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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 4 The First & Awakening Ceremony (Edited)

While Lilia was crying, she resolved herself, gritted her teeth and waited for her son to answer her, even if he started hating her from this moment, she would not blame him, instead she would try her best to help her son.

When she knew about her son's situation she went to the treasury of the Wolfstein family and turned it upside down to search for a pill or an elixir, but she did not find anything to restore someone's blood of origin, after all bloodlines were extremely rare even in her native world.

Even then she did not give up, her clan was not something a mere Wolfstein family led by a stellar axys cultivator like Isaac could compare with, but the problem was that they had to travel all the way to her family and there was no warranty that she could convince the elders to give her what she needed so she wanted to know how will her son react after knowing the truth of what happened.

Aster stood up and placed his hands on his mother's shoulders and with a calm and firm voice said.

"Mother I could never hate you, and I don't care if I lost that special blood you mention, even if I had it, I will do the same thing again and again all the times it is needed if it means to save you".

After hearing those words Lilia started crying again then she hugged Aster as close as she could, Aster was having a bad time feeling his mother's bare breasts, because Lilia was so immersed in the conversation, she forgot to wear her blouse again not that it would make any difference as she did not care if her son sees her body, even now she was still bathing with him every day.

Aster could not hold it anymore and with a red face he told his mother to wear her clothes again.

"Fufu my son is so shy ?, but you should treasure your mother more, let me tell you that you are the only man that has ever seen me or touched me".

Aster was confused if he was the first then how did he came to the world, he remembers reading a book on the library and the method to conceive on this world was the same he knew…. In other words, intercourse.

"T-then mother if I'm the first then... how was I born? even you said that man was my father", he said referring to Isaac, he did not have any feelings towards Isaac as Lilia was the one taking care of him all this time, she only told Aster that Isaac was his father but she never allowed Isaac to be near him.

"Mmm it is a bit complicated, that man is technically your father as his blood was used alongside with mine to conceive you and your big sister before you, but I used a spiritual array in order to make it happen, humph there was no man worthy enough to touch even a single strand of my hair before my precious son was born into this world", said Lilia while hugging him harder.

Aster was shocked he could not help but think that he was the first one to share a bed with Lilia.

"I'm sorry for all those other people that fell in love with my mother but since I came to this world, I won't let anyone take her away from me", Aster swore to himself, still he was a bit confused about the timing of this whole situation.

"I still have a question mom, why did you decided to tell me this on my fifth birthday and not before?".

Lilia blushed and answered with a low voice

"T-that is because I thought you would hate me once I told you... the fact that you lost the bloodline of my family would not affect you until you started cultivating, so I wanted to spend as much time with you as possible", she said while fidgeting her fingers.

Aster suddenly laughed

"Mom, if only you would had told me sooner, we would have left all this thing behind before, please don't hide things from me anymore, since you and big sis are the most important people for me, it does not matter what you do, there is no way I would ever hate neither one of you".

Lilia was relieved her son was not mad at her for keeping this secret for five years.

"Now that I told you what happened to your body, I have to tell you how would it affect you after your awakening ceremony".

In this world once the children reach the age of five, they are able to start accumulating the energy of the heavens and earth in their bodies or in other words cultivate, traditionally the family would give the child a treasure to absorb, it could be a pill, an elixir or even a spiritual herb, the reason of it is that the child would experience a baptism from the heavens as his welcoming ceremony to the cultivation world.

He was not present when his big sister went through her ceremony, but his mother told him she gave her a rare resource called explosive fire phoenix pill and she told Aster that for him she had an even better thing waiting in her spatial ring.

The reason of that preparation is that his sister Alice was born with the bloodline of Lilia's family so she would have a higher starting point compared to Aster.

When one goes through the baptism depending on many facts like innate talent, bloodline, comprehension and the treasure given to absorb, the child would reach a certain realm and that would be the starting point of his cultivation journey.

His big sister was a genius that reached the soul manifestation stage only by going through her ceremony, his mother told him that was the highest realm one can reach right after their awakening, even now Alice was outstanding on the younger generation having reached the middle stage of the Earth origin realm at the age of eleven years old.

Of course, this was in Lilia's standards, the youths from the Azure Sky planet were considered geniuses if they were in the soul manifestation realm at eleven years of age.

"So, mom how will this affect me?".

Aster asked with a relaxed expression, but Lilia had guilty face when she answered.

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