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The Pleasure Lord

Chapter 3 Strengthening The Body

Chapter 3 Strengthening The Body

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"Oh? You have something in mind?"

"Hmm-mm" she purred in a sexy voice that caused his dragon to begin stirring. "I’m ready for some fun, you want to play?"

"Why don’t you show me what I’ll be playing with?" said Uncle while he removed his pants.

"Yes sir," Aunt pushed her full sensual lips into a pout, standing up, she pulled the robe open and let it fall to the floor.

When the robe hit the floor, Alex jaw had as well. Although he had seen Aunt in a fairly revealing leather hunting suit many times, it had never dawned on this previous body how damn hot she was. Aunt was tall and years of fighting and cultivating had kept her long legs looking better than ever. Her stomach was surprisingly flat. Despite the fact she was on the slender side, her hips had enough curve to them to give her a good figure.

What really grabbed my attention were her bare bunnies; they were big, and were perfectly round and sitting high and firm. The skin around her nipples was a deep red in color and the nipples were hard and pointing straight. Aunt cupped them, offering them to my Uncle, "Want these, baby?"

"I do, but what else you have?"

"I have it all!" She laughed and sliding her hands down her stomach pulled the white linen cloth she was wearing aside, flashing her wet cave.

Maybe because the civilization had not advance much or this place is backward; underwear has not been invented yet and the men and women only cover there lower private part with a cloth wrapped around inside their unfashionable leather or linen outfits.

Some female cultivators might wrap a cloth tightly around their chest inside the dress to keep their white big bunnies in place when fighting.

By then my cock had been aching in my pants and I’ begun to rub it as Aunt let the cloth fall back. Lifting her long hair up, she turned around and shook her firm heart shaped ass.

He vaguely saw in moonlight two naked bodies entangled with each other about a meter from him. He couldn’t see clearly but he knew from the sound of kissing and occasional sound of panting that his Uncle and Aunt were at least not playing kids wrestling; it was a sex session going right in front him. They are not even bothered if Alex would hear them and even see them as it was quite normal for them.

"ah,ummmm,aahhh,ahha" sound of moaning, humping and gasping filled the room. Alex could hear a rhythmic bumping sound coming out, there are even obvious sounds of suppressed panting; he sometimes hears slurping or sometimes he would hear a loud pant of her Busty Aunt whose body was being crushed by his muscled hunk Uncle. The air exuded the seductive fragrance of a woman filled with maturity, at this moment; the little fella inside Alex pants became shamelessly hard and was being stroked synchronously with the humping sound. The bumping sound of the bed board became louder and clearer.

After sometime he came with the sound of his Aunt orgasm.

Alex had never seen a live show like this; he had only watched porn videos on earth. The previous body would never watch his Uncle Aunt having sex. Because he didn’t have any interest in it despite his big size down below he had not even stroked it once.

When Alex found this from his memories he thought he had reincarnated in an impotent body. So he tried to wake up his fella by imagining sexy ladies on the third day he had reincarnated. Fortunately it gave him the response otherwise he would have definitely bashed his head on the wall to suicide.

Just like this the night went on and morning came.


Pearl Village was located beside the seashore. On one side was the Swamp marsh forest and parallel to the forest was a dirt road that would go straight to the city this village came under. There was also another village between them.

Early in the morning, the sunlight passed through the dyed clouds and sprinkled like fragmentary gold as people warmly bathed within.

Dozens of children gathered together in a group with various ages from 10 years old to over 16 years old. They faced the sunlight in an empty ground in front of the village, and were training their bodies with ’hmph’s and ’ha’s. The young and tanned little faces were all serious. The older children gave off a might like the roar of tigers, while the younger ones still practiced with good form and style.

A middle-aged man with a body as well-built as a tiger or leopard wore clothing made from beasts leather with a necklace of seashells around his neck. The color of his skin was like copper, his black hair spread over his shoulders, his bright and lively eyes were scanning over every single child, and he was seriously giving instructions to them.

