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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 22 Eat With Me (Edited)

Aster was in awe, in front of him was a young woman of around 15 years old, but what surprised him was her appearance, she had long, platinum-blue hair, her eyes were of a beautiful light green color even if she was still not an adult she had a beautiful slim but curvy figure, it was the first time that Aster saw a woman besides Alice who would grow up to be on equal standing as Lilia in beauty.

The young woman simply entered the room while putting the food on the desk, Aster noticed that she looked a bit uncomfortable and her eyes glowed with a slight tone of disappointment. i𝒏𝑛r𝑒𝘢𝙙. com

The young woman said with a melodious but disappointed voice.

"The owner of the inn asked me to bring your food".

Aster frowned his face and asked with a confused voice.

"Excuse me miss, have I offended you in any way? I don't remember doing anything wrong for you to see me like that?".

The young girl realized that Aster was not pretending to be confused, so she also asked what was in her mind.

"Didn't you order a companion and dinner in the room... to be someone so young but having such lousy hobbies".

Aster was speechless, all he did was order food to his room, he does not remember asking for a "companion", naturally he knew that the function of a companion was to serve the client like on a cabaret, then he suddenly realized why the name of the service was written in pink letters.

Aster took a moment to calm himself and replied in a polite tone.

"I apologize if I caused any misunderstanding but I just wanted to have dinner in my room, I did not see another option that offered that, also in the book it was not specified that it was this kind of service".

The young woman believed him for a moment thinking that maybe he did not know what he was asking for, but then she remembered that to avoid situations like this the book had been updated and contained a description in capital letters about what the service included so she decided not to let go so easily of him.

She smiled as she spoke.

"So you did not know what you were asking eh? what do you think if we read the book and if it specifies what the service includes, you will have to leave this inn?".

Aster felt annoyed he just wanted to have a quiet dinner in his room and instead here was a beautiful but irrational girl angry with him so he decided to give her a little lesson.

"Okay, let's review the book but if what you say is not true, you will apologize and then eat with me for the entire time I stay at this inn".

The young woman did not answer, she simply turned her head while nodding, they both approached the book at the same time and Aster allowed her to open it and look for the page where the service was written, when the young woman read the book first, she looked confused and then her face turned red.

"Who the hell was in charge of replacing the old books in all the rooms?" she thought, as Aster had said, the book didn't have a description of the service.

Aster gave her a triumphant smile as he waited for her to apologize for falsely accusing him.

The young woman felt really ashamed, "ughh I accused a young boy of ordering a sexual partner, all my reputation has been lost today", as she bowed her head to apologize Aster interrupted her midway.

"You don't have to bow your head I can see that you didn't mean any harm and you were only worried of my actions due to my age, still you accused me wrong so how about you eat with me and everything will be on the past?"

"Are you sure?", she said.

"Yes, eating alone is boring and sharing my table with a beautiful older sister will make the food taste better", Aster replied while smiling.

Aria was surprised, "this little boy is actually different than what I thought it is not that he is faking being humble, I can see that he is being honest and there is no lust on his eyes he was probably raised in a family where woman have a strong position", she thought.

Aria nodded with a smile and went over to the desk, before she could do anything Aster moved the chair so she could sit down, this little action can be considered nothing for adults but seeing a young boy be so well mannered made Aria's impression of Aster go up.

"Would it not be incredible if the younger generations from the other families were as well educated as this kid", she wondered.

Aster naturally would not act like that with every woman he knew, however in addition to finding her interesting, he also felt a certain closeness to her as if his soul itself was telling him to be close with her, the feeling intrigued him so he decided to get to know her better, who knows maybe this is what people call destiny.

After serving the dishes, Aster raised his cup and smiling he asked her.

"Now that we've cleared up that misunderstanding, could you tell me your name, big sister?".

"Shouldn't a man present himself before asking a lady for her name?", said the girl with a childish tone.

He thought she was acting like a little girl but still answered.

"My name is Aster, it's a pleasure".

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