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Here’s a new chapter guys. Enjoy!

Chapter 8 : Gifting Plum Blossoms to Someone (Part I)

The money spoke? How could the money speak? Because these words were interesting, one by one, the crowd shifted their gaze towards Jiang Ruan. The old man, who was stomping with rage, also turned to look doubtfully at her. Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao exchanged glances, not knowing what Jiang Ruan had planned for later.

The housewife almost laughed, speaking rather mockingly, "Little girl, aren’t you spouting nonsense? Don’t tell me that you can really make the money open its mouth to speak? If it is true that you have this ability, then quickly let it be an eye-opener for everyone. If you are talking through your hat, then don’t let everyone watch you make a fool of yourself."

"Of course, the money can speak," Jiang Ruan spoke drily. "Let me ask once more. Madam, is the money really yours?"

"I definitely handed it to Maiden Qiao," the housewife raised her head and spoke in a righteous and self-confident manner.

"Okay." Jiang Ruan spoke, "Bai Zhi, find me a basin of clear water."

None of the onlookers knew what Jiang Ruan was planning. A roadside hawker piped up, "I have fresh water for immediate use. I can give you some," Bai Zhi carried the basin of clear water to Jiang Ruan and set it properly at her feet.

"Madam, please hand the money over to me."

The housewife eyed Jiang Ruan doubtfully, while the child’s hands held the purse even tighter. "If you do not pass the money over to me, how can I interrogate it?" Jiang Ruan deadpanned.

As soon as these words were spoken, the tense atmosphere immediately burst into peals of laughter. At this moment, the number of spectators grew. They observed this young lady, with such an unconventional temperament and who had made such a sudden proclamation, and could not help but feel sorry for her in their hearts. She seemed like a smart lady, so it was unbelievable that a screw had gone loose in her brain.

Lian Qiao glared at the crowd around her. Perhaps, the crowd’s guffaws instilled confidence in the housewife, so she took the money from the child’s hands and passed it to Jiang Ruan, "There. You should ask clearly since everyone is listening."

Amongst the people present at the scene, other than Jiang Ruan, there were only three who hadn’t smiled. Needless to say, Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao did not smile. The old man also furrowed his brows, carefully observing Jiang Ruan’s actions.

Jiang Ruan held the money within her palms. Her face was expressionless. Yet, her voice was exceptionally gentle, "Money, oh, money. Can you please tell me, when all is said and done, who is the one lying?"

The housewife sniggered, "Little girl, please don’t say that the money will inform you like this. You are basically trying to fool everyone. You shouldn’t play us as if we are idiots!"

Jiang Ruan barely looked at her. She loosened her hand and the money plopped into the basin. A layer surfaced on the rippling water. She stated, “The money has already spoken."

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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