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The rise of the pervert primordial

Chapter 12 Will You Help Mommy (Edited)

When Lilia heard her son answer she felt a bit angry, "humph, there has not been even five minutes and you already accepted another woman's proposal", she thought.

"Alice go and wait for me and your brother in the bathtub", she said with an unquestionable tone.

"B-But mom…."

"Hoh, are you trying to disobey me?".

When Alice saw that her mother was getting angry, she immediately ran to the bathtub.

After Alice left, Lilia started undressing without paying much attention to Aster, as she has never felt any shame to let her son see her body, but she stopped midway and with a tired expression started stretching her arms.

"I'm a bit tired after all that training, will you help mommy to undress, darling?".

Of course, she did not consider Aster as a man even when she accepted to "marry" him, but for her for her it was an excuse to get closer with her son so then there was no problem, this was the result of the way she was raised, after all she did not have any contact with any men during her whole life and when she reached adulthood her mother only taught her the basics of how should she act and the basicss of relationships between a man and a woman and to not let anyone who she did not consider worthy, to touch or see her body.

In her eyes Aster was the only man worthy enough to see or touch her so helping her undress was no big deal, the reason why she did not take any steps ahead to intimate with her son before was that he was shy and she didn't want to force him, but now that he accepted to do anything she asked, then she would tease him as much as she wanted.

Aster was having a bad time holding himself back to not screw up the order of the steps he had for his plan.

"A-allright mom", he said, then he approached his mother back and started helping her to undress, Lilia was wearing a one-piece dress so he had to unbutton her back first.

*Pop* the buttons were undone one by one and her beautiful back started to appear in front of Aster eyes.

Aster noticed that even when all the buttons were undone the dress didn't completely fall, then he heard Lilia saying. 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝐚𝚍 𝘤𝘰𝒎

"Now you only need to unbutton the support ones on both sides", she had two extra hidden buttons on the sides which would keep the dress from falling in case the back ones fail to fulfill their duty.

Aster could only go ahead and unbutton the only thing that kept the dress covering his mother's body.

When the dress fell Aster was speechless, this was not the first time he was taking a bath with Lilia but she usually wore a towel to cover her body, so the most important parts were left to Aster imagination but now… her beautiful body was only covered by her underwear.

It was like seeing a piece of art she didn't look lewd in any way, her beautiful pale skin made a perfect contrast with her long black hair, her body proportions would make even the most experienced monk have lustful thoughts, she had a good big pair of breasts and the most delicious looking ass Aster has ever seen on his life.

Even after giving birth twice her waist was thin and there were no stretch marks on her belly as if the nature itself couldn't bear to leave any imperfection on her body, she had the mature charm of a mother but at the same time she had the appearance of a young lady in her prime, Aster previously thought he might not be able to hold his lust back but when he actually saw Lilia almost naked, he had the same expression as someone seeing the most beautiful painting of all times "admiration".

"She is perfect", he though without realizing that he got lost while looking at his mother's body.

Lilia could feel her son's gaze but she didn't feel any lust on it, only admiration, tenderness and love which made her feel proud and happy, of course every woman would feel proud of her beauty specially if it was being appreciated by someone dear to her.

"Just like I thought my son is different from all those barbarians that only think of me as a piece of meat to satisfy their disgusting wishes, seems like mother was right, eventually I found someone who is worthy enough to see and touch my body without me feeling disgusted about it, of course the only one that could make me feel like this is my precious son ?.

Lilia never felt like this before, she thought it was because she loved her son too much, but she didn't notice that her maternal love was slowly changing into something else, maybe it was because Aster dedicated every moment, that he spent with her to leave a mark in her heart or maybe it was because Aster was the only one that could make her feel at ease.

When Lilia hugged Aster, she felt all her problems disappearing, all the pressure she had to suffer from her family because she didn't agree to become some trash's wife, all the schemes from the male members of her family that coveted her beauty, everything disappeared and only peace and tranquility were left.

After a moment Lilia said with a soft worried voice.

"I'm really thankful that you came to my life, it might be selfish but promise me you won't forget about me when you're older".

Lilia didn't know why she said that, before she noticed the words just came out.

Aster heard his mother worries while looking at her beautiful back, and he remembered all the things she has endured for him, the pain she felt when she was giving birth, the five years she spent worrying about how he would feel when he found out about the loss of his origin blood.

Even now Lilia didn't tell him about all the difficulties he was destined to afront once they leave the azure sky planet, because she did not want him to worry so he could enjoy his childhood unlike her.

While looking at those fragile shoulders of her, he thought.

"How many things do you carry on your shoulders? On this world or anywhere there is no doubt that mothers are incredibly strong beings".

He didn't answer her which made Lilia feel like her heart was breaking, but then she felt an endless warm when Aster hugged her from behind.

"Sigh, I will repeat my words as many times as you need mom".

"I will always be by your side, now and forever, after all as a cultivator you told me our lives will extend by millions of years just wait, I will reach immortality so I can always take care of you".

Lilia started crying, she turned around and hugged her son while remaining in silence for a moment, when she regained her composure, she gave Aster a slight kiss on his forehead and then with a funny smile said.

"Well, my dear "husband" please take off the rest of my clothes so we can start our first bath as a married couple ?".

Aster froze when he saw her teasing him again.

"Ughh this succubus mother of mine", he thought.

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