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The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

Chapter 409 - Thank you (5)

Chapter 409 - Thank you (5)

“I knew you guys would do that.”

It was Yooha, but her eyes were red.

The gods flinched when they met her gaze, seeing the change in her originally brown eyes. This vivid red color was rare in the Divine world and was considered an ominous color.

This was why they immediately realized her true identity.

“You are… the snake god!”

“Did that bastard use Zodiac Descent…!”

Zodiac Descent was a Zodiac Saint’s greatest technique where a Zodiac possessed the Zodiac Saint!

At that moment, Lee Gun let out a savage laugh. He grabbed their heads as if he was about to crush them. “Did you guys think I wouldn’t know you would be coming for Yooha?”


“It was obvious once you lured the evil gods here.”

Lee Gun had long known that something bad had been planted within Yooha’s arm. Although Hugo had never shown it, it was something Hugo had always been worried about.

‘If we don’t take it out, it’ll progressively threaten Yooha’s life.’

Yooha was keeping the evil god under control, but her life force was stolen whenever it went berserk.

But as they had yet to find a way to extract it, the evil god remained sealed. With the power of Death, one would normally be able to kill an unruly evil god.

This was why Lee Gun had chosen Yooha as the Zodiac Saint of Death.

‘The best outcome would be to extract it right now, but there is no way to do that.’

So what was this?

“You guys know how to extract the evil god?”


After hearing the story about Chun Sungjae, Lee Gun had become certain. If one of the leaders of the evil gods had been planted in Yooha’s arms, the gods would try to extract it. They would use it to attack him.

This was why he devised a plan where a signal would be sent to him if the gods tried to take out the evil god. Then he used Zodiac Descent.

“Thanks to you guys, I didn’t even need to say anything. I found out how to take it out.”𝐢n𝑛rℯ𝒶𝚍. 𝑐o𝘮


“You’re going to extract it using the item in your pocket, right?”

The gods flinched when they felt Lee Gun’s gaze. They tried to run away. However, Lee Gun, who had descended into the body of Yooha, sent his fist flying toward the faces of his enemies.



One of the other gods sent a long-range attack toward Lee Gun, but Lee Gun dodged them as if it were nothing.


However, the attack made a rip in the armor that he had made for Yooha, which was styled to look like an everyday shirt. It caused Lee Gun’s eyes to flash.

[Kill Resistance (SS)]

- Death only skill

He rushed toward his enemy. Since he was in his Zodiac Descent state, he couldn’t use Death’s Instinct, but it didn’t matter. Even without Death’s Instinct, he appeared before his enemy in the blink of an eye. He lashed out with a kick!



Screams rang in the distance as he sent his enemy flying.

Lee Gun smirked when he looked at them. “What the hell? There were two more of you? It seems I missed you guys since this isn’t my body.”

Her long black hair was hanging loose as she laughed. She was eerily beautiful, yet the gods were stricken with fear.

When the hidden gods tried to move, Lee Gun called for the spear that he had just dropped. “My baby!”

Since he had placed a seal on it, Crimson Earth’s Judgment flew straight toward him.


After regaining his spear, Lee Gun immediately stabbed his enemy in the heart.


While he was extracting the spear, the other gods used the fallen god as bait and ran away. But it was useless.


Lee Gun’s eyes flashed as he put power into his muscles and threw the spear toward his enemies.


The spear didn’t falter at all as it flew in a straight line. With a roar, it split the sky. The green ray of light pierced through the enemies who had been running away.


It was like watching a master archer. The aim was perfect.

Having their hearts pierced, the gods fell to the ground.

Lee Gun was impressed. He had moved on reflex like normal, and the distance had been significant.

‘Oh wow! It was a strike once again.’

As expected of Hugo’s daughter, Yooha’s body was much more accurate than his.

Of course, there was no way Lee Gun would have lost his enemies if he were in his original body. However, he would have hit the body, legs, or some other body part instead of the heart. That wasn’t all.

‘She has great reflexes, and she’s more flexible than me.’

