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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 450 Camila’s Lucky Charm (Part 1)

Besides Alice and Aria showing their newly acquired techniques to the others, which made all the girls get suddenly hyped, and intensely gaze at Aster, most of the dinner, they made fun of Camila and Aria, since Alice shamelessly bragged about Aster spoiling her in the bathroom.

To Aster's surprise, Helena and Dahlia were still accompanying them, apparently Kana invited them over to dine with them for all the time that they will be building the herbal garden with her.

Aster patted the little girl's head, since she was the one in charge of the garden, then she had the authority to decide those things, of course Sarina assisted her daughter, not to mention the little wyrm who was helping, by tilling the land and relocating trees with its earth manipulating abilities, Aster didn't mind, since Helena was also helping him with the materials for what he was planning to do with Rya.

Aster noticed Camila stealing some gazes at him, and he smiled at her before saying.

"We'll be leaving early tomorrow, so be sure to have a nice rest".

"Mm~", Camila lowered her head and silently nodded as she ate the rest of her food and then ran away like an scared rabbit, making the other girls laugh.

"It's her first time, so be gentle with her darling~", of course Lilia didn't miss a chance to tease her son.

Though Lilia's words could be misunderstood, it was true that tomorrow it was going to be the first time Camila goes on a date, her position is similar to Sarina, age wise, she is in her forty-fifties, like Sarina.

Since she dedicated her life to keep the Wolfstein family alive, having to clean the messes Isaac left behind, she never had time for herself, though she ventured a bit when she was a teen before her father, who was the former supreme elder, died.

In fact, the first time she went to a store to buy clothes was, when Aster invited her to tag along back at the commercial district of Ghaleria, not to mention it was the first time she spent time with a member of the opposite sex, in a non-work or fight related situation.

"Don't worry mom, I have something prepared for each one of you, I bet she'll enjoy what I have in mind", said Aster, he who is an expert at flirting didn't flinch due to Lilia's words at all.

After that little episode, they said goodnight and then went to their respective rooms, to sleep, the night went on uneventful for most of them, since in one of the many rooms near to Aster's, Camila was rolling on her bed with a nervous expression on her pretty face.

'Ahhh, I can't sleep!', she screamed in her heart, she then called her natal treasure spear and practiced with it for a couple of hours, until she fell asleep without noticing.

Some hours later the sun replaced the moon in the sky and thus the morning came, following his daily routine and the one of the first rules he set for his household, Aster kissed or caressed the girls, in Kana's case, first thing in the morning, before he got up from the bed.

Since his plan for today required some travelling, Aster told the girls he'll be leaving early, so he won't be taking breakfast with them, of course he also told Camila so she would be ready in the morning.

"Mm, she should be ready at this hour", mumbled Aster, he walked towards Camila's room and then softly knocked on the door a couple of times.

… After a few seconds of waiting, the sound of someone falling from a low height as well as a metallic object hitting the ground came from within the room, followed by a startled girl's voice as well as rushed footsteps.


The door of the room opened to reveal a Camila who clearly fell asleep in some sort of strange position, her hair was messy and her spear was still laying down on the floor next to her bed.

But that's not the fact that caught Aster's attention the most, but the fact that she was only wearing underwear, nothing specifically tempting, just a white bra with blue decorations as well as matching panties.

Obviously, Aster this was not something she intended to do, so he softly smiled before saying.

"Though I'm enjoying the view, it would be for the better if you dress up so we can leave".

"…", it took Camila a moment to process what Aster meant, she slowly looked downwards, and then when she realized she was half naked, her face blushed and then immediately slammed the door.

"Wuuhh~", Camila threw herself on the bed and then covered her face with her pillow.

Aster bitterly smiled, in her hurry she didn't close the door but slammed it, so it stayed opened, and he was seeing her face down still half naked figure on her bed.

He closed the door, which made Camila notice she didn't properly did it earlier, but Aster calmed her down saying.

"Don't pay too much attention to it… it's not like it's the first time it happens, just think of you wearing a swimsuit, nothing to be ashamed off, okay".

Camila sighed, but she calmed down and after a quick shower, she put on the clothes she carefully selected for today, since she knew they will all be going with Aster to a date, a black long sleeved shoulder less blouse and a gray skirt, this was among the less showy outfits Lilia helped her choose.

Her spear then returned to her body and she took a deep breath, before she opened the door, she saw that Aster really didn't seem to pay attention to what happened before, which helped her overcome the sensation of wanting to dig a hole to hide.

Aster offered his hand to Camila, before saying.

"Let's go then".

"Mm", Camila surprisingly didn't hesitate to hold Aster's hand, maybe because compared to what happened earlier, this was nothing.

Aster then used his authority and they disappeared from the mansion, this time they didn't go to any of the cities in the planet, but to the neutral city which floated in the middle of the four planets that conformed the main branch of the sect.

Seeing Camila's confused expression, Aster elaborated on what his plan was for today's date.

