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Chapter 10 : Change (Part II)

Chen Fang, who was at her side, could not guess Zhang Lan’s thoughts. She only felt that this usually weak master, who was vulnerable to bullying, seemed rather imposing today. Although the accessories that Jiang Ruan wore could not surpass hers, it was rather difficult to conceal her beauty. Her appearance was lively and pretty. As Chen Fang began to feel enormous jealousy, she spoke thoughtlessly, "Miss, your body must have recovered well to be able to go around everywhere. I think that you can start sewing embroidered handkerchiefs tomorrow. You should be able to finish them by the end of this month."

When Jiang Ruan was first sent to the residence, Zhang Lan mentioned that everything in the countryside could not compete with the comfortable lifestyle in the flourishing capital. Thus, Jiang Ruan would need to attend to many chores personally. Usually, Jiang Ruan was not required to chop firewood or work at the field, but Bai Zhi and Lian Qiao were constantly used as a slave. The two maids’ perfectly fine hands were already callused at such a young age. Jiang Ruan did not fare any better than them. Although she did not need to work in the field, she still needed to embroider twenty handkerchiefs every month so that she could hand them over to the residence to pay for her own living costs. Twenty pieces were not a small number so Lian Qiao and Bai Zhi also helped a little. However, their combined efforts were barely enough to make the numbers. Because the embroidery patterns were complicated, it strained their eyes to work on them one after another, especially when it was close to the New Year and the twenty pieces were increased to thirty pieces. The work was hard to handle.

Jiang Ruan smiled thinly, "Of course."

Chen Fang had wanted to embarrass Jiang Ruan at first, but she never thought that she would be so agreeable. Facing such a tactful retort, Chen Fang gritted her teeth, "Then, you should work hard. You should be mindful of the time. When it arrives and you are unable to complete your embroidery, there will be problems."

Jiang Ruan raised her eyebrows, "Auntie Lan, the important matters that you came here for today was about the embroidered handkerchiefs?"

Startled, Zhang Lan laughed, "Look at this old servant’s memory. Since the residence is sending food supply to the manor, I wanted to ask if you wanted to deliver any letters to Master and Mistress?"

Letters? Jiang Ruan’s fingertips trembled slightly. The time had lapsed for far too long that she had almost forgotten that over the several years that she lived in the residence, at the end of every year, she would write letters to Jiang Quan and her elder brother. The letters’ contents were no other than her hope for them to bring her home. Year after year, the letters were akin to a rock sinking to the bottom of a large ocean. There was no reply. The only reply that ever came was the grievous news of her elder brother, Jiang Xin’s death in the battlefield. Actually, after his death, her life no longer contained any hope.

As someone who had passed away once, she could look at things more clearly than in the past. She would no longer entrust her hope to the cold and ruthless Jiang Quan. Rather than being resigned to her fate, why not initiate an attack? As for the letter, there was no need for it. Jiang Quan would not read it. In the end, it would fall into the hands of Jiang Su Su and her mother and would be no more than a laughing stock for their tea sessions.

"Father is busy with official matters. There is no need to write this year," Jiang Ruan looked at her nails, "Auntie Lan, I don’t have any letters for delivery."

Zhang Lan was stunned. Every year, Jiang Ruan would write some letters to be sent home. The servants were well aware whether that the letters were of no use. No one would give up hope on their own accord, but Jiang Ruan did not wish to send any letters now. Was she really disheartened and no longer bore any hope?

Zhang Lan looked at Jiang Ruan doubtfully. Yet, she did not sense anything amiss. Reluctantly, she assured herself. Regardless, the more demoralized Jiang Ruan was, the easier it was to report to her superior. To her, it was quite a good matter. She chuckled, "Since it is so, then I shall go and arrange the food supply that would be delivered to the manor. I shall take my leave now."

After Zhang Lan and Chen Fang left, Bai Zhi spoke with uncertainty, "Miss, why don’t you want to send letters anymore? Don’t tell me that you are acting in a fit of pique?"

"The days are very valuable. I don’t have any spare energy to be peeved about my father," Jiang Ruan sat in front of the table and looked at the face of a pale girl in the rust-stained copper mirror, "We are heading back soon. Why do we need to send letters? If there is anything I want to say, it’s better to say it directly to them face to face."

"We are returning?" Lian Qiao’s eyes brightened, "Miss, did you think of any way to return?"

Jiang Ruan reached out and stroked the cracked edges of her copper mirror, smiling faintly. Of course, she would have a way. But before her departure, there was still a debt she wanted to claim.

Translated by : togekiss

Edited by : Anks & Ely

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