Was it because of the bad habit he had picked up during the days when his body was damaged? Instead of dodging attacks in a fight, Lee Gun smashed through attacks. His style was to charge forward.

However, in this form, dodging the attacks was possible.

He did it despite not using Death’s Instinct. Yooha’s movement allowed him to break through the gods when they encircled him.

‘I could learn a lot from this. It’ll be handy.’


‘She must have worked very hard.’

He decided to compliment her later on.

Lee Gun recovered an item from the fallen enemies.

[Qian that can unravel all seals (SSS)]

- One of the eight Bagua (Treasure of the Divine World)

- It can unravel any seal

- Current Owner: Great Spirit of Kunlun (Fuxi)

It seemed they had planned on releasing the seal of the evil god using this. At that moment, Lee Gun felt the presence of a powerful god behind him.


He quickly turned his head and heard a familiar voice.

[Don’t mess with me, Snake god.]


A figure made out of light appeared alongside the voice. It seemed one of the gods that he defeated had a special talent for playing dead.

[Master of Light (Baldur)]

- Belongs to Valhalla

It seemed he had been wearing the outer shell of a human. Now, he displayed a Divine power that couldn’t be compared to before.

[You must think you are worthy to be a Great Spirit because your ranking is a bit high.]

Baldur furrowed his brow. If this bastard could grow his faction, they might be in danger of losing the Constructs of the Serpent Bearer temple that they possessed.

Thousands of such Constructs were inside Valhalla’s prison, being used as nutrients, which was useful for Valhalla.

[Give up on your rights as a Zodiac. Come under Valhalla, and I will spare you.]

Lee Gun smirked. “A beating is the answer to a swindler.”

He couldn’t go head-first into the fight, as his opponent was strong enough to cause great harm to Yooha. At the very least, Lee Gun would summon someone of a similar rank as the enemy. He would let Hercules protect Yooha while he rushed to this location.


[In the name of Valhalla, I release your seal.]


[I use the authority of Valhalla to get rid of the power of Leo and the Serpent Bearer.]

Those ominous words were accompanied by a burst of light.

Lee Gun groaned. At that moment, a black fog emanated from Chun Yooha’s body.


The seal of the evil god had been unraveled.

The master of light smiled when he saw this. Originally, he was supposed to use the treasure of Kunlun, which he had borrowed. He had to release the seal using Qian.

[Master of light’s high-rank permission ticket (Exoneration) has been used.]

[The number of high-rank permission tickets given to Valhalla has decreased to two.]

Permission tickets had different ranks, and the lowest one was the normal permission ticket. The gods normally used it to avoid karmic debt. It was the one that Lee Gun had used up until now.

However, the high-rank permission ticket was a step above. It wasn’t a personal item. It was an item given to each faction. It erased a much bigger Karmic debt. That wasn’t all. It allowed one to use a special privilege of enormous magnitude through the power of the Divine world.

Erasing the power of Leo and the Serpent Bearer with that ticket was possible.

‘It cuts to the bone to use a high-rank permission ticket for this.’

The Great Spirit of Valhalla had allowed its use. Baldur had been instructed to kill the snake god even if he had to use their force’s permission ticket.


As soon as the power of the Zodiacs keeping the seal in check disappeared, an evil god surged out of Yooha’s arm.

The evil god looked straight at Lee Gun. His was blackened to a crisp, and his face was also hideous.

[I’m finally free.]

Lee Gun narrowed his eyes when he saw the menacing gaze. When he had met Yooha for the first time, this evil god had become obsessed with him. They had barely been able to keep it at bay.

He seemed to have no choice. Lee Gun tried to use Death while he was possessing Yooha.

Baldur smiled at this. Lee Gun wasn’t born when the evil gods had been active. This was why he had never seen their power with his own eyes.

[The foundation of Cycle is Life and Death. It’s a power used by the Primordial god. The evil gods were the ones to kill the Primordial god.]

There was no way the power of Death would work on the evil gods.

