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A Glimpse

“Stop at the alley in front. Bring the first aid kit out later,” the man in the back seat put his phone down and said to the driver in front.

The man’s face was handsome, and the side profile of his face was like a sculpture. He exuded natural majesty and nobility, which made people feel awestruck.

“Alright, Fifth Lord.” The car turned around in the alley and stopped at the entrance.

From the alley, a girl suddenly walked out. She was wearing a simple white shirt and jeans, and a pair of rimless glasses.

The lines of her side profile were very beautiful. The setting sun plated her hair with gold, making her face look even more exquisite and flawless.

“Fifth Uncle, you’re here.”

Tong Yao’s voice attracted the man’s attention. When he turned back to look at the entrance of the alley, the girl had long disappeared.

Tong Pei opened the car door and motioned for Tong Yao and Zhong Nian to get in.

“Is it settled?” The man looked at them.

“No, it wasn’t us. It was a girl. She looked thinner and weaker than us, but her kung fu was pretty good,” Zhong Nian said.

“That’s right, Fifth Uncle. That girl even dismantled that man’s gun. She’s really strong.”

Tong Yao had sent his family his location when the criminals weren’t paying attention, and his uncle, Tong Pei, happened to be in Haicheng.

Tong Yao’s uncle was no ordinary person. At the age of 23, he had become the head of China’s wealthiest family, the Tongs. He was decisive in killing and had eliminated several forces that were hostile to the Tong family in Beijing as soon as he took office.

In the capital, even high-ranking officials and other wealthy families would have to respectfully call this young man “Fifth Lord” when they saw him.

As for Tong Yao, he had been mischievous since he was a child, and no one in the family could control him, except his uncle.

“You two can’t even handle someone that a girl can handle.”

Tong Pei looked at the two of them and didn’t quite believe them.

“I think you two have been slacking off recently. Double the training time this month.”

“Alright, Fifth Uncle.” Tong Yao nodded and suddenly remembered something.

“However, the people who attacked us this time seem to be from the army. I’m afraid that Second and Third Uncles are related. The girl just subdued the leader. We can bring her back for investigation.”

Although the Tong family’s Second and Third Masters appeared to make peace with Tong Yao’s family on the surface, they had many grudges in private.

Tong Pei didn’t say anything, but a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Those two really didn’t want to live.


Guo Miao didn’t take the family car in the morning but chose to walk to school.

When she was about to reach the school, two cars suddenly flanked her from the left and right.

The two cars were produced by the top brands of this era, and each of them was worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. The two cars suddenly slowed down and moved forward side by side with Guo Miao.

“Sister Miao Miao, thank you for saving our lives yesterday. From now on, we will escort you to and from school.” Zhong Nian’s cheerful voice came from her left.

Guo Miao glanced at him, then turned her head. On the other side was the silent Tong Yao.

“No need for that.” Guo Miao was speechless.

She was the one who had saved them yesterday, so why did she need them to escort her now?

“An expert should have a bodyguard by his side! I’ll be your little bodyguard from now on.”

After yesterday’s incident, Zhong Nian was full of admiration for Guo Miao and wanted to learn from her ability to dismantle a gun in a second.

“No need.” Guo Miao stood still and walked up the steps, distancing herself from the two of them. “I don’t need you to escort me. I was just reacting to seeing injustice. I don’t need you to be my bodyguards. Don’t follow me anymore.”

“Alright, alright.” Seeing Guo Miao’s determination, Zhong Nian didn’t refute and sped up to catch up with her.

When Guo Miao entered the classroom, many people were staring at her. She was a little confused.

“Guo Miao, Guo Miao.” Chen Si waved at her, indicating for her to come closer.

“What’s wrong?”

“They all said that Tong Yao and Zhong Nian sent you to school today? Is it true?” Chen Si blinked his eyes, and a gossipy light flickered in them.

“I helped them out, and they’re just repaying me. They don’t have any other intentions.”

“I see. Those girls said that they were your escorts, so I thought they wanted to pursue you!”

Chen Si puffed up his face and shook his head. These people really knew how to make up stories.

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