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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 448 Helping The Dragon Girl & The Ice Princess Improve (Part 2)

Aria softly laughed enjoying Aster spoiling her, though she still was a bit way of all those strange looking devices that body cultivators tend to use.

Body cultivators and soul cultivators have some sort of rivalry and bad blood between them in general, body cultivators tend to take pride on their physical bodies and the fact that normally they are at advantage against energy path cultivators, despite energy being the most adopted and practiced path.

But then, they found themselves in the awkward situation of being weak against soul cultivators, which energy cultivators have an advantage against, mostly it's a matter of pride, but there is so much they can do, as it is like a prey finding their natural predator, of course they are at disadvantage.

And that is also why, body cultivators 99% of the time chose the energy path as their second one, to make up for their weakness, unfortunately most of them are too much into body cultivation so switch so easily, and there is also the fact that normally it's harder to advance in a secondary path for a variety of reasons.

When Aster says he wants only the best of the best for his girls he means it, that's why he has had this idea for a long time, one that he can only accomplish thanks to Aldebaran, the only one among the stars that affects all the star maidens, "evolution", a vague power full of potential to exploit.

As far as Aster knows, even in the Divine Firmament from which Eris and Mylene come, there is no one who can cultivate in the three paths, in fact even those two who are the princesses of their families, haven't gone above the Heavenly Conqueror realm in their two cultivation paths, meaning it's not something easy to achieve.

But so what, cultivation isn't everything, he for example, despite having entered the soul path by accident which made it impossible for him to cultivate his body, isn't he stronger than body cultivators so far, because of his dragon lineage which has been purified by Rigel's flames and amplified by the paragon body.

In other words, it's possible to get the strength of the three paths without cultivating in the three of them, though he might not get the specialties of the three paths, for example the Transcending Gate which Lilia can summon, has its abilities, which Lilia has kept as a surprise for when the time comes.

But still it's possible to get the strength in the three aspects, and that is a concept that no one in the Heavenly Quadrants… no even in the Divine Firmaments has put into action, there is no way others haven't thought about it, Aster isn't the only genius out there after all, nor he is the most knowledgeable, but he is the one who has achieved the most outrageous things according Rya.

Why others haven't done it you ask, because it's "hard", it requires time and effort to produce a result, and that time could be used to advance more into ones paths, so it's seen as a waste of time.

But then Agnes for example, she is an energy/soul cultivator, with an obsession for physical training, and as a result she is quite strong, in her case it's nod something done on purpose, but a result of the "odd" personality that some of the Fey family members have.

That's Aster's current goal, to help the girls correct their flaws, as for the large effort and small result, he is there for them to make up for it.

"Lend me some of your flames", whispered Aster to Aria.

Of course the ice princess didn't even hesitate and immediately created a huge torrent of blue flames, which Aster then combined with his and changed their nature, from freezing to purifying ones.

Then under Aria's curious eyes, the flames flooded the area where Alice was still rioting, rolling on the floor and mumbling some really embarrassing and lewd things, while she destroyed the whole area with her tail.

Aster stopped paying attention to Alice after that and then he let go of Aria to explain what his plan for her was.

"Certainly my soul is stronger than average, and my condensing is too, but the fact that Alice can't even redirect my soul weapon or resist that "charm" which I did for the first time now, it's bad, while I will do my best so that none of you is alone ever again, there will be times in which you'll have to face enemies by yourselves".

"In your case, your weakness are strong physical attacks, right now it can be somewhat ignored because at our level, the range of those attacks isn't that big, but you have seen a bit of what mom can do as a Gate Transcending cultivator, she can suppress a whole planet with her pressure, which is purely physical, so my idea for you is to be able to stand and move under similar conditions".

Aria pouted before saying.

"When I become a soul queen my range will outmatch that of a body cultivator though… there are also soul attack techniques written in my manual, but I need to reach the Spirit Trial realm for that".

Aster nodded and then he grabbed Aria's pretty hand and played with her fingers.

"I have been thinking about it, one of the characteristics of your constitution is that your bones are special right, despite it being a soul oriented constitution it also involves your body, you can recover and rejuvenate using ying not to mention you even return to your "pristine" state if I don't drain the extra yin you produce, so it's not like you have zero talent for body cultivation".

Aster waved his hand and a bottle with a transparent liquid appeared floating in front of him.

"Mom benefitted from my yang over the past years, unfortunately we can't take the same route, because it would take a long time, so we'll have to cheat a bit, the vitality and yang in my blood will help you improve your physique, but for that you'll have to follow the method every, body path cultivator follows, which is physical effort", said Aster with a perverse smile.

Even if he wanted to, there is no way Aria's body could take all the… "exercise" he did with Lilia during the past years, it has gotten to the point that he lost count of how many times they did it, especially because they often passed out after going at it all the night, even Alice who is also a dragoness can't keep up with Aster's libido of he goes serious after all.

And Aster would never risk the health of his girls, though they can easily be healed, hurting them is something of which he'll never forgive himself.

