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Chen Fang is up to no good. She is definitely plotting something. On a different note, the flower mentioned here is so pretty.

Chapter 12 : Beautiful Flowers Under the Moon (Part I)

Queen of the Night flower

Jiang Ruan raised her cup of tea from the table and wetted her pursed lips lightly, before looking at Chen Fang, who stood to the side.

Chen Fang bit her lips tensely. Over the past few years, she had become well-acquainted with Jiang Ruan’s wretched and forlorn state in the residence. Who could have expected that, after she fell into the lake, it was as if Jiang Ruan had transformed into another person. The transformation was akin to a slowly withering flower suddenly obtaining an opportunity to live with boundless possibilities and starting to bloom once more. Chen Fang was unfamiliar with Jiang Ruan’s old temperament as every movement of this official’s daughter exuded a sense of beauty now. It was as if she was used to the life of royalty, displaying the elegant mannerisms of an empress.

Naturally, Chen Fang would not be aware that after Jiang Ruan was sent into the palace in her past life, there was no lack of plotting and conspiracies. One moment of inattentiveness could allow someone else to seize an opportunity to incriminate one because of wrongdoings and/or shortcomings, hence there was no room for error, especially in regards to one’s act and behavior. The palace was governed by strict rules and the elder maids who trained her were extremely harsh. Those demanding lessons led her to master etiquette to the point of perfection. Over the years, in the unique environment of the palace, the noble temperament is naturally cultivated. This standard of conduct was nothing exceptional when it was exhibited by a Beautiful Lady [MeiRen ranked concubine] from the palace, but for a young, unfortunate lady who lived in a village residence for years, it was a kind of virtuous and honorable grace.

"What’s the matter?" Jiang Ruan asked.

Her attitude was that of a mistress of the residence conversing with her servant. A hint of resentment flashed across Chen Fang’s face before she suppressed it forcefully. She touched her hairpin and smiled, "Miss, a few days ago, a pot of Queen of the Night[1] was delivered from outside. Since then, it has been properly cared for. Lately, the petals have become bigger and bigger. And, from the look of it, it will bloom tonight. If you are interested, why not come and have a look?"

[1] Queen of the Night, also known as Epiphyllum Oxypetalum, is a species of cactus. It blooms rarely and only at night, and its flowers wilt before dawn.

"Queen of the Night?" Jiang Ruan muttered, "This time of the year does not seem to be the blooming season for Queen of the Night."

Chen Fang hurriedly replied, "It isn’t. Usually Queen of the Night only blooms in the summer and autumn, but this pot came into flower prematurely. It is a rare sight. Miss, why not check it out yourself?"

Without waiting for Jiang Ruan to speak, Lian Qiao spoke, "It’s so deep in the night and it’s bitterly cold outside. How can we let our lady to walk around? What if she can’t bear the cold? The current state of her health cannot stand any suffering."

Bai Zhi also said, "Why don’t we bring the plant inside the house? Our lady can admire it here."

Chen Fang creased her eyebrows, "As the name Queen of the Night implies, the beauty under the moon is only interesting and rewarding to admire when under the moon. If it is viewed in the house, then it would be no different than a common flower so what is the point? Moreover, this Queen of the Night is accounted for in the books. I don’t have the authority to move it as I please."

Lian Qiao wanted to speak again when Jiang Ruan smiled, "If this is the case, then I will go and have a look tonight."

"Miss," Bai Zhi advised against it, "It is too cold outside. It would be troublesome if the cold causes your body to suffer."

Chen Fang covered her mouth with her hand and smiled, "Senior Bai Zhi and Senior Lian Qiao, our lady has already agreed so why do you continue to fixate on this matter? As servants, it is most important that we abide by our mistress’s orders. How can you decide so casually for our lady? Aren’t you coercing our lady?"

These sensitive words managed to strike Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi’s nerves and their expressions changed. Jiang Ruan placed her teacup down and spoke slowly, "Fang’er, you are right. But it is my prerogative to discipline my own servants. On the other hand, you surprised me. It has never crossed my mind that you could also fancy such a cultured event such as admiring flowers under the moon."

Chen Fang toyed with a strand of long hair that rested on her chest, "Although I grew up in the residence, I also like to read a little poetic literature sometimes. Admiring flowers under the moon is also the kind of refined activity that I like." Thinking about it more, Chen Fang continued, "Oh, right. You should also visit the pear blossom garden around midnight. The Queen of the Night is placed at the entrance. When it’s time, I will also make my way there."

"Noted," Jiang Ruan nodded.

Chen Fang sighed in relief, "Then I shall take my leave now. Miss, don’t forget." After she finished, her gaze skimmed around the house once more. Only then did she leave rather happily.

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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