[I will gladly take the 6-star Achievement that you got for getting rid of Olympus.]

If Valhalla acquired it, becoming the number one force would be a matter of time for them!

Baldur wanted to steal Lee Gun’s Achievement.



The evil god suddenly stabbed Baldur.


Baldur looked at the Lee Gun as if to ask what was going on.


Evil gods were sinners who were obsessed with the Creators.

[Do you resent us more than him?]

The evil god let out a menacing laugh.

[No? I have no grudge against you guys.]


[However, you should never touch what is mine.]

The violent power destroyed Baldur in an instant. He disappeared, leaving behind his Divine status.

A high-rank god of Valhalla instantly ceased to exist. It was done by the hands of an evil god.

Lee Gun’s eyes turned round when he saw this unexpected development. On the other hand, the evil god merely smirked as he looked at Lee Gun.

[Finally, I get to see you with my own eyes.]

The evil god fiercely approached Lee Gun. The evil gods were able to kill the Primordial god for a reason. They possessed incredibly powerful Divine power.

‘At the very least, he is on the Great-Spirit rank.’

As if to prove his fallen status, he possessed an unsightly exterior, and his menacing Divine power indiscriminately swallowed everything around him.

It seemed he wanted to say something to Lee Gun.

[I have words for you—]


However, Lee Gun didn’t even bother hearing him out. He immediately opened and placed the evil god into the pond.


An angry voice came from the pond, but Lee Gun ignored him. The evil god seemed to want to say something, but it was none of Lee Gun’s business.

‘If you aren’t going to attack first, I’ll take advantage of it.’

Lee Gun was able to extract the evil god, which had worried Hugo, and he was successful in kidnapping it. Of course, something was off about this.

‘That’s odd.’

The evil god was supposed to be obsessed with him. Lee Gun had expected it to attack to kill him as soon as his seal was broken.

‘Is it like Abyss??’

Or was there a different reason? It didn’t matter in the end.

‘I’ve been possessing her for too long.’

Zodiac Descent was useful, but it caused undue stress to the body of the Zodiac Saint.

In the past, Sungjae had managed to call Lee Gun, but it was more of a summons than a possession of his body. In fact, this was Lee Gun’s first time possessing someone like this.

This was why Lee Gun quickly called for Yooha’s consciousness. “Yooha? Are you ok? Shall I release the Zodiac Descent right now?”

[*Pant, pant.* Zodiac Saint is really liking it.]

[*Pant, pant, pant.* Zodiac Saint is really liking it.]

[Zodiac Saint says you should stay longer.]

[Uncle fighting looks too good.]

[She asks where her brother is. She wants him to take some pictures of you fighting.]

Lee Gun’s eyebrows rose.


Thankfully, she seemed to be ok.

Lee Gun immediately summoned his own body. He had engraved a seal on his body so that he could summon it.

As soon as Lee Gun released Zodiac Descent, Yooha despaired as she lay prostrate on the ground. “Why…Why…! You could have stayed a little longer…!!!”

“Be quiet, you little rascal.”

After capturing the evil god, Lee Gun was about to head toward the holy ground of the Scorpio temple.

[Master!! This is bad!]

Since he had been using Zodiac Descent, he had been unable to hear the voices of his Constructs. He heard it now. They were the ones inside the Scorpio’s holy ground.


“What? What’s going on?”

[Ah! We finally made a connection with you! Evil gods are over here, looking for you, Master!!!]


[They are the leaders of the evil gods. The five great calamities are going mad looking for you, Master! Our power doesn’t work against them!]

Lee Gun was surprised. “Alright. I’ll come right now.”

[No! You can’t come here!!! These bastards are aiming for you, Master!]

[You won’t be able to use your power like that time…!]

Lee Gun furrowed his brow. Was the one that caused him to be immobilized present?

[Anyway, we’ll keep them at bay by teaming up with the Scorpio Saint…]

“No.” Lee Gun looked at the pond. He looked at the evil god that he had kidnapped. “I have a solution.”

His smile was very evil.

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