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This Zhang Lan family. Grrrr.... read further and let us know if you feel as irked by them as I do. Good thing JR is so smart in this lifetime and completely aware of the true intentions of these evil people.

Join us onto fangirl about this novel !!!!

Chapter 12: Beautiful Flowers Under the Moon (Part II)

After Chen Fang’s departure, Lian Qiao was furious and angrily said, "What kind of act is she putting on? Trying to act all cultured and sophisticated, I spit on her in contempt. She thought that because she wore someone else’s clothes, she could be a master! Why doesn’t she piss on the ground and take a good look at her reflection. How shameless!"

Bai Zhi looked at Jiang Ruan worriedly, "If you insist on going to the pear blossom garden, there is some advice I must give. Chen Fang is a person who speaks sharply and unkindly. That she expresses goodwill towards you is really out of her character. You should be careful because she might have other intentions."

Jiang Ruan smiled faintly. In her past life, when she was about to enter the palace, Lian Qiao was flogged to death with a paddle for speaking out of place towards Jiang Quan. The truth was simply that Lian Qiao was unwilling to let her replace Su Su as the one who entered the palace, so she pleaded with Jiang Quan in her favor. However, she did not know why this provoked him into a rage that resulted in her violent death. After all was said and done, she was just eager to protect Jiang Ruan. Although Lian Qiao was bold and straightforward, she knew how to act appropriately. Recalling this incident, Jiang Su Su and her mother had also contributed to his violent rage and fury.

Bai Zhi did accompany her safely into the palace. The mother and daughter pair must have considered Bai Zhi’s personality as gentle and calm, so they were assured enough to let her stay with Jiang Ruan. When the emperor was forced to abdicate the throne, she let Bai Zhi carry Pei’er and escape. As Pei’er was caught in the end, Bai Zhi must have met a disastrous end.

These two maids accompanied her brief, yet tragic past life to their utmost duty, and yet, she did not manage to protect even one of them, just like Pei’er and her elder brother.

Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao looked at Jiang Ruan hesitantly when she did not reply for a long time. They were shocked by the chill in her eyes. Just as they were about to say something, Jiang Ruan laughed. The frigidity earlier cleared in a flash, "I know."

"Although you are aware that she does not bear good intentions, you are still going?" Lian Qiao asked. "It’s too risky."

"I definitely have to attend this appointment." Jiang Ruan spoke, "It’s just that I am not going to admire flowers, but to reclaim a debt."

"Reclaiming a debt?" Lian Qiao became more confused.

"Lian Qiao, there is a matter I need you to handle for me," Jiang Ruan asked her to bring her ear closer and whispered her orders.

At the same time, Chen Fang left Jiang Ruan’s residence and excitedly walked out of the courtyard. Watching her emerge, a person standing outside rushed forward to ask, "How did it go? Did she agree to it?"

"Of course, she did." Chen Fang curled her lips, "Now that she is in an appalling situation, once I mentioned Queen of the Night, she would naturally not miss this opportunity. Brother, where is the item you promised me?"

Chen Zhao grinned happily and fished a sparkling and translucent jade bangle out, "My good sister, it is not a waste that I love you dearly. After I manage to succeed, I will definitely thank you properly."

Chen Fang accepted the bangle from Chen Zhao’s hands and put it on impatiently. Satisfied, she spoke, "The quality is not bad." After she finished speaking, she thought of something and stared at Chen Zhao, "You really like her? What is so good about that charming vixen? Master does not even like her. She has no future."

"Hey, I am not going to marry her." Chen Zhao spoke smugly, "With such a beautiful concubine in my home, I don’t need to patronize the brothel in the future. Isn’t this cost-effective? I have not experienced the feeling of being with an official’s daughter. Although she is an unfortunate person, she still has soft skin and tender flesh. Ahem, I don’t want to discuss this further with you. I’ll go first. Remember to keep it to yourself."

"I am too lazy to be bothered," Chen Fang snorted, and turned to leave.

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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