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We get to meet a new character. I would have said yayy, had he not been such a creep. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of him.

Chapter 5 : A Woman Who Would Die Fighting for Her Honor And

An Annoying Lad Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Alone (Part I)

This is how i imagine Chen Zhao’s lustful gaze would be.

Just now, Chen Zhao was heading home after goofing off when he coincidentally ran into the few people who were leaving the residence. The girl in the middle had a delicate and graceful appearance. Upon seeing this, his eyes couldn’t help but brighten. It was only after he had looked more closely that he realized that she was Jiang Ruan.

Today, Chen Zhao was just returning from outside, after goofing off, when he coincidentally met the few people leaving the residence. The girl in the middle had a delicate and graceful appearance, seeing this his eyes couldn’t help but brighten. It was only after he has looked closely, did he realize that she was Jiang Ruan.

Ordinarily, Jiang Ruan did not dress as presentably as Chen Fang, so Chen Zhao seldom paid any attention to her. However, a few days ago, he suddenly developed a curiosity to experience ladies from an official’s family. Who could have guessed that this lady had such an upright personality, going so far as to jump into the water without another word. Now when he thought about it, he had to suppress a belly full of resentment. Who knew, when he saw her today, his eyes would brighten? Perhaps, it was because New Year was around the corner that although she was dressed lightly, the garment that complemented her skin made her face extremely elegant. The most important feature was her calm and quiet aura, as if she had become another person.

Chen Zhao squinted, carefully scrutinizing the girl in front of his eyes. Jiang Ruan was merely ten years old this year. Her figure exuded a slight naivety, yet embodied a certain feeling of composure, strangely making her seem a bit mature. These contrasting auras surfacing in a single person were extremely mesmerizing to others. Although she was a young child, Chen Zhao could not help but to swallow his saliva. He had seen the unusual and horrible habits of a few officials’ sons at the brothel, especially when they loved to fool around with younger-aged girls. Yet, he had never experienced that kind of feeling before.

Lian Qiao could not bear the lecherous gaze Chen Zhao laid upon Jiang Ruan’s body. The look in her eyes turned stern. Without thinking, she opened her mouth and spoke, "Presumptuous! Who allowed you to misbehave? How dare you speak to a master like this!"

Although these words were rather formidable, they had fallen on deaf ears. Chen Zhao was not fearful at all. He had heard about how this lady had fallen into dire straits with her family from the capital and was well aware of her current status. Referring to Zhang Lan’s opinion, Jiang Ruan might have to stay in this residence for the rest of her life. Thus, given the situation, it would be great if he could fool around with her.

Although he had this thought in his heart, Chen Zhao was still all smiles as he clasped his hands, "It is my fault. Just now as I watched a few people heading here from afar, I was wondering who the fairy-like younger girl was in the middle as she looked very unfamiliar. After walking closer, I only saw now that she is our lady. I couldn’t control my sudden feelings- please forgive me just this once."

As soon as these words escaped his mouth, not only Lian Qiao’s expression changed, but Bai Zhi’s as well. She spoke angrily, "What nonsense are you blathering about? Our lady’s pure reputation is not something that you can ruin!"

Chen Zhao took two steps backwards in astonishment, "Ruin our lady’s pure reputation? I have never thought about something like this. Our lady is a daughter from a noble family. I wouldn’t dare to think about it. I just hope that Miss will not chase me away, and let me look at you from afar. With this, I will be satisfied." In the past, he had harassed many ladies from decent families. As soon as he opened his mouth, he possessed a silver tongue. If a lady heard it, she would either be angered to the point of crying loudly on the spot, or turning completely red with embarrassment. Jiang Ruan’s reaction was a bit unusual today.

Jiang Ruan stared at him quietly. Her clear eyes were akin to a cold lake in the winter, without a hint of warmth. Although her gaze was cold, her lips curved slightly, as if watching a prancing clown. There was no indignance, merely impenetrably cold indifference.

Chen Zhao was startled. Yet, he saw Jiang Ruan opening her mouth slowly, "Of course, I will not chase you away."

Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi were also stumped. They were in a hurry to get rid of an immoral scoundrel like him, so what did Jiang Ruan’s words mean?

Translated by: togekiss

Edited by: Anks & Ely

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