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“What?” Sheng Guang felt that his ears were damaged too.

Ever since he had gone blind, he had seen all the famous doctors in the world. He had tried thousands of methods, including Chinese and Western medicine, acupuncture, and so on. This was the first time someone had said that they could cure his eyes.

“About 50%. I’m not very sure, but there’s a chance if we use traditional Chinese medicine methods and herbs. Guo Miao repeated.

Sheng Guang turned towards Guo Miao’s direction. “Really?”

“Yes, but the treatment process is quite long,” Wang Yao said. “You’ll need to think about it. Also, the requirements for some medicinal herbs are more precise.”

Guo Miao continued, “There are also some acupuncture needles and physical therapy items. The requirements are higher. I’ll make a list for you to prepare.”

Sheng Guang was so excited that he cried, “Where is this godly doctor living now? Is he living in the capital?”

Only then did Guo Miao think of this problem. She still needed to stay in Haicheng to complete other things, but the treatment process for Sheng Guang was very long. She had to go through the corresponding treatment every half a month, so she didn’t have time to travel to Kyoto.

“I’m not from the capital. I live in Haicheng. If you need treatment, you may need to travel back and forth to Haicheng for a long time. Is that okay?”

He could even buy a villa in Haicheng, let alone go back and forth. As long as he could cure his eye disease, Sheng Guang would do anything.

“I can go to Haicheng.” Sheng Guang looked at her gratefully.

Guo Miao quickly typed in a list of medicinal herbs and the required equipment on her phone.

“That’s all. Go and prepare these. Contact me when you’re ready.”

Sheng Guang raised his head and looked in the direction where Guo Miao’s voice had disappeared.

Tears of excitement fell from his eyes.

The melodious sound of the piano resounded in the hall again. However, this time, the melody really carried the luster of hope and resounded throughout the entire exhibition hall.

The view of the bar on the rooftop of Chengyue hotel was excellent. It was divided into different small cubicles, and each of them was equipped with a huge floor-to-ceiling window and skylight, allowing one to see the outside scenery from a high place.

The streets were full of cars, and there were rows of buildings. When she looked up, she could even see the night sky dotted with stars.

Guo Miao ordered a non-alcoholic drink for herself and read the information.

During the era of the Empire, she had stayed in the slums and studied hard for more than ten years, but in this life, she did not want to treat herself unfairly.

After looking at the information for a while, Guo Miao started to write on the draft paper. In less than half an hour, the design plan was already on the paper.

This was her and Li You’s project. Originally, they only planned to make electronic models, but they heard that Beijing University had a special supercomputer research room that could assemble a finished product in two days.

There were certain differences between the finished product and the electronic model. She planned to spend the night to draw out the design so that the assembly tomorrow could be completed faster.

She sent the revised design to the group and slowly stretched.

Suddenly, the lights in the small cubicle went out, and someone broke in through the skylight.

Guo Miao was on high alert. The moment the power was cut off, she put the pillow in the room on the chair and hid behind the cabinet.

The man moved quickly and fired at the seats.

The gun he was using was equipped with a silencer, so even if Guo Miao died by his hand today, the hotel manager wouldn’t be able to quickly come over and find out that she had an accident.

Guo Miao observed the gun in the dark.

The barrel was 98 mm in length, its initial speed was 309 m/s, and its effective range was 50 meters.

This was a P229 pistol manufactured in country G. She quickly recalled that the capacity of this pistol was 12 rounds and that this person should have fired six rounds just now.

Guo Miao had to wait for the man to finish the remaining six shots. She looked down at the cabinet she was hiding in. The thick mahogany material should be able to withstand these six shots.

She gently rubbed the cabinet with her fingers, making a creaking sound.

Then, the man quickly noticed the sound from the cabinet, but he didn’t get close. Instead, he fired at the cabinet.

All six bullets hit the cabinet.

Guo Miao used her finger to rub the cabinet again. The man panicked and cursed, quickly taking out a magazine from his pocket.

It was now or never!

Guo Miao quickly ran out from behind the cabinet and kicked away the gun in his hand. Before he could react, she kicked him in the face.

In an instant, two streams of blood flowed out from the man’s nose.

Guo Miao didn’t stop and pushed him to the ground. With two cracking sounds, she crippled his arm.

While the man was rolling on the ground in pain, he swallowed something.𝓲n𝗻𝗿𝙚𝘢𝘥. 𝓬𝚘𝒎

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