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At Haicheng High School.

The class teachers of the Year 1 students sat together, having breakfast and gossiping.

“Ms. Chen, Guo Miao is from the countryside. You’ll have another student who will give you a headache!” A female teacher pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and looked at Chen Cheng.

“Ms. Gu, don’t say that. As long as the students from the countryside study hard, they can also keep up with our coursework.” Chen Cheng’s face was wrinkled as she picked up the dumpling in front of her.

She knew that the teaching quality in the countryside was incomparable to that of the high school affiliated with Haicheng University, and it was difficult for students to keep up with the coursework here, but she still comforted herself.

Chen Cheng had taken maternity leave because of his pregnancy. When she returned to school, she could only take over Class 10 of Year 1, the worst class of the year.

Now, a country bumpkin student who was not taking the entrance exam was joining the class. No matter how optimistic she was, she could not take it.

“At first, she was supposed to be assigned to our class, but the students in the countryside are really trash. She might as well stay in the countryside and fish.” After Gu Ze finished mocking her, he pretended to comfort her, “Ms. Chen, you’ve worked hard. You have to hold on.”

Chen Cheng shook her head and sighed helplessly.

By this time, the students of Class 10 had also heard the news. The whole class was in an uproar because of this country bumpkin who they had never met before.

“People from the countryside can come to our school and be exempted from the test?”

“Is Haicheng High School a trash can? You even accept this kind of trash!”

“The countryside? Isn’t that the place in Dongyang? I wonder if she’s a fisherman’s daughter. Does a fisherman’s daughter still have time to study?”


When the form teacher, Chen Cheng, brought Guo Miao to Class 10, the students below the stage were silent for a moment because of Guo Miao’s arrival.

The rich kids all looked at the girl on the stage silently.

She had a high ponytail and was wearing a simple white shirt and jeans. She had no makeup on and wore a pair of rimless glasses on her oval?palm-sized face. When she turned her face, her delicate jawline was revealed.

She was not the kind that wore heavy makeup and gave people a tacky feeling, but she was a natural, high-class breathtaking beauty.

Instantly, people in the audience began to whisper.

“This is a fisherman’s daughter from the countryside?”

“What a beautiful piece of trash!!!”

Guo Miao turned around expressionlessly and wrote two words on the blackboard: “Guo Miao.”

Chen Cheng knocked on the table. “Students, be quiet. From now on, Guo Miao will be a student in our class. Everyone must get along with one another peacefully.”

The first class was Chinese. Guo Miao listened briefly before continuing to read. She didn’t want to waste time on the knowledge she had already mastered.

After class, she went to find Chen Cheng.

“Ms. Chen, I want to do some questions for the start of the semester test.”

Chen Cheng pushed up her glasses and looked at Guo Miao in disbelief. “You want to take the test, but aren’t you an exempted student? ”

“The questions from Dongyang County No. 1 High School are relatively simple. I want to see how difficult the questions from Haicheng High School are so that I know what I need to do for my future studies.”

Chen Cheng looked at her approvingly. Although Guo Miao’s academic results were not necessarily very good, she seemed to have a positive attitude. She suddenly had a good impression of this student.

“I’m planning to arrange a small test for them. Let’s deem it your entrance test.”

Guo Miao nodded.

The quiz would usually last for the entire afternoon. It would be conducted in the order of mathematics, English, science, and arts. The number of questions in each set of papers was only half of the usual amount. In order to save time, they did not take the Chinese test.

There would be one or two small tests every month in order to urge students to constantly review and get used to taking the test.

English, mathematics, and science were all easy for Guo Miao.

In the Empire, Chinese and English were the two most common languages. Every time she wrote a paper, she would write an English version. Her English language had long reached that of an academic level.

Mathematics and general science were child’s play for her. She could basically calculate the answers just by looking at the questions.

For the first three subjects, Guo Miao handed in her papers after half an hour. Chen Cheng was a little confused.

The students of Class 10 liked to hand in their papers early because they couldn’t solve the questions, so they handed in their papers early and went out to play.

Was Guo Miao the same as them?

Chen Cheng took Guo Miao’s test paper and compared it with the correct answers.

A few minutes later, she felt as if her jaw was about to fall off. Guo Miao’s answer sheet was almost 100% correct.

The process of some questions was simplified by a few steps, but the solution was more advanced and simple.

A student from the countryside actually had such a way of thinking.

Chen Cheng was very surprised. She had come across a prized jewel.

She handed out the Liberal Arts exam papers expectantly, keen to see how outstanding Guo Miao’s performance would be.

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