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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 7 Heavenly Treasure of Chaos

Chapter 7 Heavenly Treasure of Chaos

"Is it going to stay like that forever?" Alex needed to take his mind off to another thing as sleep was miles away from him.

With a thought, Alex focused his spirit and tried to enter that place again consciously.

At this moment, the 15 years old youth did not know that his decision has forever changed his normal ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

After some time meditating, he was again standing on that aqua blue water surface. Alex found that it take some 5-6 minutes in order to enter his mind. Quickly examining his surroundings, he soon found that extraordinary Black Book floating above the water surface.

This time Alex didn’t touch it immediately but started to examine it closely by walking around it and even under it to find if it would fall as he come in between the Book and the surface.

Because of what had happened last time, Alex knew that this Book was anything but ordinary.

"Um, its cover doesn’t look any different from the time on Earth, maybe the contents in it wouldn’t be any different" If so then he definitely couldn’t read that alien language.

In the end being unable to endure his curiosity any longer, Alex stretched out his hand and lightly caressed the cover of the Book ’Let’s see if it again blast out some more Qi like last time, then it could become my personal Qi generator and I could speedily advance through grades’

Alex had read many web novels and the thought of this Book being the reason for his transmigration had also crossed his mind but he could say for sure right now.

The moment he touched it, unlike last time a translucent white panel popped up in his eyes. Alex got a fright by the sudden appearance but quickly calmed down. If any other person who was not from the modern earth or any technological advanced civilization, he might had jumped while saying "What kind of sorcery is this" but Alex was quite familiar with this type of projected screen as it had been already invented back on earth just that he wasn’t expecting it to appear here.

"um, how is it functioning, is there any

hologram projector embeded in the book?" thought Alex before noticing the row of words written boldly on the panel.

<<Heavenly Treasure of Chaos---The Book of Myriad Universe>>

"That sound so awesome" Alex was quite impressed with the name as it appeared quite epic.

Not finding anything else on the panel, he touched the name. Just as he had expected, the previous panel disappeared and a new one appeared. Lines of words began to appear on the panel, transforming it into a Bullet shaped menu that displayed four categories.





Alex clicked on the first category that is Wisdom. There appeared another list on the panel, but this time the categories were quite long. Few of them were things like Profession knowledge and techniques, Martial arts, miscellaneous techniques, Cultivation techniques, etc.

Like this Alex had surfed every category he found, and every click caused his expression to have myriad expressions.

After going through everything for some hours, Alex started to get tired and sleepy. So he came out of his consciousness with an expectant face.

After a good while, Alex found himself, laughing loudly in his mind: "Wily Heavens, I really didn’t expect you would actually be this generous, hahaha, good, fine, excellent."

Alex was extremely clear on the fact that here in the world, it was very hard and time consuming for him to become top expert without any fortuitous encounter or him being godly talented otherwise he would be destined to be mediocre all his life. Without any hope in returning to his real home, and see his mother once again. The only real regret he felt was not knowing whether his mother was still alive and if alive then he feared deeply as to how she will react not finding him at home when she returned.

This Book has given him the chance to right his regret and also make it easier for him to become super expert in this world.

Alex calmed down after a good long while. He first planed his future here and the things he had to acquire to exchange anything good from that Book.

Sleep crept up to his eyes slowly as he had finally fallen asleep but with his cock still facing the roof.


In the morning, Alex found himself waking with the sun. Fortunately his erection has gone down, but he still found it bigger than before the changes. As he looked toward his right, he found the bed empty which was quite normal as his Uncle and Aunt woke up early.

Alex quickly found his spare clothes and wears them after which he went to get refreshed. The house was not big, it had one bedroom where all three of them slept, one kitchen, one bathroom, and a storage room. There was also an underground passage that led to an underground chamber. His Uncle had dug it in case of a beast horde passing through the village while flattening it. They needed it to survive. Most of the villagers had dug one under their house.

"Oh Alex come here quickly tell me if you are feeling any different from yesterday" Uncle Jack called him while he was having breakfast in the front yard.

For breakfast, everyone in the house would eat 2-3 boiled eggs with some salt sprinkled on it. A glass of milk and a piece of demon beast meat that is roasted golden brown. They didn’t use any other spices as it was very expensive and only the rich and noble families could afford it as the spices are imported from the subcontinent to the west of the Island.

