they can’t save her. They’ve injured her bones and muscles. I’m afraid she won’t be able to stand up for the rest of her life.”

Xie Xun’s tears suddenly flowed down her face.

She didn’t want to be seen, so she lowered her head and silently wiped away her tears.

On the other side, Madame Zhong watched her without batting an eyelid.

Madam Leng was startled, felt guilty then regretful: “How could it be …”

In order to save Xie Xun, Zhong Shang had thrown a leg in. However, she regretted that she had never given him a good face due to her dislike to him in the past. However, she didn’t expect him to be such a righteous junior. He was magnanimous and magnanimous, repayment for his virtue with grievances. This made her feel ashamed of her inferiority.

What else did he have to doubt Xie Xun’s sincerity?

Just as Madam Leng was lost in her thoughts, she heard Xie Xun asking hesitantly, “Can I go and see big brother Zhong Shang?” Her voice was low but firm.

Mrs. Zhong nodded and said, “That’s fine, I’ll bring you guys over to have a look.” He should be drinking his medicine right now and hasn’t slept yet. ”

General Zhong waved his hand and rubbed his glabella, “You guys go ahead, I’ll sit here for a while.”

Xie Xun glanced at him before he left, and for some reason, she felt that she had let General and Madam Zhong down. If not for her, Zhong Shang would not have let her be, and nothing would have happened to her. She curled her lips and followed Mrs. Zhong’s footsteps, walking towards the courtyard Zhong Shang was staying in.

Along the way, Mrs. Zhong and Madam Leng chatted, while Xie Xun silently followed behind them. Her imagination was running wild, and she did not hear a single word they were saying.

Very quickly they reached the entrance of the courtyard, climbed the stairs and stepped over the threshold. Just as they reached the the Gallery veranda, they heard an angry shout from inside: “No, I won’t drink it. Get out of here!”

It was big brother Zhong Shang!

Xie Xun’s eyes lit up, she anxiously wanted to go in and see him, but with Mrs. Zhong and Madam Leng blocking right in front of her, she could only restrain her excitement and follow him into the house.

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Zhong knew that he did not drink the medicine again. She went around the flowers and birds, creating a purple sandalwood screen. She said sorrowfully, “How can you not drink the medicine? Are you trying to scare me and your father to death!”

Zhong Shang said in a cold voice, “In any case, there’s no difference whether I drink the medicine or not …”

When he raised his head, he found that both Xie Xun and Madam Leng were there. Xie Xun stood at the back of Madam Leng and looked at him with her moist and red almond-shaped eyes, feeling guilty but also distressed.

Zhong Shang was immediately no longer angry, he withdrew his temper and squinted his eyes.

Mrs. Zhong seemed to not notice his change as she continued, “That’s not the way it is. The doctor said it, only by drinking the medicine will you have a chance …”

He smiled slightly, as if he was a completely different person. “Why are Mrs. Xie and Little Sister Ah Xun here? Mother did not tell me in advance. ”

Mrs. Zhong paused before continuing to explain, “Mrs. Xie was worried about your injuries, so she brought Miss Xie to see you. Who would have thought that with your temper, you wouldn’t be able to scare people. ”

Zhong Shang wanted to get off the bed and bow, but his other leg could not support him, so he stood up and fell back down the bed. He could only laugh helplessly: “I simply hate these servants for being so clumsy. They don’t even know how to cool the medicine a little when they bring it in. I don’t have any intentions towards Mrs. Xie and Little Sister Ah Xun … However, I have the heart but not the strength that I can’t pay respect to Mrs. Xie.”

In Xie Xun’s eyes, this was naturally another source of heartache.

Even someone as staunch as Madam Leng could not help but be moved, and console him: “Since it’s like this, why do you still care about those false etiquettes? Don’t get up, I’m just worried, that’s why I came to visit you … I never thought that it would cause you to become like this …”

Zhong Shang’s smile was honest, without a trace of his usual sloppy attitude, as if he had matured a lot overnight, “Back then when the situation was urgent, I didn’t think too much about it. If I do not save her in time, Little Sister Ah Xun might very well lose her life.