"We'll be visiting the treasure planet of the sect, since I heard there is an interesting game to play there".

The four planets were each property of one of the peaks, the Battle Planet in which the disciples of the sect lived, though had areas assigned to the other peaks, it ultimately belonged to the battle peak.

It was the one with the most habitable areas and also the only one in which life and death arenas existed, Aster was taking Camila to the planet with the most resources of the four, the Treasure Planet, which belonged to the Alchemy Peak.

He previously asked Helena about it, and she told him about a certain activity which he found interesting and especially fun with Camila's company.

They walked to the area where the portals leading to the other planets where, just like in the Battle Planet, in the Treasure Planet there were areas under the management of the Battle Peak, so his authority as a holy son remained, since he didn't want to have to deal with idiots on this day.

He could move as he pleased within the Battle Planet, and also in the territories managed by the Battle Peak, but only when he is in the respective planet, so to go to the Treasure Planet, he needed to use the portal at the Neutral City, they approached the elders guarding the portals and Aster showed them his ring.

As a Lod of a valley he didn't have to pay fees to use the portals, also he could use the private routes, instead of travelling with the rest of the disciples.

"This way please", said the elder in turn as she activated the formation, the public portal was always opened, but the private ones where activated only when needed.

Aster thanked the elder and then under the envious gazes of the male disciples and the curious gazes of the female disciples, both he and Camila entered the portal.

The travel through the dimensional tunnel didn't take too long, but Camila still noticed Aster's slightly grim expression and then she giggled, she knows about the story of Aster getting angry with the second king of Prasil, a grudge he still remembers, so he isn't a fan of travelling through the dimensional tunnels out of his control without a spaceship.

Aster saw Camila finally relaxing and he inwardly smiled, everything was going pretty well so far.

Once they reached the other side of the dimensional tunnel, they appeared in the city assigned to the Battle Peak in the Treasure Planet, though it was called a city, it was more like an outpost, since no one lived in this planet permanently.

Aster took a deep a breath and inhaled the fresh air and the non-diluted spirit energy of the planet, unlike the Battle Planet there were literally only four cities here, and they were only used as a way to rest for the resource gathering staff of each peak.

This was the Planet with the less cultivators present, making it the one with the purest spirit energy of the four, though for Aster the difference was almost non-existent, since the formations at his valley recreate similar conditions.

Camila observed her surroundings, unlike the cities at the Battle Planet, where the architecture was decided by the female disciples, most of the people that spent time in the Treasure Planet were male disciples, though the one in charge was a core elder and core disciples of the neutral factions.

In this case, the White Sword faction, as they are the neutral faction of the Battle Peak, Aster made memory of the indications mentioned by Helena, and then he guided Camila to the first stop of their date, a restaurant.

Despite this place being more like an outpost than a city, the people that spent more time in the Treasure Planet were known to be quite wealthy, they risk their lives to gather resources, so their salaries are quite high after all.

So, the services offered in the outposts are comparable to the Central Capital of the Battle Planet, this was also a first time for Aster, since he hadn't visited the Treasure Planet before, they arrived at a large three floor building with a sign that said "Food Paradise", this was supposedly the best restaurant in the city managed by the Battle Peak.

It was certainly a different atmosphere, as all the staff were guys, still, leaving aside the normal second gazes that a beauty like Camila would attract, the employees were quite respectful, also they didn't seem to recognize Aster, which made sense since the people in this planet are those who put 100% of their focus in getting resources, so they don't pay that much attention to the social news, like the how does the Lord of the twin sword valley looks like.

Also, Aster didn't let others see his ring unless he want them too, they both enjoyed their breakfast, and to Aster surprise, the food here was incredibly good.

'The skills of the chef aren't as good as the Central Capital, but the ingredients are incredibly fresh, since they come from this planet, not bad', he thought.

pàпdá-ň?νêι.сóМ Aster paid for the breakfast and then guided Camila to the main dish of the day, Camila was quite curious about what kind of activity would make Aster take her out of the Battle Planet for their date, since at dinner the girls always talk about what they did, so she knows all the previous ones took place at the Battle Planet.

Following Helena's indications, they arrived at the largest building in the city, which normally would have been the mansion of the city lord, if this was a regular plane, but in a plane where resources were the most important thing, it had to be of course… an auction house.

"Myriad Auction House, one of the official stores that belong to the sect", mumbled Camila, this confused her a bit, since there were branches of the auction house at all the cities and planets under the management of the sect.

Aster nodded, as he paid the entrance fee of the highest category so they could get a private skybox just for them.

"This branch is special, they offer one service that the others don't, and that will be the main activity of this date, but since that is the last event of the day, it will be a surprise, for now let's go to our seats and wait for it to begin, the regular auction is still quite different to others we have attended before anyway".

Camila cutely pouted, without noticing she wasn't as stiff around Aster as before and has already started to get comfortable with him, which was the whole point of it.

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