"I’m all good Uncle Jack"

"Then there’s nothing to worry about. Anyway, Alex now tell me what do you know about Body Tempering Realm" Uncle Jack quickly asked a question.

"Body Tempering Realm is said to be the beginning of cultivation and is also called a Major Realm. There are 9 Grades in it, and these 9 grades are also divided into 3 grades as Minor realm. The Body is strengthened as a whole in the all the 9 Grades through normal cultivation Techniques. The first 3 grades concentrate on strengthening the skin of the body by removing impurities from it with the help of Qi, the skin becomes more tough and resilient. From 4 – 6 grades, the muscles are strengthened and the Qi can also be applied on external things through contact like weapons, and the last 3 Grades that is 7 – 9 Grade uses Qi to strengthen the bone marrow in the body. Also those cultivators in the last Minor realm can apply Qi outside the body. For example, they can blast Qi through air over a distance and also cover themselves with it to make it act like a shield." Alex said everything he knew about Body Tempering Realm.

He could defeat 1st grade Of Body Tempering cultivator because their skin is not strengthened enough to block impact from his kick. A grade 2 cultivator would have blocked at least more than half the force from his kick and that is why Alex had used dirt to incapacitate Ryan as the eyes do not have skin and that’s why it’s one of the soft points on the body.

"That’s right, and do know why cultivation techniques other than the normal one that is publicized to the common people are treated as treasures and sometimes they are even treated as family heirlooms because they can Temper the body much more than the normal one. They are lot better at purifying the Qi in the body and absorbing it too than the normal ones plus they also increase the speed of cultivation are normally 2-3 times more than the normal ones.

That means a person who has cultivated through normal cultivation manual will always be much weaker in strength, agility, endurance, amount of Qi then the ones who had cultivated techniques which can be graded in the four categories. They are Black, Yellow, Earth and Heaven. Each of these categories are divided into low, medium, high and peak grades." Jack waited a little so that Alex could absorb what he had said till now by drinking his glass of milk after which he said again.

"Do you know how a person can become a noble and also give his family the advantage of becoming a Noble Family? Every noble family in the cities of this island has Cultivation technique of at least Black grade and one or more expert at the Major Realm above Body Tempering Realm. Breaking through to the next Major Realm is close to impossible without the help of Cultivation Technique of higher grade.

You’re Aunt and I have no chance at becoming a Noble as we are cultivating a normal Cultivation Technique which has no grade but if you could find a Graded Cultivation Technique than you may one day become a Noble who can rule over a territory on this island, become rich, have many beauties marry you and become strong much faster and easily. You may even have the chance to someday travel to the Sub-Continent." 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

"Let’s leave it at that, take this normal cultivation technique for now. Study it properly so you don’t make any mistakes. Since you are already at the 2 grade of Body Tempering Realm then you can come with us to hunt some demon beast from tomorrow for experience, and perfect your martial arts."

"ah, Uncle Jack why not today" Alex said quickly because he needed to hunt some demon beast as quickly as possible. The demon beasts have something in them which is very important to him now.

While giving a mysterious smile, Uncle Jack came closer to him and said "Today we have something to do in this village. The village head needs to be changed."

"What, you are going to make your move today"

"Yes, today and I want you to stay with the other kids and protect them from any accidents. We have already contacted some of the villagers and they are definitely on our side. Donald will be the one to challenge him and I will be there so that his goons do not interfere. Your Meg, Julie, Theo, Joe and some other friends are also going to be there to help us if that Jon doesn’t play by the rules as we are mostly sure he won’t."

"Uncle Jack, you said that you are also at Grade 6 of Body Tempering Realm then why don’t you challenge him and become the Village Head."

"That’s because I owe Donald for one time saving both your Aunt Meg and my life so that’s why I had promised him that one day I will help him for the Village Head position. The Village Head position comes with much advantage but my friend is more important to me than that. Any it doesn’t matter who will become the Village Head as it’s the same either way as we are friends. You know what’s more difficult to find in this world, it is true love and true friend and Alex fix this into your mind if you ever find any of those than never leave them for the sake of anything or you will regret it in your whole life."

"Um, I won’t, I promise"

"Um, Good"

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