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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 370: Thor!- Part 2

Chapter 370: Thor!- Part 2

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The Barbarians began to shout out loudly. At the same time, deafening sounds of an explosion began to echo close to the gates. Apparently, someone had sneaked into the tribe and wanted to open the gates.

However, there were strong warriors stationed by the gates, and it would be hard for them or that person to open the gates. Nevertheless, the next moment they heard the sounds of a loud crash from the city gate. The enchanted walls were trembling because of it.

Norakh and Karakh looked at each other in surprise. Both had the same question on their minds, 'Who the hell is that?'

They heard the shouts of the Barbarians and naturally knew someone had attacked the Barbarian warriors standing at the entrance. And from the trembling of the walls, they knew it was someone powerful.

"Could it be--that person?" Norakh asked, but he looked almost sure of it.

"Yes! If not him, then who else can it be?" Karakh stated.

Karakh turned and signaled his men to get ready to storm the gates if they opened.

A minute earlier, when Recarde had just made Norakh and his disciple return, he heard the scream of a warrior standing near the gates. When he looked down, he caught sight of a person covered in black cloth from head to toe standing near the screaming Barbarian warrior with an arm bent backward.

"Fuck! Who are you?! Stop right there!." Recarde shouted at the unknown person who dared to attack his men.

Thor looked up at the shouting Barbarian, who seemed to be the leader. When their eyes met, Recarde flinched for a moment and took a step back involuntary. He felt an unprecedented feeling of threat to his life. It was as if he was looking into the eyes of the powerful Demon Beast or his father when he became furious.

A sneering smile appeared on Thor's face when he saw Recarde's reaction. Without letting Recarde waste his time, Thor walked towards the gates. He had to open it and let Karakh and his group enter the tribe.

"Y-You!" Recarde immediately caught that look of disgust that appeared on Thor's face. He was even ignored as if he was some kind of fly, which made his Barbarian blood boil with anger.

'Does he think he can break open the gates with a punch? Not even father can do that' Recarde thought in his mind when he saw the mysterious unknown Barbarian getting in a position to attack the gates.

The rest of the Barbarian warriors standing near took out their weapons and brandished them at the unknown foe. But no one took any step to intercept him. Maybe because they saw how he easily injured their companion or becasue they had some confidence in the sturd

iness of the twenty-meter and almost a meter thick enchanted gates.


A deafening boom resonated across the field, causing many Barbarians standing near to cover their ears and step back.


Recarde and all the Barbarians standing on the platform or near the gates felt the vibration when Thor's fist landed on the gates squarely.

Though the gate wasn't destroyed, they soon became dumbfounded upon seeing the deep impression that Thor's fist had left on the gates' surface.

'This is quite a sturdy door.' Alex thought in his mind as he looked at the inscription flashing on the surface of the gates. Alex couldn't just erase the inscription of the gates because that was not how it worked.

When enchanting a wall or any standing structure, the inscription is initially engraved on the surface, but upon being successfully drawn, the inscriptions seep inside the structure and merges with it on a deeper level. The enchantment won't turn off unless the whole gate is destroyed or at least half of it.

'Doesn't matter. If one punch doesn't do, then I will keep punching it until it does,' Alex thought in his mind.

When the Barbarians thought Thor would back away upon being unable to break the gate, but then they saw him once again waving his fist, landing it right on the same spot as before.

This time the Barbarian warriors didn't see him stop. Instead, they saw him landing punches on the gate one after other, creating a deeper impression on the gate's surface and louder deafening sounds.

Thor kept punching until the wood started splintering around the place where his fist landed and drooping off the gate surface on the ground.

"Who the hell is that? The city gate will be destroyed if it goes on like this. You all don't just stand there like idiots; stop him!" Recarde shouted after coming to his senses. His legs trembled with every punch that landed on the gate. Recarde was sure he could say goodbye to his life right away if that fist landed on his body.

"Get away from the gate, you Bastard!"

"Stop! Dammit!"

The barbarian warriors roared at Thor before rushing towards him with their weapons.

Recarde also commanded the Barbarian warriors standing on the platform to go down and stop the aggressor.

Even though the foothold wasn't too big, over five hundred barbarians were still there. Barbarians capable of hunting Rank 1 Demon Beasts numbered between a hundred fifty to two hundred. Elite barbarians numbered fifteen or sixteen.

Recarde was sure that the unknown Barbarian

was as strong as his father, so there was no way he could stop him by himself, while the few Barbarian warriors standing below would definitely fail. But if he sent all his men, then there was a possibility of keeping him away from destroying the gates and maybe even subjugating the enemy with numbers on his side.

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