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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 3 Can You Forgive Your Mother (Edited)

The hours passed and Aster′s eyelids trembled before he opened his eyes, he noticed someone hugging him and when he turned to see upwards, he saw a picture that he will engrave into his memory.

Her silky black hair was neatly spread over her face and shoulders down to her lower back, her nose was small and elegant, her lips were soft, neither too small nor too big, colored in a beautiful light pink tone and finally adorning her beautiful face she had a small mole near her left eye that gave her a special mature charm.

Aster was marveled at his mother's beautiful figure so he couldn't avoid to think, "she is like an angel".

Lilia looked as if she was having a bad dream, on the five years he has lived on this castle his mother always had a happy expression in her face every moment she was with him, but this time while she was sleeping, she looked so fragile that Aster tightened his arms around her and remained silent until she started to wake up.

"Good morning darling how was your rest? did mommy's body pillow helped you to rest better ?".

Aster was so lost in her beautiful red eyes that it took him a moment to answer.

"G-good morning mom" he said with a blushed face.

While his mother smiled due to the shy expression he was making, she gently pressed Aster's face against her chest.

"Do you want to drink some of mommy's milk?".

Aster wanted to refuse but he couldn't bear to say no to his precious mother after remembering her worried face when she was sleeping, he nodded and Lilia started removing a part or her clothes.

He mentally sighed, the memory of the moment when she explained to him while crying that his body was a bit fragile due to some complications in his birth, so he needed to keep getting nutrients from her for a longer period compared to other kids was still fresh in his mind up to this day.

"I don't think my body is that weak, but if it makes her happy then I will do whatever she wants", he thought.

When he focused his eyes on his mother, he saw her bare breasts that were exactly the same as when she gave birth, her pale skin made a beautiful contrast with her light pink little buds.

"Come here let mommy spoil you", she held Aster's head as he drank slowly and gently from her right breast.

"I will never have enough of this taste", thought Aster while swallowing the sacred milk of his mother.

They were in that position until Aster drank the exact amount his mother has been giving him every day since he was born.

"How does mommy's milk taste today darling ??" said Lilia with a bright smiling expression.

"This mother of mine always wanting to tease me with these weird questions", he thought while wiping his mouth with a napkin he took from the nightstand next to the bed.

"It's... sweet and tasty as always", he then seemed to remember something before he asked.

"By the way mother when did you enter my room?".

"Mm? just after you fell asleep sweetie, I know that you would have not let me hug you to sleep if I have asked you before… my son has grown up and now he does not want to see his mother anymore", said Lilia while faking a crying expression.

Aster knew she was just teasing him but he could not avoid to say in a hurry, "ahhh mom please don't cry, I…. will let you stay with me if you want to".

Her "crying" expression immediately disappeared and she put on a cunning smile in her face.

pan,da n<0,>v,el "Yeeiii my son still loves his poor mother" said Lilia while laughing.

Aster knew she was faking it but he still felt his heart relieved seeing her smiling.

After that, Lilia stopped her act and her expression turned serious.

"I needed to talk to you, do you remember when I told you that due to an accident during your birth your body was weak?".

Aster nodded.


"Well, it was not all there was to it, when I was giving birth, I suffered a reaction from my own body and I would have gotten seriously injured due to it but then I felt a warm feeling from my belly and my cultivation stabilized…. that was you, somehow you gave me something precious to save me", Lilia cried a bit but she continued with her story, "after that I safely gave birth but you my most precious son lost a part of his innate talent".

"I have not said a word about it before but our blood is special and you my son had one of the strongest blood concentrations I have ever seen before, but you lost it because of me", Lilia finally could not hold her tears back and she started sobbing while remembering the harm she caused to her son.

She mustered her courage to ask with a broken tone, "can you forgive your mother?".

Aster realized why she had a sad expression while she was sleeping, during these years he more or less remembered what happened after he died, he was given a choice he could revive on his previous world and have everything he wanted like money and power or he could die and save a mother from losing her child.

Aster did not even doubt to choose the second option, he heard a voice laughing uproariously and the last thing he remembers was a flash of light and the same voice saying.

"Hahahaha finally, so you are the one that is worthy enough to wield me, never lose your courage young one and treasure this second chance you are given".

He now understood that if he had chosen to return Lilia would have died, and that the baby he became in this life was dead long before, because his bloodline was too strong for him to adapt, the way to save Lilia was taking her baby's place.

Of course, Aster was not able to decide if he wanted to burn his blood of origin to save his mother, but as someone that didn't experience the love of a mother in his previous life, even if the heavenly emperor himself wanted him to be an orphan again, he would have not let it happen without a fight.

He instinctively did everything he could to help his mother stabilize her body, losing his bloodline on the process but at the same time avoiding his body to suffer more damage because of it.

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