"When the sun rises, every single living thing starts, and the air of life is the most vigorous at that time. Although we cannot take the sunlight as meals and eat air like in the legends, there are still great benefits by training oneself while facing the sun as it can fill one’s body with energy. A day’s plan depends on the morning. Every day, rise early, and work hard. Strengthen your muscles, tendons, bones, and circulate your blood. You must do that to survive in this vast sea and the forest." The middle-aged man who stood at the front and instructed the group of children had a face of strictness. He seriously warned, then yelled,

"Do you understand?"

"We understand!" The group of children had plenty of vitality as they loudly replied.

There were many appearances of strong demon beast and spirit beast in the mountain. Occasionally, huge wings that covered the sky would pass over and cast giant shadows on the ground. There were also some desolate beasts passing beneath the ship, stretching darkness across the sea. Of course, the various types of poisonous insects moving about could not be forgotten, and they were abnormally terrifying.

Their living environment were extremely nasty, and because there were various floods, fierce demon beasts attacks on the village, poisonous insects, and difficulty in gathering food for survival, many males died in the wilderness and the sea before they even matured. If one wanted to live, they could only strengthen themselves, and work hard in the morning. No matter if it was adults, or elders, or children, it was a habit that was formed since they were young. Not to mention they have to gather money or beast materials to pay taxes to the village head who in turn will give it to the city lord for protection otherwise those people who could not pay would be thrown out of the village or they would be made slaves.

Surviving outside is almost impossible for weak people but it’s much better than being a slave of cruel masters.

People might think that it would be better to live in the city than in the village, but without strength and wealth, it’s impossible to even enter the city for outsiders.

"Okay, stop!"

Following a loud shout, every single child cheered for a while. They massaged their aching hands and feet, and then while shouting, they separated and charged towards their own homes to prepare to eat breakfast.

The old ones all smiled as they climbed back up from the huge rocks. As for the adults who were as well-built as tigers, they also laughed and some of them followed their own children as they held their bone clubs and broadswords while heading towards their own homes.

The Pearl Village was not too big. There were around 800 people if you added up the males, females, the old, and the young. The houses were made out of wood, stones and they were plain and natural.

After eating their fills, those who were cultivators started to gather with their friends forming their own teams. Some went to the city to purchase goods and also to hire themselves as sailors on the ships that would be sailing the sea to hunt demon sea beast. Others went towards the swamp marsh forest to hunt.

"Alex, practice a little more maybe you will enter body tempering realm soon, we will bring some more demon beast meat for you so you can strengthen your body. We will came back by dusk and remember don’t go towards the market and where those outsiders gather, you may come across some insane person" Aunt Meg won’t stop pestering Alex just like his mom sis on earth.

"Um, I will" Alex nodded his head.

"Meg, Alex is smarter than other kids here, he can take care of himself, let’s go or will be late" Uncle Jack said while picking their weapons like bows and swords. Both of them were wearing dress made of leather armor from demon beast and it was stitched together professionally but in terms of look, the points given would be 1/10. The outfits in the city were much better looking and more durable than these ones.

But the professional Tailor in the city would charge money that needed Uncle and Aunt to gather for three days.

After they had gone, Alex went behind his house. There was some empty space behind his house. It extended till the wooden wall that acted as the barrier around the whole village. By the sides were some meter tall bushes to enclose the area and give some privacy.

Alex came here to exercise his own routine that his mother and father had thought him on earth. People here strengthened their body by running and picking heavy stones. It was quite a barbaric and crude way. The noble and rich have much better ways but they don’t publicize it as it gives them advantage and is their family secret. But in Alex mind, there were so many advance exercise routine that have been developed from ancient era till modern earth and were much better in developing the body than this crude Way.

Alex had stopped practicing martial arts, since his grandfather’s death. But now he had to because that’s his only hope to survive in this world. He had warmed his body by running and stretching before with the other kids; now he did some exercises that were more concentrated on every muscle in his body. After which he did planks, squats, horse stance, dips and many more to strengthen specific muscles.


Alex was panting hard and sweating buckets of water after exercising and practicing some martial art moves for two hours. He could feel that his body have started to show major changes after practicing his own routine for 6 days.

Just as he had rested for some 10 minutes, Alex heard someone calling his name in front of the house.

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