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The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 1625 - 1625 Completely Heartbroken

1625 Completely Heartbroken

“This is kidnapping!”

Mu Qiaona was tied to a chair and could not break free even after desperately struggling, her face turned red with anger. “Let go of me! Or I’ll call the police!”

“Call the police?” Mu Yabin laughed. “So what if you called the police?! This is our family business!”

He had seen a lot of this kind of thing.

Anyway, Mu Qiaona was a family member and a girl. Even if she called the

police, it was still a family matter.

Just like those women who were abused. They reported to the police, but it was also a family matter, right?

It was no big deal.

Anyway, Mu Qiaona couldn’t leave until she paid.

“You’re crazy!” Mu Qiaona shouted in anger, sad and desperate.

Yes, with the current situation in Hua, even if she called the police, it would only be treated as a family matter.

At most, it would just be a couple of mediations and then it would be over.

It was depressing to think about it.

“Nana, hurry up and get us the money. You help your brother buy a house, then you can leave, right?” Mother Mu persuaded with all her heart.

“No way!” Mu Qiaona was very angry. “You are his parents. He is not my child, why should I buy the house?!”


Father Mu was furious and slapped her face.

“Bastard! You’ve been out for a while, and you don’t consider yourself a family member anymore! I’ll beat you to death, you unfilial daughter!”

The other two people hurriedly pulled him back, lest the fight cause problems.

Father Mu stopped and pointed at Mu Qiaona and cursed, “You bastard! I should have beaten you to death when you were born!”

“Go ahead, beat me to death!” Mu Qiaona was sad and angry. “I wanted to die long ago! It’s meaningless for me to live like this anyway, so just beat me to death!”

She hated it so much.

Ever since she was a child, her parents had always given preference to their son over their daughter.

If she hadn’t worked hard and done well in school, she probably wouldn’t have been able to attend college.

She had always given everything to her family.

It was only last year that she woke up.

Why should she have to pay for such a disgusting family?!

She was their child too, but she was like a slave who had to give everything to support the family!

As parents, they didn’t support their children, but sucked their blood!

Oh no, they only sucked her blood and then supported her brother with it.

This kind of thing was so disgusting!

What happened today was entirely beyond what she wanted to think about.

For the sake of a house, they tied her up!

Were they still the parents?

At a time when she needed the support of her family, they became her enemies!

It was so difficult for her to make it on her own, and now she was being pulled back into the abyss by them!

Mu Qiaona felt deep despair.

“You!” Father Mu was so angry by her words that he jumped. “Do you think I don’t dare to beat you to death?!”

If his son and wife hadn’t stopped him, he might have rushed up to beat her.

“Dad! Don’t get worked up!” Mu Yabin stopped his father. “If you beat her to death, who will buy me a house? You two old fools? If I don’t have a house and can’t get a wife, who will pay for your retirement?”

When these words came out, Mu Qiaona’s father froze for a moment. His face was ugly, but he finally dropped his raised hand.

Mu Qiaona felt even more ironic.

However unbridled and rebellious the younger brother was, they would not be angry.

Even when he said such treacherous things, they would not be angry because he was a male.

She earned much more than her brother and was tens of thousands of times better than him.

However, in the eyes of their parents, he was the family’s only offspring, an actual person.

At this moment, Mu Qiaona was completely heartbroken by them.

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