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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 27 Hidden Weapons & Masked Woman (Edited)

The leader reacted immediately by yelling.

"Everybody backs off!!!".

The man was starting to panic, earlier he saw a kid selling the materials of the snake he had fought against before and thought robbing the kid, on his mind it was going to be an easy job, but now he wasn't so sure.

"How the hell did he do that, I couldn't see anything", the bandit leader felt a chill run through his body.

He wondered that if Aster had pointed at him, would he have died instead of his subordinate, or would he have been able to avoid on time.

Aster had a relaxed smile on his face.

"Heh it seems that the people of this world are really muscle heads".

The cultivators of this world normally focus on learning either to fight hand to hand using their energy to strengthen their physiques or wield weapons, and the other way is using techniques to fight from a distance taking advantage of the attribute with which they were born.

After analyzing both styles Aster thought about fighting in a different way, remembering a saying from his past life "only speed is supreme", while his mother trained him in the way of the sword, he on his own trained in the use of hidden weapons.

Currently he had achieved a little success in the use of hidden weapons, when he showed his mother his abilities, Lilia gave him a set of needles made out of the bones of a spirit beast that had concealing properties as she explained him that although it was a very effective way to fight, because when handling several weapons, he could adapt to different situations it was also extremely difficult to master it since experience was required in various fighting styles in addition that a good hidden weapons master had to have high-grade weapons to take advantage of all its potential.

Currently he had not practiced a movement technique yet, but all he had to do was to prevent his enemies to attack him and since Lilia had given him such a strong barrier talisman how could he not take advantage of it.

If you examine what happened a few moments ago in slow motion you could have seen a black needle that shot out of Aster's sleeve when he pointed to the bandit, the principle behind this was the same one that a street magician uses to surprise the public, "the hand is faster than the sight".

The bandit leader was regretting targeting this kid who did not seem to hesitate on killing someone, not only that but when he saw the barrier surrounding him, he started to consider running away.

"I don't think I can destroy that barrier... and since he has such a strong talisman he probably comes from a large family, damn it this time we have kicked an iron plate", he thought.

As Aster searched for an opening to take down another of the bandits, he felt a presence approach from the sky.

He frowned his eyebrows for a moment but, then he relaxed as he thought.

"Hmm I don't think it's another bandit, only cultivators from the star constellation realm or higher can fly, and someone who has reached that level doesn't have the need to be a bandit".

"In the worst case I just have to call mother and they will all die without a grave, so let's see what happens".

When they turned to see the sky, both Aster and the bandits were confused, above them floating with her hands behind her back was a masked woman.

Aster mentally smiled, "Seems like my luck with women is quite good", he thought.

A moment ago:

Aria was frustrated on her way back to the inn, after her family elders called her to discuss something she couldn't ignore and as she passed through the bloody forest, she saw a coat that she would recognize everywhere, when she approached to find out what was happening, she saw Aster surrounded which led to the current situation.

"What is this kid doing fighting a star formation realm cultivator? thank goodness I was wearing a mask to prevent being recognized", she thought.

Aster watched the bandits fall to their knees as their faces turned pale, according to Lilia this was something called spirit pressure, which is basically supressing others by using your spirit energy.

The leader panicked thinking that the woman floating in the sky was the bodyguard of the little monster he was tryong to rob, but he clung to his last hope thinking that maybe he could get out of this.

"G-Good afternoon, dear senior please tell us if we have offended you in any way?", he said in a panic filled voice.

Aria didn't bother to speak she simply waved her hand and a wind blade decapitated the remaining four bandits.

"Aster ignored the fact that she just killed four men as if they were nothing, he was only a but confused, "what is she doing here? Could there be such coincidence?", he thought befoe shrugging.

"Well, I might as well thank her for saving me the trouble of taking down those guys".

Aster slightly bowed, crossing his right arm on his chest and moving his left arm back, an unmistakable sign of noble etiquette before saying.

"Thank you very much for the help".

Aria saw Aster being courteous like always but she noticed that he was still inside the barrier.

"Looks like he is not innocent enough to trust in me just because I helped him, hehehe what a smart child".

Aria elegantly rose the sides of her dress in response to Aster's gesture like a noble lady, and flew away without saying a single word.

After seeing the woman leave Aster smiled and mumbled.

"How cute she still thinks I don't know who she is hahaha, but it's okay I'll follow your game for now... Aria".

Although Aria could disguise her body type, hair color, face, and even the cultivation realm she was in, the strange familiarity Aster felt towards her didn't change, so Aster realized that she was the owner of the inn when he met her the next morning after she appeared outside of his door.

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