With that, he looked to Xie Xun, and his eyes were filled with deep love and without any complaints or regrets.

Seeing that, Madam Leng started to seriously reflect on whether she had done something wrong before. She had never known Zhong Shang, so based on the impression that she had heard of him from outside, perhaps he had long since changed his mind? Moreover, his feelings for Xie Xun did not seem to be fake.

Zhong Shang asked: “Can I talk to Little Sister Ah Xun alone for a bit?”

Everyone present had their own thoughts, and only Xie Xun was simple, unable to understand what was behind it. She looked at Madam Leng, who said to Mrs. Zhong: “It just so happens that I have something to say with Mrs. Zhong. Do you want to come out with me?”

Mrs. Zhong nodded and the two of them walked out of the room.

Everyone had already left the room. Zhong Shang leaned against the headboard, and a bowl of medicine was placed on the table beside him. He smiled gently: “Ah Xun, feed the medicine to me.”

Just now, when he called her “Little Sister Ah Xun” so sweetly, he naturally became intimate with her as soon as she left.

Xie Xun felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t figure it out. Seeing that his leg was injured, she didn’t reject him. Taking a few steps forward, she sat on the palisander beside the bed. He picked up the black medicinal bowl, scooped a spoonful, and brought it to his mouth. “Drink it.”

Zhong Shang drank it from her hand, and when she scooped another spoonful, he reminded her: “Blow cool.”

Xie Xun blew on it obediently.

Too obedient, too obedient. She fed him a spoonful, and he drank a spoonful, and her eyes blinked and she began to cry.

Zhong Shang raised his hand to wipe the tears on her face, and said with a smile: “What are you crying for?”

Xie Xun sobbed, and almost hugged his arm to repent. “Big Brother Zhong Shang won’t be able to walk anymore in the future … It’s all my fault, it’s all my fault… ”

She had blamed herself for all the mistakes. If she did not say it out loud, Zhong Shang would not have known that she was blaming herself so much. His heart ached at once. He patiently wiped away her tears, feeling both amused and helpless. “How can I blame you? Did you know that rocks will come crashing down? I was lucky that I saved you and didn’t injure you. ”

Xie Xun stubbornly shook her head. It was her fault anyways, she shouldn’t have sat there resting, she shouldn’t have gone up the mountain to incense … Her crying got worse and worse. In the end, Zhong Shang had no choice but to place his hands on her shoulders and comforted her, “Good Ah Xun, don’t cry anymore. When you cry, Big Brother Zhong Shang will feel heartache.”

Xie Xun sobbed for a while, and rubbed her eyes on his shoulder as she muttered, “Then what will you do in the future? You can’t leave in your entire life? ”

Zhong Shang’s eyes flashed, and after a moment of silence, he asked: “If I can’t leave in my entire life, would you despise me?”

Xie Xun shook her head without hesitation, “No!”

His eyes curved into a smile. “Will you take care of me?”

Xie Xun buried her face in his neck, unable to see his expression, and heavily nodded. “I will!”

His smile grew brighter and brighter. “For the rest of my life?”

Xie Xun still nodded, “Yes.”

Zhong Shang held her tighter and tighter, he lowered his head and kissed her hair, “We’ve agreed to it, you’re not to go back on your words.”

Outside the house, Madam Leng and Mrs. Zhong were walking side by side with two servant maids behind them.

“What would you like to say to me, Mrs. Xie?” asked Madame Zhong.

Madam Leng thought for a long time before asking tactfully: “Young Master’s leg is injured, if he could not be cured, will the marriage be affected?”

Hearing this, Mrs. Zhong sighed and shook her head. “To tell you the truth, Shang’er is already at the age to get married. He was originally fine with it, but now that he can’t walk on a single leg, which family would be willing to marry their daughter to a …”

Hearing that, Madam Leng stopped.

After some thought, she decided, “Mrs. Zhong, please listen to my thoughts.”

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