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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 14 Does My Dear Mother Feel Jealous? (Edited)

When Alice arrived in front of Aster, she settled with her back towards him, Aster believed that he could have advanced a little more with his sister than with his mother, but he decided to wait some time before taking any steps ahead on that direction.

Aster rested Alice's body against his and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the sensation of being in the middle of two beauties, after a moment he felt Lilia's intense gaze on him so he opened his eyes and saw her watching him with an aggrieved look on her face.

"Hehehe ??she looks so cute with that jealous expression, let's see what happens if I mess with her a bit", he thought.

"What happened, ?does my dear mother feel jealous?".

Alice was lost in her thoughts so she did not pay attention to what was happening, when Lilia heard aster's words her lips trembled for a split of a second, she suddenly turned Aster's body around as she placed his face between her breasts.

"Hoh, it seems my son needs a reminder as to who his first wife will be".

Although Aster was in heaven at the moment it was a bit difficult for him to breathe so he quickly said.

"Of course, the first in my heart is and always will be my beloved mother"

Lilia looked pleased with his answer.

"Humph, you better always remember it, to make amends I'll let you drink mommy's milk ?".

Aster didn't need a second invitation; he immediately brought his mouth close to Lilia's right breast and began to suck on her cute nipple.

As Aster enjoyed Lilia's sweet maternal nectar, he occasionally "accidentally" gently bit her nipple, until he managed to hear a small moan that his mother struggled to hide.

"Hnnng ?".

Whenever Lilia gave him her milk, he made sure to get a moan out of her, no matter how small it was, for him it was considered a victory to know that he could please his mother.

Of course, Lilia didn't think her son did it on purpose, but she attributed the pleasure she felt to the fact that she loved her son too much, so when he touched her body, it was natural for her to enjoy it.

After a couple of minutes, Aster stopped drinking Lilia's milk and with a happy look he gave one last "innocent" lick to her nipple as he said.

"Thanks for the food".

Lilia was happy that he no longer refused to drink her milk, after all although it was a lie that he could not replace it with medicine, it was true that drinking it helped improve his physical condition.

"That's good, from now on you will drink from mommy in the morning, at noon and at night so you can grow up healthy and strong".

Aster nodded and settled back on Lilia's legs with the back of his head resting on her breasts.

Alicia did not notice that little episode between them and after fifteen minutes Lilia decided to wash her son's body and finish with the bath because it was getting late.

She got out of the bathtub and led Aster to sit on a small chair, she started the spiritual formation and the water began to fall gently on the chair area, she put some body soap on her hands and began to wash Aster's body starting from his back, then she stood in front of him and began to clean his chest, down to his navel then his legs and so on.

Aster had a relaxed look while his mother cleaned him since he was used to it, however when Lilia stood in front of him, he realized that unlike the other times, his mother was totally naked and now that she was facing him, because he was sitting and the difference in height between them his face pointed directly to Lilia's secret garden.

"I still can't believe how beautiful it is", he thought

"If I leaned forward a little, I could touch my mother's most important place, ughh wait a few years Aster, in the future I will make sure to explore every part of her beautiful body", he convinced himself.

Lilia always cleaned his penis last for some reason, although now he couldn't get erections due to his age it still gave him a nice feeling to feel her soft hands touching him.

The reason why Lilia cleaned that part at the end was because even though Aster was her son, she was still aware that she was cleaning the part that differentiated a man from a woman.

Even so, she could not help being curious, after all it was the first and the only, she will ever see or touch and it was very different from what her mother had explained to her, the thing did not look unpleasant as she had imagined, she even found it a bit cute, "maybe it is because my son is different from those disgusting guys", she thought.

Aster could feel the innocent curiosity of his mother in his little brother and thought.

"Ughh, I hope that as the years go by, she does not avoid contact with me due to the changes in my body, since I don't plan to stop bathing with her or Alice even when they are aware of me as a man".

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