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Internet Café

“That’s it.” Guo Miao opened the Chinese patent website and browsed through the inventions that had recently been patented.

After all, there was a gap of a thousand years, and there was still a huge gap between invention and creation. Even Guo Miao’s lousiest inventions in the Empire could cause a sensation here.

Guo Miao quickly filled in the information and uploaded it, waiting for the review.

After watching the competition, she searched the official website of the Guo Group in Haicheng to find out about their recent movements. The Guo Group had been working on an environmental science project and was in contact with more experienced companies in this area.

After she had a better understanding of the situation, she turned off her computer and walked to the bar.

“Alright, let’s settle the bill.”

The young man attentively helped Guo Miao turn off the computer and then handed over a membership card for the self-study room.

“There’s no limit to this card. I just applied for it for you. You may come anytime you want, Miss.” The man thought for a moment and said, “My name is Wu Wei. What’s your name, Miss? Can you give me your contact information?”

Wu Wei? Guo Miao found the name was very familiar.

“Major transnational information criminal and top hacker, Wu Wei, was caught today and sentenced to 10 years and 3 months in prison.”

A piece of memory from her previous life appeared in her mind. This was a piece of news that Guo Miao had seen in her previous life although it would not happen for another few years.

For a moment, she couldn’t connect the man in front of her with the top hacker in the news.

However, this was not something she should worry about. She only had to teach what she should be sharing. The rest was none of her business.

Guo Miao looked at the man and nodded slightly. “I’m Guo Miao. I don’t have any contact information yet. I’ll look for you when I have the time.”

Wu Wei nodded. It was normal for a god of this level to have their own quirks. As long as the god was willing to teach him, he was willing to wait. 𝚒𝘯n𝒓𝐞𝓪𝗱. ᴄ𝘰𝐦

After watching Guo Miao leave, Wu Wei dialed someone using the phone in his hand.

“The virus from the JS Group has been eradicated. You don’t have to help me with it anymore,” Wu Wei said.

“You’re getting more and more capable. You’re even stronger than the JS Group now.”

“No, it wasn’t me. The guru I met just now helped me solve it. She’s more powerful than the entire JS Group combined. She finished the mission in two minutes.” When Wu Wei said these words, even he himself was in disbelief.

“Two minutes?” Li You, who was on the other end of the phone, felt that it was a little ridiculous. An S-rank mission was completed in two minutes. Could this person be a god?

“It’s true. I’ve already taken the Almighty as my master. When I return, I’ll definitely be stronger than JS.” Wu Wei felt excited just thinking about it.

“When I have the time, I’ll go to Haicheng to meet this god.” Li You had many experts by his side, but this was the first time he had seen someone solve an S-Class virus in two minutes.

“Alright, that’s it from me.” Wu Wei hung up the phone and went back to continue writing code in high spirits.

At that moment, a Rolls Royce was parked at the entrance of Haicheng High School. An elegant girl rolled down the window.

Today was the first day of school for the two young ladies, and the butler had come to pick them up personally.

Guo Lin soon came out of the school, but she didn’t see any trace of Guo Miao.

“Uncle Zhang, let’s go back first. My sister might have gone out with her friends. Today, my mother said that she would buy me new rosin. It won’t be good if my mother gets anxious. My sister can go back on her own,” Guo Lin looked at the butler and said with a smile.

The butler nodded. Miss Guo Miao was from the countryside and didn’t seem very polite. She had made them wait for so long on the first day.

The two of them got into the car and asked the driver to start the engine.

Cheng Yu brought Guo Lin to the piano store to buy the rosin and even brought her son and daughter to a restaurant for dinner.

When she got home, she bumped into Guo Miao at the door.

“This child! Why are you only home at nine o’clock?” Cheng Yu frowned. The children brought up by the country bumpkins were indeed wild children. They didn’t know any manners at all and came back so late, worrying their parents.

Cheng Yu didn’t hide her disdain at all.

“Mom, don’t be angry. Maybe Little Sister went out with her friends. She’s new in the city after all. Miaomiao, you should quickly apologize to Mom.” Guo Lin leaned against Cheng Yu’s side affectionately, comforting her.

Guo Lin seemed to be speaking up for Guo Miao, but in fact, every word she said was like daggers.

Only Guo Hu was worried and frowned at Guo Miao.

“I went to the study room, so I came back a little late.” Guo Miao’s voice was cold.

Such an attitude made Cheng Yu even more dissatisfied.

“How can you say that, child? Lin and I specially went to buy you a phone and a computer tonight. We even packed food for you, and this is how you treat me, your mother?”

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