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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 13 I Might As Well Enjoy (Edited)

Aster returned to his position behind his mother and carefully began to slide the small hooks of her bra, one by one until his mother raised her arms so that he could remove it.

As he slid the bra down her arms, Aster could see Lilia's beautiful pink nipples and had to resist the idea of ??trying to drink from them, Lilia told him that she would continue to produce breast milk and that he would have to drink it until his blood of origin was restored or his body might feel weak.

When he heard that, he asked her if he couldn't take some medicine instead, but she said with total confidence that only her breast milk had the nutrients his body needed, of course Aster knew it was a lie, but when he thought of his beloved mother spoiling him, he acted as if was doubting and finally with a look of defeat on his eyes, he accepted to keep drinking Lilia's breast milk.

"Good job darling ?, now take my panties off please".

Aster's blood rushed to his head.

"Oh come on how am i supposed to not develop a mother complex, with her acting like this, whatever I don't care anymore if I have to do it then I might as well enjoy the view", he thought.

He finally began to slide the thin piece of fabric that covered Lilia's most important place, when he finished lowering her underwear Lilia lifted her feet a little one after the other so that he could remove it.

Aster pretended not to show interest in his mother's secret garden but on his mind, he was screaming.

"It is soooooo beautiful!!!".

Aster went through puberty on his past life so of course he satisfied his curiosity with magazines or internet sites but he has never seen one as beautiful as Lilia′s one, she had tiny perfectly closed petals colored of the cutest pink he could imagine, it was like seeing a really beautiful little flower, on top of that the little amount of hair she had made her have a mature charm, if he was to describe it in one word he could only say "perfect".

Feeling the remaining heat of his mother's body in the underwear that he still held in his hand, his throat dried as he thought that some people would be willing to die just to be in his place.

He reluctantly deposited that treasure in the laundry basket and when he turned around, he saw his mother in front of him extending her hand which he took as she dragged him towards the bathtub.

Once Lilia opened the sliding door, the first thing Aster noticed was Alicia soaking in the bathtub with a bored look, now that he had become more intimate with both of them, he no longer bothered to pretend to be shy or tried to cover himself, in order for his plan to work, he had to make them feel comfortable with him even if none of the three had clothes on anyway.

Lilia activated the spirit formation on the ceiling of the bathroom and water at a comfortable temperature began to fall like raindrops, after a few moments rinsing together with Aster she went to the bathtub.

"Alice, move to the opposite corner please", said Lilia.

Alice did not say anything, she simply obeyed her mother, Lilia entered the bathtub and sat down.

"Come sit on mommy's lap to relax a little darling ?".

This time it was Aster's turn to be surprised, although his mother had washed his body a lot of times, they had never entered the bathtub together.

Seeing his expression Lilia said with a sweet voice.

"Fufu, I told you that this time we would bathe like a married couple does, and you better get used to it because we will only bathe like this from now on hehehe ?".

After listening to his mother Aster woke up from his trance, he carefully entered the bathtub and slowly sat on his mother's lap, Lilia hugged him gently wrapping her arms around him and slowly leaned against the bathtub while holding Aster close to her.

Aster could feel his mother's soft bare skin rubbing against him, due to the difference in height, Lilia's breasts leaned on his head giving him a heavenly sensation, he had to pay attention to where he put his hands to avoid touching something inappropriate.

Although Lilia did not mind that Aster touched her body, he did not know how she would react if he were to "accidentally" touch her flower, he already had a plan to test his mother's limits, but since he was enjoying the tranquility that the soft body of his mother gave him, he decided to leave it for another day.

As he leaned his body against his mother, Aster saw Alice put on a bitter and jealous expression as she saw them being intimate with each other, Aster opened his arms inviting his sister to join them while thinking.

"Mmm, although mother may be upset if Alice interferes in our moments together, I must be firm about it, after all I plan to take them both for me and I don't want them to be jealous of each other in the future".

Seeing Aster invite her with open arms Alice did not hesitate for a second and swam towards him, according to Lilia's teachings, Alice only knew that she should not let anyone unworthy touch or see her body and like Lilia the only one who she could imagine doing any of those things was her beloved brother.

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