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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 5 Side Effects & Promise (Edited)

Lilia's worried voice echoed through the room.

"The first effect of losing your origin blood is that normally you would only be able to reach the core condensation realm as your starting point, however thanks to the elixir I have prepared beforehand you should at least reach the spiritual sea realm safely".

"The other effect is that you will have to endure the process of eliminating impurities when you try to reach the earth origin realm, not only that but you would not able to reduce the tension this process would put your body through with medicine like other people, because your body is saturated with impurities that block your meridians".

Lilia had a guilty expression on her face when she told Aster the last side effect.


"Lastly your cultivation speed would not be as fast as your sister's as she will someday be able to access her bloodline and you don't".

Aster was actually relieved when he heard the effects he will suffer due to the loss of his origin blood, they all were things that could be compensated with hard work, he thought his life will be over if he could not break through to higher realms due to his condition, but that was not the case.

Aster had a cunning expression on his face when he decided to take the first step on his plan to conquer his mother.

"Mom, if I can break my sister's record and reach the earth origin realm before I turn eleven years old, would you fulfill a wish of mine?".

Lilia honestly thought his son was being innocent, but she could not bear to tell him that it was near impossible to achieve what he said, so she smiled and gently answered. 𝑖𝑛𝐧𝓻e𝒶𝗱. c𝚘𝙢

"Fine if you can surpass your sister's record then I will fulfill any petition of yours within my possibilities", she promised while making a cross with her fingers on her chest at the place the heart is positioned.

Aster was happy his mother accepted his petition, he hugged her with a slight smile that Lilia could not see due to him burying his face on her chest, he suddenly stopped the hug and told his mother.

"Let's go take breakfast big sis should be waiting for us".

Lilia had a weird premonition but she discarded it, "let's go or Alice will be mad at me for monopolizing you for myself ?", she said.

In Lilia's private dining room, sitting in one of the chairs was a young lady with a slightly annoyed expression on her face, she had a certain resemblance to Lilia but while her hair had a golden honey-like tone, her eye color was similar to Lilia's a bright red, her skin had a healthy pale tone which made her look like an elegant and noble lady, she was Alice Drage, Aster's older sister.

When Aster saw her current expression, he thought… "ughh she looks upset I hope she does not take it out on this unfortunate soul", he then rushed to his sister's side and with an innocent and soft voice said.

"Good morning big sister how are you today, can I sit with you?".

Alice upset face melted like snow on summer when she saw her little brother running to her side as soon as he saw her, and with a big smile she answered.

"Good morning, what was taking you so much time I waited for you almost twenty minutes", while saying that she lifted Aster and placed him on top of her legs and then she started rubbing her cheeks against aster's.

Maybe because how unfortunate was his past life but in this second chance, he was blessed with a mother and a big sister that both cared about him, in past years he did notice his body sometimes felt a bit weak and without him saying anything, both Lilia and Alice always could distinguish when that happened and then they would take him to his bed to rest.

Feeling Alice's soft skin against him Aster answered in a hurry.

"Big sis, I was talking with mom in my room", when he realized what he said he tried to shut himself with his hands but it was already too late for that.

Alice looked upset for a second but then realizing something she suddenly made a smile which sent a chill down Aster's spine.

"So, you allowed mom to sleep with you again huh? then you will have to let me do it too or it would not be fair right?".

Aster had an uncomfortable smile while saying to himself, "damn I screwed myself over".

That's right the reason why he stopped sleeping with Lilia was that Alice sneaked on his bed every time arguing that she also wanted to hug her little brother to sleep, don't misunderstand him the feeling of having two sleeping beauties hugging him was a blessing, but while Lilia gently hugged him Alice practically clung to him like a Koala, after some nights without being able to sleep he finally told both of them he wanted to sleep alone to avoid hurting his big sister's feelings.

Seeing how Alice had a threatening smile he could only accept his fate and slowly nod his head.

"Fine, you can also do it, just try to not suffocate me", he answered.

Alice smiled.

"Deal, it's been some time since I was able to rest properly, big sister can't peacefully sleep when she is not hugging you, you know?".

Lilia's soft but severe voice interrupted their conversation.

"Alice don't tease your brother too much, let him have his breakfast, in an hour he will go through his awakening ceremony".

Even If Alice wanted to keep her brother for herself, she had a deep respect for her mother which was a result of Lilia being stricter before Aster was born, so she instinctively answered without thinking

"Y-yes mother".

This has always been something Aster was curious about, his normally ruthless and rebellious sister would always change her attitude to a softer one, whenever Lilia spoke to her in a certain tone.

"I wonder how mom behaved before I was bo he thought.

All this time he has only ever seen Lilia being easy going and calm, the first time he saw her showing sadness or being worried was the past night and this morning when she told him about the side effects of losing his origin blood.

The food in the table was getting cold, so while imagining Lilia's previous way to act, he started eating his breakfast

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