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“Is she a transfer student? She has to be a transfer student from a school in Beijing to be so good. Other than the Chinese essay and comprehensive essay in which three points were deducted from her use of expressions, she got full marks for everything else.”

“Guo Miao?” Gu Ze was shocked.

She rushed over and looked at the results on the computer. She frowned. Indeed, the name “Guo Miao” was written on it, and in every blank space behind it were results that she had never seen before.

Her favorite student, Lu Yao, was in second place. There was a difference of more than 70 points between them!

Even the top scholar couldn’t get Guo Miao’s results!

“Where’s the head of each grade? Take out this student’s exam paper and have a look. Don’t they review the papers before giving full marks?”

The teachers all took out the test papers to re-check.

However, the result of the re-verification was completely unexpected.

Guo Miao really only got seven marks deducted. Four marks for Chinese, three marks for essay writing, and three marks for comprehensive expression of Liberal Arts.

Moreover, such a deduction of points was just a matter of nitpicking.

“How can this paper get full marks?”

Gu Ze flipped Guo Miao’s paper over and over and finally found the problem.

Guo Miao’s test paper didn’t even have a single mark on it. It was completely clean. She found Guo Miao’s draft paper in the sealed bag which was even cleaner.

She must have memorized the answer to be able to achieve such a high result.

“There’s something wrong with this student’s results. We’ll be announcing the results of the others tomorrow. I’ll look for Ms. Chen Cheng to deal with her results.”

Gu Ze was the head of this grade. Since she had spoken, the others naturally did not have any objections.

The next day, as soon as everyone arrived at school, they turned on their computers and looked at each student’s results on the projector.

“Lu Yao takes first place again. How boring.” Chen Si took a look.

Guo Miao looked at the computer screen and said nothing. Lu Yao and Fu Meng, who were from Class 1, took the first and second places in the grade. Guo Lin was in the top 50.

This number was slightly better than Guo Lin’s results in her memory. She had previously hovered between the 50th and 100th place.

Chen Si was ranked 380th, an improvement of ten places compared to before. She grabbed Guo Miao’s arm excitedly. “I’ve improved by ten places this time, Miao Miao! Let’s go to Xintiandi in Haicheng to have a good meal together!”

Guo Miao looked at the screen, but her name still didn’t appear until the end.

“Miao Miao, why isn’t your name here?”

“Hehe, you must have screwed up. You were so lousy that the teacher didn’t even want to put your name up,” Wang Meng said.

At the same time, Guo Lin from Class 1 was also very proud.

She thought to herself, ‘I’ve made great progress this time. That trash from the countryside really did fail.’

The bell rang. She sat down obediently and waited for the teacher to come in.

Gu Ze was a teacher who liked to praise good students. This time, her grades were so good, so she would definitely be praised by the teachers.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ze did not come in. Instead, the class monitor walked in. “Ms. Gu has gone to deal with a student from Class 10 who cheated. Let’s study by ourselves first.”

A cheating student from Class 10? Could it be Guo Miao?

Guo Lin was a little curious and sneaked to the back door of Class 10 to eavesdrop on the situation inside.

“Student Guo Miao, you cheated. This is bad! It’s embarrassing for Haicheng High School to have a student like you!”

Director Liang from the teaching office also frowned at Guo Miao, and the class fell into a hush.

“Is there some misunderstanding, Ms. Gu?” Chen Cheng had seen Guo Miao’s test paper, and she didn’t believe that Guo Miao wouldn’t do well.

“Student Guo Miao, according to the school rules, you will be expelled. Please call your parents over,” Director Liang said.

Guo Miao looked at them and sneered, “Where’s your evidence?”

“You got full marks for several subjects in your test paper, and your draft paper is blank. If this isn’t cheating, what is it?”

“So, you don’t have any explicit evidence?” Guo Miao laughed.

“Isn’t this explicit evidence?”

The students of Class 10 were stunned. Guo Miao was quite the rebel. She cheated and still dared to get full marks!

“I can prove that I didn’t cheat,” Guo Miao didn’t pay attention to Gu Ze’s flustered and exasperated expression and calmly said.

“How can you prove it?” Director Liang asked in return.

“Find a set of your own test papers and give it to me. I’ll do it and prove my ability.”

“Alright,” he said. Gu Ze laughed. Recently, she and a few teachers had given the third-year students a set of difficult questions. She didn’t believe that Guo Miao would be able to steal the answers from her.

Gu Ze anxiously went back to get the test papers.

“Miss, if I can do it, you have to apologize to me in front of the entire school at the flag-raising ceremony and announce my ranking again. Is that okay?”

Gu Ze laughed in anger. How arrogant.

“Alright,” she said, nodding her head.

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