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As soon as Guo Miao finished her registration, Chang Yuan urged her to go to the competition class in the evening.

The competition class would train every day during the last period in the evening.

There were about a dozen people in the class, and the “prodigy” Lu Yao, who lost first place to Guo Miao, was also sitting among them.

Before Guo Miao’s arrival, his results in the competition class were always the best. He was also very good-looking, and even in the competition class, he was very eye-catching.

But today, Guo Miao was here, so the students’ attention was shifted to her.

Lu Yao looked at Guo Miao sitting in her seat and doing the questions with a relaxed expression, and his desire to win was ignited.

Guo Miao’s deskmate was Fu Meng who was third in the grade. She had a round face and wore a pair of round-rimmed glasses. She was very cute.

Every day, the students would do their own questions and compare their answers, and the teacher would then choose a few questions for them to explain their ideas.

When the answers were given out, Guo Miao took a quick look and found that there were basically no problems. After comparing the answers, she put the test paper aside and began to read the book she had brought.

Fu Meng, who was sitting at the side, was a little shocked. “Guo Miao, did you solve that proof problem?”

The proof question she was talking about was the last question in last year’s international competition. It was very difficult and even felt like advanced Mathematics.

“Yes, I did,” Guo Miao said.

“Can you help me see which step is wrong?” Fu Meng asked with a smile.

Guo Miao took her paper and glanced at it. She drew a horizontal line under a formula.

“This formula has a range of applications. You just have to limit the range.”

Fu Meng nodded and did some calculations on the draft paper. The answer came out very quickly.

The boy sitting behind Guo Miao saw that she had helped Fu Meng and quickly handed over his answer sheet. “Guo Miao, I used another solution to this question. Can you help me take a look?”

After Guo Miao helped him solve the problem, the students around him began to ask her questions.

The competitive class didn’t have the life-and-death atmosphere of the normal exam-oriented classes. Everyone was more like a group of mathematics enthusiasts discussing all kinds of problems.

It had been a long time since Guo Miao had come here. She felt the same as when she was in the Empire, when she had discussed academics with her friends.

The days passed by peacefully. She attended class, went to the competition class, and returned home to prepare for the Science and Technology competition. Guo Miao felt that her life was complete.

On the weekend, Chen Si invited her to a party at her house.

After this period of time, Guo Miao felt that Chen Si was a very innocent girl, and she treasured a friendship with such a person.

Chen Si’s family was involved in politics, and they lived in a small villa in the quiet Hezheng Garden, which was located to the north of the city.

Chen Si didn’t invite many friends. They were all girls from Class 10, and everyone got along very well.

Chen Si’s parents had heard from their daughter that Class 10 had recruited Guo Miao, the school bully, so they pulled her aside to ask her all sorts of questions. They even urged Chen Si to get along well with Guo Miao and improve together.

Chen Si’s expression wilted. There was no problem when it came to getting along well. Guo Miao’s academic results were already practically bursting out of the ceiling. Even if she improved quickly, she would not be able to catch up.

“It’s fine. Study hard and you’ll definitely improve,” Guo Miao comforted her.

“Sob! Guo Miao, you’re the best. I’ll treat you to milk tea.” After Chen Si finished speaking, she opened up the takeaway app and let everyone choose the milk tea they wanted to drink.

Not long after that, the doorbell rang. The milk tea had arrived.

When they reached the door, they saw a middle-aged man scolding the delivery person.

“What’s wrong with you? You grazed my bike so quickly. Do you know who I am?”

The delivery person who was being lectured was a girl. She looked very thin, and her head was lowered weakly.

Everyone was stunned and didn’t dare to speak. Chen Si also didn’t dare to step forward. After all, there were many high-ranking officials here, and her parents only had a little power. She was a little afraid of offending someone powerful.

Seeing that everyone was stunned, the middle-aged man became even more arrogant. He raised his hand and was about to hit the girl’s face.

The girl closed her eyes and waited for the slap to land, but the expected pain didn’t come.

Instead, the young girl in front of him grabbed the middle-aged man’s arm.

“How much do you need to pay for your car repair? I’ll pay for it. Don’t do anything to a little girl.”

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