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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 369: Thor! - Part 1

Chapter 369: Thor! - Part 1

Even though the location had changed, it didn't pose any problem to Alex at all as he could never get lost in the forest.

Alex looked at the eastern horizon and noticed the sky getting brighter. Dawn was about to break, which means the Barbarians would attack or hold talks first with his Army's commander.

But since his puppets have not contacted him, there is nothing to worry about.

'Should I get those three Demon beasts that I had sensed at the foot of the mountain?' Alex thought since he still had time.

But just as Alex made that decision, one of his puppets contacted him.

"Talk about timing. Alright, switch with me. Let's help Karakh first. I promised him after all." Alex said as he turned himself into the Barbarian-looking Thor.

. . .

Somewhere deep inside and on the North-Eastern part of the Caragan Forest, a group of Barbarians was blocked outside the wooden defensive walls of the Antral Tribe.

"Karakh, I will not repeat again. Without Basho's orders, no one is allowed to come inside, especially when he is not there. Norakh, you know the rules better than anyone here; tell him." shouted a Barbarian standing atop a raised platform just behind the twenty-meter tall wooden gate with mysterious symbols.

In front of a Barbarian, breaking through a wooden wall or jumping over it doesn't need much effort.

But any knowledgeable Barbarian or human wouldn't do that because these simple wooden walls and gates have mysterious Runic inscriptions engraved on them that bolster its defense.

These enchanted walls can also provide an overhead coverage of an invisible dome that can deflect anyone trying to break in by jumping over the wall—making the entire tribe secure from unexpected raids by Demon beasts with the ability to fly.

Humans also make use of such inscriptions that they used to strengthen their city walls, but they used quite a different set of Runes and the techniques to engrave them on something. In fact, on some level, the inheritance of Barbarians about Runes is better than the humans. in𝓷𝓇𝒆α𝒅. 𝗰𝘰𝘮

But the Barbarians have a minimal number of experts who can use that knowledge to its fullest extent. For example, they still aren't able to supply their population or even their tribe with ranked weapons or alchemical pills just becasue the number of Barbarians involved in such professions are small compared to the number of warriors in their tribes.

Some smaller tribes don't even have a blacksmith to make standard iron weapons. They use Demon Beasts' bones and rudely engrave some runes on them that they inherited from their forefathers to make them tougher or sharper by a small margin with less success. However, their strength makes up for the unavailability of

a good weapon.

But, of course, the Antral Tribe being a large tribe, has some seasoned Barbarians who are experts in Enchanting, Alchemy, and smithing.

So the Antral tribe having an enchanted wall to defend their settlement is normal.

Norakh sighed as he looked at his disciple and then towards the Barbarian standing on the raised platform behind the walls.

"Recarde, I know the rules. I'm one of the four elders of this tribe, after all, boy. Don't talk nonsense and open the gates." Norakh replied to the younger barbarian named Recarde, who was also the youngest of the twelve sons of Romethra, among which six are already dead while another two of them are not any better than being dead as they are disabled.

Now, there are only four sons of Romethra that are in the race for the throne of the tribe. And among them, Recarde, who is just two years younger than Karakh, has the best chance of becoming the Basho of the Tribe.

Of course, if everything is fair and as per the rules, Karakh has an even better chance for the chieftain's seat than Recarde.

"Old man, are you listening to yourself? Why have you come here if you know it's against the rules? Didn't Basho send you and Karakh to help that human chieftain named Bardrick?" Recarde shouted back, not caring if he disrespected the elder becasue he was the favorite son of the Basho.

This time, Karakh came forward and said, "That's becasue that Bardrick is dead. Someone killed him in his own city. The alliance is dead, and therefore we came back. Why is that wrong? Let us in already."

"Dead? How can that be? Is that human so easy to be killed?" Recarde was clearly astounded. He knew that the Bardrick guy, though not as powerful as his father, wasn't a weakling who could be killed just like that.

But even then, Recarde didn't open the gates.

He sneered and said, "Karakh, don't think you can fool me. If Bardrick is dead, you should have gone straight to where Basho is or gone back to your own tribe's settlement and wait for him to come back. Now go away, don't make me declare you as the traitor."

Karakh looked at Recarde for a moment before he sighed and turned back. He knew now that he could not fool Recarde into opening the gates and letting them in.

"Karakh, now what?" Norakh asked in a low voice. He was still clearly worried about what they were doing.

"We wait for that person. Without him, I can't think we can breach those walls with just us. There will be a heavy casualty if we do that." Karakh said.

Norakh looked at the back of his disciple, then at Recarde, who was still watching them suspiciously.

'Sigh, Karakh is right. Now, all we can do is wai

t for him. Let's hope he is powerful enough to-!!'



Both Karakh and Norakh raised their heads in alarm and looked in the same direction, towards the gates from where the screams and the sound of explosion came.

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