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Full Marks

The car stopped in front of the Guos’ residence.

Zhong Heng looked at Guo Miao.

The girl’s eyes were clear, and she smiled politely.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Uncle Zhong and Grandma Zhong. I hope that your career will go smoothly.”

Zhong Heng watched Guo Miao enter the house and then drove away.

Although he didn’t know how this girl could tell that there was something wrong with the people around him, it was indeed time for him to get rid of some of the despicable people in his circles.

When Guo Miao returned home, Guo Lin was sitting in the living room doing her homework. She was engrossed in her studies and looked very serious.

Cheng Yu, who was sitting at the side, was peeling fruits for her daughter, looking like the perfect picture of a loving and filial mother.

“Where did you go so late at night?” Cheng Yu raised her head and saw Guo Miao return. Her expression instantly changed.

“Something came up.” Guo Miao didn’t stop walking back to her room.

Cheng Yu said in an unfriendly tone, “The exams are coming soon. What is more important than the exam? You have to study hard now. Look at Lin. She’s in the top 100 in her grade.”

Guo Lin smiled embarrassedly. “That’s only the top 100. My goal this time is to get into the top 50.”

She ignored the two of them and walked straight back to her room.

Guo Lin looked at her back and cursed in her heart. She had never been so enthusiastic about her studies before. This time, she was determined to get into the top 50 and prove herself to this country bumpkin.

Unfortunately, to Guo Miao, she wasn’t even a worthy opponent.

The day of the monthly test finally arrived, and everyone was nervous.

The students of Class 10, who usually didn’t even read, were also studying hard during the morning homeroom period.

Chen Si’s face fell, and he sighed while looking at his English book.

“I’m under a lot of pressure, Miao Miao.” After two days of interaction, their relationship had become very close.

“My dad said that if I improve by five spots, he will reward me by taking my friends out. But if I don’t do well, I’m done for.”

Guo Miao smiled. “Don’t be nervous. You’ll definitely do well.”

Chen Si grabbed her hand. “With your blessing, I will definitely do well! When the time comes, you must join us!”

Guo Miao nodded her head. She was very willing to accept Chen Si’s invitation.

After the morning homeroom session ended, the monthly examination began amidst the wailing of the students.

The monthly test questions were less difficult than the previous test, and Guo Miao answered the questions with ease.

Because she came up with the answers too quickly, she had to stop sometimes to think about how to write the process down so that the teacher could understand her.

Even so, she finished the mathematics, physics, and chemistry papers in half an hour. She spent more time on the Liberal Arts and Chinese papers, but those involved more writing.

Two days after the end of the monthly exam would be the weekend. The teachers had to take advantage of the weekend to work overtime and mark the papers.

On Sunday afternoon, it was finally time to remove the seal and record the scores.

A teacher looked at the English test paper and praised, “Everyone’s English was excellent this time, especially the outstanding compositions this time.”

Gu Ze also nodded. “Most of the students’ vocabulary is very advanced. I can’t help but give them full marks.”

Of course, Gu Ze was proud. She had taught the students a lot of advanced vocabulary and expressions, and the English in Class 1 was much better than that of the other classes.

“But there’s a student who’s pretty good. She was able to answer the reading question with such a large vocabulary correctly.”

A teacher from the Mathematics department chimed in, “That’s right. There’s a student who got a full score on the mathematics paper this time too. He even solved the big final question at the end.”

The last question was prepared for future students who were going to participate in the competition. Although it was only worth ten points, it was enough to put a distance between them.

A Physics teacher chimed in, “Yeah, there’s also a kid who got full marks in Chemistry.”

“You guys can’t be referring to Lu Yao from Ms. Gu’s class, can you?”

Lu Yao had always been in first place, and he could create a gap of more than ten points from the students behind him.

“If it’s Lu Yao, that would be an exaggeration. Although that child is very good at Science, his English has always been weak. Ms. Gu, you’re really good at hiding your skills.” The teachers all gasped in admiration.

Ms. Gu couldn’t hold back her smile anymore. “Lu Yao’s studies are good, but Fu Meng’s recent improvements have been huge too. Maybe it’s Fu Meng.”

Just as she was feeling proud of herself, the teacher who was recording the scores suddenly shouted, “The student in the first place is not from Class 1.”

The teachers surrounded him one after another, especially Gu Ze, who rushed over like an arrow.

“Who is it?”

“It’s a child named Guo Miao from Class 10. I’ve never heard of this child before, and there’s no record of her results.” The teacher who was recording the scores scratched his head

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