That's why he came with a method that can put Aria's physical body to work, without hurting her, Aster then drank a sip from the bottle and he raised Aria's pretty face by her chin before pressing his lips against her, making her swallow the liquid.

"Mn~", Aria let out a cute sound as she enjoyed being kissed by Aster, but it ended way too son, just when she was getting in the mood.

Seeing Aria cutely pouting Aster pecked her cheeks before saying.

"That was just a preview of the reward".

Aster let go of Aria and after a quick calculation, he flew backwards, exactly thirty meters from her, Aria raised an eyebrow but she quickly understood what Aster was doing, when a huge amount of pressure felt on her, making her knees tremble a bit, it was hard for her to keep a straight pose even.

"This is the pressure that the paragon body allows me to use, it's purely physical, right now I adjusted it to be at the around the Mortal Transcending realm, just like the level of charm I used with Alice, it would be easy for you to break out of it using both of you cultivation paths if you wanted to, but the idea is for you to reach where I'm currently standing only using your physical strength, if you do it I'll spoil you a lot, so good luck", said Aster as he sat down on the ground.

Aria was speechless for a moment, unlike Alice whose body type and figure is… wild, akin to a dragonkin, though not muscular but pretty much athletic, she is on the slender side, with curves on the right places and an overall charming and elegant style.

One would normally never ask such a girl to do these kind of thing, and she is right, the women who are lucky enough to be born with a yin type constitution, are normally treated like treasures, if discovered by a decent person, they will spend the rest of their lives without having the need of lifting a finger unless they so wish it.

And we are talking about regular yin constitutions, Aria would have been worshipped no matter if she choose the dual cultivation option or the pure yin cultivation option, in both cases she would have been never forced to face such hardships, and here she was feeling as if a small mountain was suppressing her.

'Well, I guess that's also why I love him… he doesn't treat me like others would~', she thought as she steeled herself, Aster never does something without a reason, he might be a pervert who enjoys flirting and teasing them, but when it comes to their well-being, there is no one more serious than him, so he must have his reasons to make them go under this unusual training and that is enough for her to give her all.

"Just you wait, I'll finish earlier than the dragon princess and then you'll have to spoil me to my heart's content!", she said out loud, with a motivated expression on her pretty face.

Aster smiled from ear to ear, finding this excited Aria cute.

'Ah, she is cute no matter what she does', he thought.

Aria then started slowly moving under that huge pressure, he isn't a body cultivator, so normally he shouldn't be able to pull this trick, but the paragon body from which this derives has reached the point of being able to expand to large scale, which was the technique he used the other day, and the bigger the object the heavier it is.

He isn't stronger than body cultivators for nothing, the first time he used the compact armor he wounded himself, because the weight and the pressure he put his body through was too much, now imagine the result of that huge armor being compacted and covering his body, that's how strong his body is currently.

Alice doesn't have to go through that, because she is a body cultivator anyway, and apparently the paragon body took that into account, she got the armor not too long ago and she was already a body cultivator after all, the approaches of their armors were different.

This is how he trains, he's got the pressure of the paragon body on him all the time, because he as the head of the household must put be the example, his duty is to be able to stand in front of them when it's needed, and next to them all the time, so he can't laze around.

"I guess I'll take the chance to see how is the black sword soul weapon doing", mumbled Aster.

He beckoned and the incomplete sword came out of the mind space and started twirling around him, as always the thing seemed happy to be summoned by him.

After so many days, the blade is still far from being finished.

"Mm, roughly, I would say it's at one third of its whole size", he said, currently the black sword soul weapon, had reached around 90 centimeters of length in total, 30 for the hilt and 60 for the blade, which means when its finished it will surpass the two meter mark, making it quite a big sword.

'I guess it is indeed something related to mom', thought Aster, he could imagine Lilia swinging such a big sword around easily, since that is her style.

Aster drank a few elixirs prepared by Mylene to recover his soul energy faster, then for the next couple of hours he tried a different approach, he enhanced his reaction time and reflects just like when he sparred with the girls and then controlled the soul weapon to move as fast as possible.

Though the thing resisted a bit at first, ultimately it followed Aster's instructions and attacked him, the idea was for him to fend off the sword, trying to react on time, so that the sword won't hit him, this will improve both his control over his soul energy and his battle reflexes.

Everything was fine, until his nose was assaulted by a sweet tempting smell, which broke his focus making the sword stab him on his leg.

"Ah, luckily it's my soul energy so I'm only getting a cramp, what was that…", Aster's words stuck in his throat, when he identified the origin of that pleasant scent he smelled earlier.

It was Aria who had advanced more than twenty meters in the past couple of hours, her beautiful body was covered in sweat, but her eyes didn't wave at all, that delicious scent obviously came from her.

As a proud yin constitution owner, even if she wanted to, it would be really hard for her to smell bad, her nectar was the sweetest and mellowest among the girls after all.

"Damn, I forgot about that", said Aster as he suppressed the urge he felt to jump on her.

He also turned around to see how Alice was doing, she was still rolling around but in a way smaller area than before, which meant both of them were about to finish.

And he was about to find out if this method would work as he expected or not.

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