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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 21 Inn & Deluxe Room (Edited)

After walking for about 15 minutes, he saw a beautiful building with a sign that said "Ghale Family Inn", which made him grin, "what a strange fashion sense this family's business manager has", Aster thought.

Once inside, he approached the reception and saw a woman in her 30s in a nice white and green uniform smile at him.

"Hello how can I help you, young man?", she said to Aster in a soft and friendly voice.

Aster found her quite pretty, but she was not at the level of his beloved mother, so he just asked her in a calm but courteous tone.

"Good afternoon big sister can I have a room for 5 nights please?".

"Heh, what a well-mannered young man", the woman thought as she answered.

"Of course, however, currently we only have the luxury rooms available, their cost is 20 silver coins per night but for a friendly young man like you it would be 80 silver coins for the 5 nights, what do you think?".

Aster really did not care about the normal price however, he would not reject the good intentions of the woman after all if she were a simple receptionist, she would not dare to give him a discount without the permission of some superior, so she was probably someone from the Ghale family.

"Thank you, here is the payment for the 5 nights", he said as he handed her the 80 silver coins that he took out of his backpack.

"Can I reserve a table to eat in half an hour?".

"Of course, in fact, since you are occupying a luxury room you have a table for two reserved exclusively for you at all hours, next to the bed in your room you will find a book with all the services we offer and the privileges that the different rooms have". 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

Aster nodded with a smile and walked up the stairs with a key that had the number 103 engraved on it.

Upon arrival, he simply inserted the key in the lock and opened the door, when he entered, he saw a fairly large and well-arranged room, there was a bed that would fit at least three people, a night table, a wardrobe, a desk and two chairs as well.

There was a door that led to a balcony and another door that led to the bathroom.

"It is too big for a single person", Aster thought as he left his backpack next to the bed, the first thing he did was use a talisman that his mother had given him with which he made sure that there were no spiritual formations to spy or attack him, once he finished, he fell on the bed and rested for 20 minutes.

He hung a small leather bag with coins on his waist, naturally most of his money was in his storage ring that he had hung around his neck so as not to be seen by everyone.

He left the room and locked the door, put the key in his left pocket and went down the stairs, when he got to the restaurant, he saw an employee of the inn and when he showed her his key, she guided him to a table that had the number 103 on it.

Aster read the menu and simply asked for the dishes that looked more delicious, as he inspected the restaurant he couldn't help but thinl, "mmm I hope it doesn't bring me bad luck but it seems that the cliche of a conflict over a table did not happen".

A few minutes later the food arrived on the table, it was delicious but it would be even better to be in the company of mom or Alice he thought, after finishing his meal he paid the waitress and went up to his room again, he just fell down on the bed and then he remembered the book mentioned by the woman at the reception.

Checking the nightstand, he found the book and began to read it, after a couple of pages he read something that he found interesting, in pink letters under the exclusive section for luxury rooms it said "Personal attention and dinner in the room."

"Hmm, I think I'll take a bath and after meditating for a couple of hours I'll order dinner in the room".

Now that he was in a private place one of the habits that he developed thanks to Lilia came up again, he simply took off all his clothes and walked naked to the bathroom, at home since Lilia always kept a barrier around her castle area, when she took Aster to bathe, they both took off their clothes in the room and walked naked to the bathroom after all Aster was still a child and Lilia was not ashamed to show her body to her son.

Aster took his time bathing and again realized how used he was to Lilia always being with him, he sighed, "Ughh not even three days have passed and I already miss my mother... well it's not that I plan to spend too much time away from her ever", he thought as he dried of his body.

After getting out of the bathroom he sat on the bed and began to meditate, he entered his mind and saw the giant sword and the sky that always showed a universe with 13 giant lights that stood out from the rest.

"I must investigate how to get the recognition of the other stars, after all the ability I got from Pollux is already incredible enough, I'm dying to know what I'll get from the others".

While he was trying to get some revelation about the remaining 12 stars, 5 hours passed, he decided to finish his meditation and order dinner, the book said that he only had to activate the communication device and order what he wanted from the menu and wait 30 minutes maximum.

Without putting much effort, he followed the instructions and waited, after about 20 minutes he heard someone knocking on the door of his room, he got up and when he opened it, he was surprised.

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